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We have to stop making up scriptures

Brothers and Sisters,

I posted the topic some time ago, but recently so many people are posting information that goes so far from the word of God, I felt that God wanted this posted again. So may people feel that God is the world bank and promises to break you off with alittle something, something. God don't care about your money, but your heart and your obedience. But please read this and be edified as I was and still am.

Deut. 4:1-14

Rev. 22:6-21

In… Continue

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To Tithe or Not To Tithe: That Is The Question

Greetings From Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ,

I am concerned that many churches are teaching their version of the bible instead of what the word of God says. Money issues continue to plague churches and people are accepting of it as if it is the new norm instead of speaking out against what they know is wrong. More often than not, long before churches split apart or send their minister packing, they have concerns about the method in which money is obtained and spent. Many don't… Continue

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Obedience is the Key

Greetings from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

I joined this site several weeks ago and I'm really amazed at what I've beed reading. The more I read the more discouraged I get. A lot of what I read is all about SELF motivation and SELF gratifacation. I have seen topics from " It's YOUR time in 09 to the come see ME preach conferences. When will the teaching start. Now, I see a site titled, " We aren't really christians." My Lord, what are we trying to do… Continue

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