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This group is for Bishops and members of the Church of God In Christ International (Bishop Charles Blake, Presiding Bishop). If you plan to attend any COGIC national events this year, please let us know.

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Comment by Vince M on August 15, 2009 at 1:15pm

Check out America's Faith online web magazine at This virtual publication is By God Inspired...for God's people...about God's people!
Comment by Mark H. Stevens, Th.D (NJITS) on August 15, 2009 at 11:46am

Ministers Manna New Jersey Institute of Theological Studies
Suite 160
440A Whitehorse Pike
Atco, NJ 08004



The Correspondence School of Ministry is a new spiritual, educational training track of the New Jersey Institute of Theological Studies. This condensed, correspondence format will allow many of the basic courses of NJITS to be offered in a time frame better suited to the demands and time constraints of busy adults; particularly many of whom are already actively involved in ministry.

The Correspondence Manual is to be read and the test at the end of the lesson book is to be taken and mailed back to the School for grading. The test can be taken with an open Bible. Some answers to the questions are NOT found in the manual but require the taker to study the scriptures for the answer.
Challenging studies
The goal of this course is to challenge the student to study the Word with intensity and diligence. There will be other study books coming out in the near future.

Affordable and bible based
Practical, anointed, and insightful spiritual training at an extremely reasonable amount.
• The total cost for the manual and the Certificate of Christian Studies after completion is only $40.00
• The material is packed with Bible based doctrine that will enable you’re the student to be the man or woman of God you need to be. This is NOT a replacement for the training you SHOULD receive in your local church BUT it WILL enhance it greatly.

The Dean of the New Jersey Institute of Theological Studies

Elder Mark H. Stevens is an ordained Elder in the COGIC. He is the Dean of the Charles Harrison Mason Bible Institutes of New Jersey and the founder of The New Jersey Institute of Theological Studies. As a Chaplain he ministers at Cooper Trauma Center in Camden. He is also a staff Chaplain at Ancora Psychiatric Hospital. Elder Stevens graduated from the Institute of Jewish Studies, a School of the Philadelphia Bible University. He is an ETA (Evangelical Training Association) certified Bible Teacher. He holds a BA in Theology from Freedom Bible College and Seminary, and a Masters in Ministry from Freedom. His calling is that of Teacher. His classroom and pulpit is wherever the Lord leads him. This course is the first of many. Busy Ministers, Service men, hospital patients, and the incarcerated need training just like everyone else and THIS is a great start!
Comment by Michael T Blackmon on August 14, 2009 at 9:57pm
To sum it up AMEN!!!!!!!!

I feel the same way! We have strayed too far, and God is now pleased with this foolishness. Wake up somebody, trim your wicks so the light won't be dimmed. Our standards are being let down each and everyday! We don't have alter services anymore, no witnessing teams, no prayer or laying out before the lord; tell you the truth of the matter we don't wait on the lord anymore. Our problem is we are not Church of God in Christ anymore, we have became COGIC anything go's. They are saying that it don't take all of that anymore, no surrendering, no fasting, no bible study, etc. I have been in this church for thirty years now, they don't teach the same, don't sing the zion songs the same or anymore!!! I love this church, I am not going to leave this church, we are going to get our VICTORY back, this church will not go down in defeat.....the devil has lied to somebody!!!!!!!!

To sum it up AMEN!!!!!!!!
Comment by Mark H. Stevens, Th.D (NJITS) on August 14, 2009 at 9:47pm
Dr. Martin Luther King said that Sunday morning was the most segregated day of the week, and sadly enough it still is nearly 40 years later. We have made good strides in the area of race relations in America, but some of the demons still persist. We have two types of racism in America: The racism of superiority and the racism of bitterness. Even though white people don’t own blacks anymore and we aren’t lynched with great frequency anymore, and we don’t have to sit in the back of the bus anymore, many whites still feel superior to blacks! This feeling of superiority played itself out publicly when Kenneth Hagin Jr. said he would not want his daughter to marry outside of her race, yet it is OK for thousands of Black folks to support their ministry with their GREEN dollars! But we aren’t good enough to marry their daughters. This publicity caused quite uproar in the Word of Faith Community. Fredrick K. Price confronted the Hagin’s about this comment, but they did not retract or reject their feelings or comments. Now black folks are guilty of the sin of racism / bitterness! We allow their actions and attitudes towards us; make us feel justified in our dislike of them. This is equally wrong because we are guilty of unforgiveness and hatred. The real miracle of salvation through Jesus Christ is not just that our sins are forgiven and we go to heaven, but that we are new creatures in Christ, Well let’s start acting like it! God is a spirit, not a skin tone or a nationality! Both sides have to repent of these feelings and attitudes. Remember Pentecost? There were people of every race and nation at the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings unity! If there is no racial harmony in your church, I doubt if the Holy Spirit is there either.
Comment by Dr. T. Marie Brown on August 14, 2009 at 7:24pm
Discussion: If God don't move the mountain, has God ordain us to climb the mountain, and after we suffer for a while will God give us the mountain

