Jonah 1: 4

Often times when I speak or teach as that is what basically am a teacher, I try to talk about things that I know and pray will be beneficial to the people of God.

Today will be no different hopefully. What I am going to be talking about of course is going to begin with a little bit of background information before moving into the subject that we have today. It is my prayer that something would be said that you can take away from this place today that can help you in your right now, or in your tomorrow. Today we are going to talk about storms. There are a lot of things that can be said about storms. In today’s times we call storms in the spiritual realm test, trials, and tribulations. The Mighty Clouds of Joy wrote the song “I’ve been in the storm too long.” Another song writer wrote I’ve been through the storm, but I made it.

The Bible exhorts us to count it all joy when we fall into diver’s kinds of temptations. Problem is we rarely think about counting anything all joy when we are going through a storm. We look at storm as something that comes to bring us doom and gloom, we start writing our last will and testament because we just know the storm this time is going to take us out.

Most of us when we look at the story of Jonah we look at the fact that he was told by God to go down to Nineveh and evangelize, we look at the fact that he ran away from his commitment, we look at the fact that he was swallowed up by a big fish, we look at the fact that it took him three days to come himself and get his life together. Rarely do we look at what really got the ball rolling that eventually got Jonah to the place where he needed to be.

Scientist has focused primarily on the doom and gloom side of hazardous weather. If no one cared about tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, floods, blizzards, etc. would anyone pay scientist to study these storms? Probably not.

There are those who have a lackadaisical attitude about hazardous weather, so much so until they fail to worry enough about their own safety and take no simple steps necessary to be prepared. There is a segment that is irrationally afraid of severe weather and their doom and gloom pronouncements can have the unintended side –effect of augmenting those irrational fears. These are the people like grandma, and momma who when a storm came would tell you to turn off all the lights and unplug everything that had a plug on, they would tell us to sit on the floor stay away from windows and all kinds of things, some true some not so true. Today when a thunderstorm comes and neither one of us are home and Jordan is, the first lightening and the first sound of thunder has one of us on the phone calling Jordan because we know she is completely afraid of storms.

There are times in our lives where dying to ourselves really must play a significant role in our lives. Unfortunately there are those of us who will not die to self and God has to sometimes intervene before we totally destroy ourselves. How does he do this? Sometimes he will allow us to go through storms, and other times he will create the storm for us to go through. Most of us look at storms as something that is designed to take us out, as something that brings destruction. But let me tell you something about storms.

Thunderstorms are the prominent form of precipitation:

During the warm season in the middle latitudes. In the tropics virtually all precipitation comes from thunderstorms. What this means is in order to have any rain at all, we have to endure thunderstorms during the warm part of the year in the midlatitudes. Thunderstorms provide the primary rain-producing process in a significant part of the world. Without the beneficial rainfall from the thunderstorms, the world would be a much drier and less hospitable place. It’s likely that the benefits associated with rain from thunderstorms far out way the hazards that thunderstorms produce. What am I saying? When you have no thunderstorms, you’re likely experiencing drought,

That’s why your life seems to be boring and lifeless, that is why you seem to be drying out because there is no water in your life there is no storm working in your life to bring refreshment to you, that’s why things are not moving the way you want them to because you are experiencing a drought every storm that comes does not come to take you out.

Ordinary thunderstorms produce lightening:

which can certainly be dangerous however lightning has a beneficial side –effect that few people recognize? The air is about 78% nitrogen and plants use nitrogen as a part of photosynthesis. However the nitrogen in the air is in a form that plants can’t use directly. Lightning as it turns out converts some of the air’s nitrogen into a form useful to plants, called fixed nitrogen. Some plants have nitrogen-fixed bacteria that live within their roots and so don’t need this help, but most plants don’t have the benefit of this symbiosis between themselves and bacteria, so they need help in obtaining nitrogen in a form they can use. Rain falling from thunderstorms actually contains a sort of free fertilizer! Real rainfall always seems more beneficial to plants than spreading artificial rain from our faucets. In other words thunderstorms have a fertilizing affect on plants.

That is the reason why we grow from our storms and tests they are not designed to make us fail, they are not designed to take us out but they are designed to make us grow. You can’t grow if you don’t allow the storm to come; you can’t get to the next level if you don’t allow the storm to come.

Ligtning caused forest and prairie fires:

are increasingly being recognized as important components of a healthy ecosystem. Plants and animals of this world have developed in the presence of these fires. Some even depend on the fires set by lightning to spread. Although the plants and animals certainly can be harmed by these fires, the overall ecosystem actually benefits from, and depends on them.

A natural forest is pruned from time to time by lightning-cause fires and other natural processes.

Every now and then you need the heat of a fire to burn out some things in your life, every now and then you need the lightning of a spiritual storm to drive some people out of your life, why they are choking you out they are stunting your growth, so every now and then you need to let the storm work you just might find that it’s working for your good.

Strong winds from thunderstorms:

Can do significant damage to buildings and other artificial structures. However in the natural world outside of human habitations, these seemingly destructive winds have a role to play in the ecology not unlike that of fires. Winds tends tend to seek out weak and old parts of a forest, breaking limbs and uprooting some trees. This creates holes in the forest canopy similar to those created by forest fires. Within these gaps in the forest, new plants can prosper that would otherwise be shut out by the impenetrable forest canopy. It is the creation of these gaps in the forest by winds as well as fires that makes the forest as a whole prosper by having so much diversity of plants and animals.

Every now and then God needs to break off things in your life that are not prospering in your life. Things that are clinging to you that mean you no good, you no that friend that’s just leaching off you, that buddy that can always tell you about your self but can’t take correction themselves, that person in your life that is the total opposite of what they are professing, that person who is stopping other people who would other wise benefit from you but can’t get to you because of branches that for no reason are just holding on to you tell you neighbor work storm work. We need storms in our lives to help us get from this dimension the next one. Not every storm that we go through is designed to take us out, not every storm get we endure is designed to make us give up on God.

We need to take a better look at the storms that we are going through and realize that this storm is going to bring life not death to me. There is a blessing in the storm.

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