Recently there was a Women's Conference at my church, we invited an out-of-state minister to speak; he accepted the engagement. We made and paid for his travel arrangements for the conference, It was not until the hour of the engagement that we discovered that he would not be there. The next morning I discovered that he did not attend because he wanted $1,500.00 before stepping into the pulpit. My question is where did this come from that, "Preachers get paid to preach before preaching?"

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Hi Sis. Sheila,

Preaching has now become a big marketing business for some preachers personal gain and platform to gain wealth. Have you heard the pharse used lately when a prophet is preaching he/she tells the people to come forth if you want healing a financial breakthrough, etc., but before they pray for individuals, they began working the saints of God saying if you want the prophet to speak you must first pay the prophet to open his mouth. "What where is that in the bible!" I don't know maybe it's just me. "Not!"
"In closing the preacher getting paid before preaching is not recommended. HE was trying to Pimp God's people, (THE UGLY DEMON CALLED GREED RAISED UP!), you should thank God he didn't show up."
Kingdom Builder for Christ,
Apostle-Elect Valerie Hooks
That's nothing but spiritual prostution, all they are doing is prostuting the Gospel. Years ago, my great grandmother told us that she had seen a vision of a train and it was full of ministers and they were hell bound. They were screaming and crying, but they were on their way to a devil's hell. I told one of my uncles if that's the way you get engagements to preach, or if that's the way a preacher acts, "I DON'T WANT TO BE A PREACHER." I know and believe that I am called to preach the Gospel, but I won't do it that way. Thank you for your comment.
God bless you Woman of God stay focus remain faithful to Him. If it's not going to bring God glory I want be part of it. Your grandmother spoke with wisdom a sure vision from above.
I've got a "MUST" in my spirit, "I MUST" obey His Voice. Because of this I know that "I MUST" preach His Word; "I MUST" cry aloud and spare not,...; "I MUST" speak that which He has ordained me to speak. Every time I hear that someone has charged an astronomical amount of money to preach the Word of God I get a putrid smell in my nose, and a kringe in my spirit so that lets me know that God is not pleased. All I can say is "Woe be unto them."
Alright Prophetess!!! I hear God and that's what I've been hearing Woe to the Sheppards feed my sheep. All I'm going to say to this subject is WOE!!
I want to share a word of prophecy that the Lord put within my spirit and I am praying for the manifestation of His Word:


This is the day of the preparation for the coming of the Lord.

But let thine heart be encouraged; for a new day is dawning: A day of repentance and a day of gathering for My people, Saith the Lord.

The world is waiting for a church full of vigor, a church powerfully built to minister to its needs; how can an ailing, dismembered body bring healing to a sick and dying world?

Truly it is I the Lord thy God that is calling the Church, My body to revival.

Behold, ye stand on the threshold of a new day. For I truly have great things in store for thee.

For I shall bring to pass a new thing. Thou shalt rejoice exceedingly. Ye have heard of the showers, but I say unto thee that I shall send a mighty down pour.

Many have cried unto Me out of hungry hearts and have received of My fullness and seen My glory: but I say unto thee, that in the day of the great deluge (an over pouring) that is about to come, many shall come to know the reality of My Power who have up to now not even dreamed of such a thing.

Many who are scoffers, and many who are honest doubters shall find themselves swept away on the swelling tide of the out pouring of the Holy Spirit for this is the time of the great out pouring.

Many shall rejoice together in the Spirit’s work who now are even at sword’s point over doctrinal disputes and barriers of tradition. For they shall not continue to be barricaded and isolated behind walls of prejudice. I am the Lord, and I will be worshipped in Spirit and in truth.

Surely I will pour out My Spirit, and by prophecies, by signs and wonders, by many different types of miracles, and by healings, I will reaffirm the truth of My Word and bring the message of the Gospel of Redemption to many who would otherwise never give heed. I am the Alpha and the Omega. Stand firm in Me. Never waver.

Be faithful regardless of apparent failures and discouragements; for My Word shall surely be fulfilled, and thine eyes shall see Revival in proportions like as has never been witnessed before.

Keep your eyes on Me. Victory is secured already. Do not let the hurdles cause thee to loose courage. Stay in the running. Verily, I am at thy side. According to each day shall thy strength be; for the race is not to the swift, but the obedient shall receive the prize.

Trust in Me Saith the Lord, Trust in Me.

I am praying that the preachers, the ministers, the church gets right so that we can see the salvation of the Lord. I believe this Word, but I know that for this to be fulfilled the worlds got to see the church in a better light.
Prophetess may the Lord continue to strengthen and bless you as you go forth in Jesus name.
The answer is very simple. Preachers getting paid before preaching is the expected result when 'preaching' becoming a paid profession, rather than a calling of God. We see it everywhere, when Jesus and the scriptures became just another means to making money. The more accomplished con-artists won't preach until they have first negotiated an acceptable fee (a contract). The better known the performer, the higher the expected fee for their performance at your theater.
Well I think that's a shame before God. So in other words, "JESUS is being exploited!" I think that nothings gonna change until the pastors take stand against this and stop them from coming in their pulpits and get back to salvation this practice will not change. Nevertheless, I want my praise to be real, I want to serve God with a whole heart, I don't want the people of God to feel like they have to give large sums of money to receive the blessings of the Lord. I WILL NOT BE A PART OF THIS PRACTICE. I don't care who it is I will not be strong armed into giving anyone that kind of money to prophelie to me. If they need money all that bad, maybe that should do like everyone else and get a real job.
Well said. It may look like their expliting Jesus but in the end. Let me piggy back off your statement regarding paying large sums of money for a word. I teach my members you show me in the bible when Jesus was healing that he told the lame to first give him a pig or coins to receive their healing. People are running everywhere to receive a word from the prophet, but in the ole days people didn't run to hear the prophets they ran from them because many knew they weren't living right and whenever the prophet came to town they were afraid because they didn't want correction.
Woe! to the lying apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers whose teaching one thing and living contary to God's word. "For the REAL SOLDIERS out there who God has raised up with boldness to speak the unadulterated word not compromising for worldly gain, you shall receive your just reward.
Thank you. I didn't know that anyone else felt the way that I've been feeling. It's time for the TRUE CHRISTIANS TO STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.


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