Discussion: If God doesn't move the mountain, has God ordain us to climb the mountain, and after we suffer a while, God will give us the mountain to speak to it removal.
Comment by Women Who Win w/Dr. Elizabeth on August 13, 2009 at 9:24pm
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Comment by Bro. Steve Harris on August 11, 2009 at 1:46pm
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Comment by Bro. Steve Harris on August 8, 2009 at 2:00pm
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Comment by Prophet,Dr. JUSTIN LWEMBA NGOMA on August 7, 2009 at 7:55am
Dear Bishop,

hope you are doing well and your family
just inquire about becoming an affiliated member of your organisation.
we would like to know if is possible.
please visit our website for more information about our ministry : or you can contact me on :
thanking you in advance and hope to hear from you soon

yours in Christ

Comment by Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah on August 7, 2009 at 7:39am

When I say Prophetic In-Charge, what I mean is the secret of the prophetic ministry. I am trying to bring to the mind of people how important this ministry of the prophet is.

In our Christian lives, we can not eliminate this ministry completely and get direction to our lives. Even the word of God is prophetic. If the word of God cannot pass away, how then can prophesy pass away or be eliminated. So prophetic in-charge because the word of God is in-charge of everything we see in the world. The word of God can never be compared with any word from human being. The word of God never return to Him void like the word from men. Any word that does not come from God cannot succeed. Any where the word of God goes there would definitely be a change because every word that comes from God rules every where.

So God is using prophets as His messengers to prophesy and give direction to His people on earth. We can actually read and understand the word of God but we need prophets to stand on that word to give us direction to our lives. This is not also to say that word of prophesy comes to deceive people but to tell the truth about a situation and to give direction as to how one can come out of that situation as God leads them (Prophets). God gives His word and accompany it with direction. God would not send you without given you a direction to where you should go otherwise you are likely to miss your way.

Very soon we would enter into the Bible to search the truth about this topic. To know God is to search the scriptures. God gave us His word for us to be able to live our lives accordingly. Gods mind is His word. The word of God is everything. So it is more than millions of dollars can offer you. The word of God brings you the dollars that you are searching for. Jesus says seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you.

We noticed that the way the prophets prayed in the Bible days are different from the way any man or woman of God prayed in those days. The prophets pray and give direction at the same time and as soon as the people follow the direction given by these prophets, their situation change. Prophets come out with issues about the past, present and the future. Acknowledge that, that is how God is. He has an idea about your past, present and future. God always sees ahead before it happens. Forget about the false prophets because what ever they declare would never come to pass. False prophets even are not bold enough to voice something out because they know they would be revealed as false prophets when their prophesies do not come to pass. As Christians, we also ought to ensure that we are in the Spirit at all times. Anytime we are in the Spirit, we are able to differentiate between the voice of the true prophets and the false ones. You would also be able to tell whether what they are telling you is a confirmation of what the Lord has told you already or not when you are in the Spirit.

2 Chronicles 20:20b says Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.

You may ask, how can we know the false prophets. Watch out if what they tell you is in line with the word of God. Also check whether they really represent God by their deeds. In all these, we need to be in the Spirit to discern the false ones. The Bible says none of the words spoken by Samuel ever failed like the word of God itself. No word from God would return to Him void.

