What Should Someone Do When a Bishop or Pastor; Rejects the Help he Asked for,that Will Help the Church Prosper?

I Attend a Church where the Bishop is Still Stuck in the Old Traditional Ways of Preaching the Gospel,and he Don't want to Change to Reach the Mind Level of Today's Younger Members.

He also has Money Issues,(Tithes/Offering)- Wanting a 30-50+% Increase,to which he Asked All of the Church Members to Donate their Talents and Skills to Help Out,I Don't See a Problem with That,but Here is Where the Problem Comes in to Focus:

I once Offered,and Arranged to have a Gospel Singer Friend of Mine,and his Group to Perform there to Help Raise Funds,at NO CHARGE,Except for Gas Money for Two of them to get back home,and the Bishop said he DID NOT have Any Money to Give them,but Once the Tickets were Sold he Could have Gave them Gas Money from that,and Not Out of His Pocket,this is the First time I was Denied.

The Second Time I was Denied,was when he Asked me Again for Help to Raise Money for the Church,I then Offered My Recording Services and Time- (Free) - To Work with the Choir in Order to Make a Church Cd to Sell,as well as,get the Music Produced Played On the Radio,to which I was Again Denied a Second Time.

Recently the Same Question Came Up Again after Church Services,but I Spoke Out this Time,I let the Bishop Know Straight Out that he was Blocking Me from Blessing the Church,by Continuing to Deny my Honest Efforts to Help his Ministry Grow,so Therefore when Other Ministries are in Need of my Services,I Make it Known that I Will Bless them with my Help,where I Won't be Denied.

After this was Said and Done,he Told me that I Could Not Help Other Churches and Ministries Do what he Keeps Procrastinating Not to Do.

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This is a situation what i suggest to you is not to take it personal that it seems like your bishop is holding you back you first have to ask god is it you blocking and why if not is it the devil sometimes even though we may have what a church needs in helping it prosper it's not always our time i know you are fustrated by what has taken place but sometimes you just need to talk to god about it even though you voiced how you felt to your Bishop that was out of order you should have sought god first to find out if you should say anything at all this battle is not yours but the lords it is not you that choose but god who chooses you and if your help is not accepted then god is allowing it for a reason you seem to be anxious about what you have to offer my brother wait be patient because it just may not be your time. I have been denied many times by a pastor i was under once and i never said a word to him but i prayed and waited on the lord and god dealt with him and when god was ready then what i was able to do i end up doing sometimes we think we are the ones to make it happen but it is not about you but about god and his will ask him God what his will is for you at this time and pursue that and leave your Bishop to god. i hope this helps my brother.
Ok,this Helps Some,I will Give Deeper Prayer for him,and I know that it is not about me,it is ALL About GOD,and that we have to be Patient and wait on Gods Will and Works to Take Effect,I Did Not Choose to Speak Out as I Did on my Own Free Will,because I am Not,nor have I ever been the Type of Person to do so,and when I Did Speak Out I Called him into his Office behind Closed Doors.

Thanks for your Reply.

Brotha Paydae'
Prayer is All that I can do for him,I Don't have any Hate or Grudges towards him,even though there might be Some Jealousy towards me on his Part,but I Forgive him for that because if We Don't Forgive Our Trespasser's,then how Would We Expect God to Forgive Us of Our Trespasses Against Him.

I have Totally Devoted my Ways and Works to God,and He has Blessed and Supplied me with Everything that I Need to Help His Will be Done here on Earth,so that may be Partly what the Problem is with my Bishop.

We got Evicted out of a Condemned House that Our Landlords-(at that time)- got Foreclosed on,to which we Only had Less than 10-days to Move Out,We Looked in the News Papers and Around Our Neighborhood Area,but Could Only Find 1 House,and it Rented for $892.00 per.Month,at the Time We Could hardly Pay $550.00 per.Month,any way it Got down to 5 days,so We Called about the Only House that We Found at the Time which Rented for $892.00,We went to put an Application in which was $25.00,all that We had at the Time
between my Wife and Myself,then We were Told that We would have to Pay a Total of $2500.00 to Move in,and When Asked when Would We have it,I Said Friday Strong and Bold,it was Wednesday,(2)-days from Friday,but Look How God Moves;a Woman that We Did Not Know or have Ever Met before,Told my Wife that God said for Her to Give Us $1700.00,with No Questions Asked,and She Did. Friday Came,We were Back at the Rent Office,and Now that's History because We have Been Blessed to be Here 4+ Years Now,so I Know How the Lord Moves in My Life,and Around the Lives of those that Know Me Personally.

But I Think the Biggest Problem with my Bishop Came About one Sunday Evening,After I had Performed a Song for the First Time in Church,he Called me Excited about this Karaoke Program that was on,Talking About they Are Giving Out Record Deals,and That I Should go to Try Out for it because I was Good at Performing Songs Just Like the People on T.V.,See That's Where I Draw the Line,the Songs and Music which God has Given Me will Only be Used to Help Save Souls and Provide Guidance,to those Lost or in Search of Gods Word,
I Don't Have the Desire to Make Money by This One of Many Gifts that I was Given,because Jesus Did Not Try to Profit when He was Spreading His Fathers Word,So Neither Should I,but this is Not Understood by People that Don't Know Me or How My Walk with The Lord is,I Walk by Spirit and Not by the World.

Reverend Luckett,I will Continue Attending and Praying for the Bishop,the Church and Myself as a Whole,but I Really Feel that It Might Need a Congregational Prayer Boost from Other Ministries & Churches to get This Church on One Accord with the Lord.

Please Pray for Us All.

Brotha Paydae'
Dear Servant,I am Glad that I am Not the Only One that is Going through,or has Gone through this,but while in the Closed door Meeting with the Bishop of my Church,he Said for No Reason At All,That He Wants to Preach the Truth,I Don't Know What that was About at All,nor Where it Came From. I Preach through my Music Ministry to Reach the Soul and Not Just the Ear,which Can at Times be Tickled by the Wrong Preaching and Teaching of Gods True Word.

Thanks Brotha Paydae'


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