This is a topic which needs to be discussed. There are "pros" and "cons", but let us find the truth about this matter. A woman should not be in charge of a man at any time. God set the order even from the beginning(Genesis 3:8-16). There is no mention of any females as a bishop or an apostle in the Holy Bible. The devil has lied and deceived so many people. It is time for everyone to be persuaded by his or her own mind. I leave some scriptures for you to study and consideration. RECEIVE THE TRUTH TO BE BLESS, WALK IN ORDER AND GUIDE OTHERS !!!!!!!

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I will receive, walk in and spread the truth to all who will accept it. A-men and A-men
Apostle first we must biblical define what the definitions of these words mean to make sure that we are not taking them out of context. Secondly, once we have discovered what the words mean then we should look carefully at who they were given to (Instruction to carry out a specific divine order). Since we talking on the subject of an Office of a Bishop/Apostle. I must go to the Final word which is the final Authority the Word! in order to arrive to an answer... Now according to 1Timothy 3:1-7 talks about Qualification of an Bishop and to help distinguish whether or not the word is talking gender i (M or F)it's clearly state man/ husband which will indicate to the listeners/ readers that this instruction is only given to MAN...ONLY.. And the same follows the divine order for an Apostle if we can't separated gender (M or F)then one must arrive at biblical experience and consistency.. Because they are many scriptures that speaks about Apostle, Works Miracle and must examine the scriptures as whole, before answering this question Who did Jesus give specific divine order to and why. So I must agree with the Word of God that Women were not called to be an Bishop nor an Apostle according to the Scripture that is my final Authority.
I disagree with your standpoint Apostle. Deborah, being the judge over Israel was the the leader of her day. The word Bishop literally means "overseer" or "superintendent". Deborah did just that. She walked within the office and position that Moses held. As far as Apostle, we cannot say that just because we do not have examples of many female Apostles does not mean that it is not possible. We have no examples of Pastors in the N.T., but we try to make claims for it. To the Evangelist that commented, we have no examples of Evangelists either, so by your standards, what gives you the right to claim such an office?

This is not a new blog, and many answers have been given to this subject already. Why not check them out?
What is your office? You need to study the bible again. Deborah was a prophetess. In her position, she was a judge. She did not walk in the same office as Moses. There is an example of Ahab as well. You should stand up and be a man. There are no examples of a woman being a bishop or an apostle. A bishop is a senior pastor used to assist apostles to oversee churches/pastors. We must not give a personal opinion about biblical issues. Read The Word of God!!! I know the truth, now it is your time to learn the truth!!!
My office is an Apostle & Prophet, the Senior Apostle of my ministry, sir.
You're better off saying this as a prayer:

"LORD reveal to us Your will, not our opinion." Wait a while and see what happens without your own bias answers getting in the way.
You can not be both Apostle and Prophet. Has an apostle trained you. You must be confirmed by a male apostle to be an apostle. An apostle on the first level should be able to work in any of the five offices. A true apostle at the first has received training in these offices. Moreover, that first level apostle will not compromise any principles and protocols of the bible for he carries the doctrine of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Be proud of who you are. Wear your office and most people will respect you as an apostle. I am trying to help you. God is looking for some good men and women in the ministry. The Holy Ghost revealed to me that women can be in the ministry. But there is a limit to their authority: as Evangelists and Prophets( Special Exception- Pastors, IF CONGREGATION IS WOMEN AND CHILDREN, ONLY). Fast and Pray and the Holy Ghost will give you the same revealation!!! Be Blessed!
What does me supporting women have to do with me "being a man"?
this is why Paul came back to the church to bring order. Too much puffiness. God Bless!
The interesting thing is that you only highlighted the word Prophetess, and not the word "Judge". Tell us all just what "the Judge of Israel" really means.

The judge of Israel judged them by Torah.


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