Jesus once met a rich man and gave him a direction by which he can be saved. He said go and sell everything that you have and give the money to the poor and then come and follow me, but that man refused because the Bible said he was very rich. This does not make Jesus a false prophet but rather Jesus knew the mans heart that it was difficult for him to give out what he has in order to attain eternal life.

When you go to see a Doctor, he would tell you what is actually wrong with you after running some series of test on you though you may have told him you have fever or headache. So it is with the prophetic ministry.

In acts 9, we read about the account of Paul who was on his way to Damascus to persecute the church when he fell off his donkey and became blind. Ananias was told of what happened to Paul already by God because he was in the presence of God. Banabas also testified that Paul was a Christian because he was in the Spirit whereas the other believers were running away from Paul thinking he came to persecute them. Because they were looking only with the eyes of the physical and not with the eyes of the Spirit, they thought negative rather than positive.

The reason why I am making this point to you is because I want people to have a personal relationship with God rather than with men. Refuse to look or believe with the physical eye and start to believe and see things in the realm of the Spirit because Gods idea is always different from mans idea. When you are in the presence of God, God reveals a lot of hidden things to you. The Bible says call upon me and I would answer you and show you mighty things that you know nothing about. So choose to spent time in His presence.

In 2 Kings 3:19-22, we read about Elisha and how he helped the people of God. Elisha when confronted never suggests prayer to stop the situation. Rather he gave them a direction to follow by which the problem would be solved. The Bible said when they did as the prophet Elisha directed them, their waters was healed to this day. Let us assume that they were praying all throughout the situation without any change until the prophet came to give them a direction. Let us learn something here, when Elisha asked for the bowl, the people responded and acted accordingly because they knew Elisha to be a true man of God. So we also get to watch out which prophet claim to be giving us direction to follow whether he is true prophet. Also notice that they were other men of God in that city of Jericho , but let us ask why God rather used Elisha rather than the others, the answer is simple, because he was a prophet.

So you reading or hearing from me know that you need a prophet to give you a direction to that problem you are praying about. God has answered you but you just need a direction to benefit from that answer.

Moses was also giving a direction to lead the children of Israel when God told him to use the rod in his hand to divide the sea for them to cross on dry ground. There are at times you may be praying about a situation and get confuse eventually not knowing what to do, in this case you need a prophet to direct you on what to do.

The children of Israel also when in Egypt was also given a direction by the Lord to follow. They were asked to kill a sheep and use the blood to mark their door post which they followed. So the destroyer could not come near their door when he was sent because they followed that direction. Sometimes these directions may look and sound foolish, but when we are able to follow them, we would be blessed. Before you even go into marriage you need a direction.

Let me share this testimony with you. Just this Friday (12th December 2008), I prophesied about promotion in somebodys life. He later came to testify that it came to pass. There was also a day I was going to get some paper document on a car I bought. The Lord prompted me of a woman who was sitting quietly at a corner. The Lord told me that this woman has a problem, so I consulted her and she confirmed that she was married but without a child. I asked her to write it out on paper for me and give the specific date she wants to get pregnant, before that date, she conceived and now she is with a child.

People always criticize this office of the prophet but there is no doubt that we need the prophets in many situations. 2 Kings 3:23 says that some children began afterwards to make fun of Elisha and when Elisha cursed them, they were all destroyed. So let us watch out not to criticize. Though there are false prophets in the system, there are also true prophets of God. Those children Elisha cursed were just making fun with the intention that Elisha was a false prophet and yet they were destroyed. Jesus says just leave them, time will tell of their stand. Satans Power can never rule over believers. The Bible says greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

To clearly identify false prophets, please read Revelation 13:11- to the end. But after knowing who they are, what I want you not to do is giving them attention. Refuse to recognize them and just focus on God.

These are some scriptures for further study;

Deuteronomy 18:15 going
Deuteronomy 18:21-22
Luke 2:36-37
2Samuel 7:2
1 Kings 17:1
1 Kings 3
2 Chronicle 18:3-8
Luke 7:16
Acts 7:52
Acts 11:27-28
Jeremiah. 2:30
2 Kings 2:3
2 Kings 3:11-20
2 Kings 2:22-30
Ezekiel 1:1-2
Luke 3:15
Mark 9:3 going
Mark 10:37
Revelation 13:11-
Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah
Box 55 James Town
West Africa.

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