It was told to me by a church member years ago and I want to hear your opinion,,A Preacher has been trying to raise money for his new building however everytime he get the money someone in church has a more important emergency need,,a woman came to him Privately and said 'Pastor I know that you have been trying to raise this money and things come up and you take from the building fund to help,,you and your wife has been there for me in time of need for my family so ,,I won $5million dollars and I know that you have to preach in 20 minutes but here is $2.5million you and your wife keep a million and use the rest for the building',,The pastor said put the money up,,so the woman put all the money back into a large suit case type of bag,,the Pastor hit the pul pit and said THE DEVIL CAME TO ME WITH SOME LOTTERY MONEY TO BUILD THE CHURCH ,,WE DONT NEED THE DEVILS MONEY,and then called the womans name out in front of a crowd of 800 and she began crying and left..Now I understand and I dont Understand..the wealth of the sinner is layed up for the just did he do the right thing?I feel this way as a Elder we dont know where the money is comming from,,when you go to a restaurant you dont know if the chef washed his hands after leaving the rest room, but we pray over our food,,same thing we dont know where the members are getting there money if we did would we accept it? alot of money may be dope money,hooker money,pimp money,race track money,blood money..ect.. but we pray over it after it has been collected..I heard Joel Ostien say this,,I am not telling you to play the lottery,,,but I am saying if you hit pay your tithes and offerings..Maybe she should've been silent and put a check in the basket or perhaps she was not trying to hide anything because many christians play the lottery,,my thing is she was trying to give back,,but did she do it the wrong way?

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Good day,

This story leaves me kind of upset. It is not the fact that he did not take the money. I agree with the brother below. As her Pastor I don't think he handled that situation properly. He should of told her to take it back and see me after church. And spoke to her then. That is just my opinion. The woman, was she a new convert? Was she taught that playing the lottery is a sin? Did she even know? She won 5 million and she was giving half to her church? Wow, that in itself is awesome. Some people won't think to give a $20 of what they won.

I have a question for you, what happen to the woman, did she ever return to church? Is she still saved? Not only that she could of got robbed going out of the church. By the way did the pastor ever get the church built?
You are right about one, we don't know where people are getting their money from.

IT WAS HANDLED THE WRONG WAY,ALOT OF PEOPLE WOULD'VE DISAGREED WITH MY ANSWERE BUT GOD CAN BLESS YOU ANY WAY THAT HE PLEASES THE WEALTH OF THE SINNER IS LAID UP FOR THE JUST,,Now I know I will get crucified by people in tradition even though Jesus said bring down the tradition of the Elders,,I WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED THE MONEY and would not have said nothing and would love better if she would have just placed it in the basket,,she joined another church and bless the Pastor who already had a church,he used it to build shelters for crack babies and ex-offenders during there release they can be trainned for jobs,,he took his half and help people pay for there homes and college for there childred and then and then got everyone to purchase life insurance because people think that when you die it is the churches job to put you away,,dont know if she was new convert but she mourn to see the Pastor when trying to build a church everyone had a need so he would stop building to help there need,,but no sister or brother needed to be embarassed like that from the question if she was to put it there how do we know where the money is comming from?how do we know that the money that is comming in now is not lottery,dope,prostitute,blood money we dont but we pray over it..America was built on illegal money AND STILL IS
Bro. Eric,

I agree. We don't know where the money is coming from. If we know, are we not accountable if we take it?


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