Servants of Excellence, have you been begging God?
How much time have you spent lately begging and pleading with God for him to do what he has already done? True enough he may not have DONE it in you yet but it’s done and having it done in you requires that you come to a place

1)where you understand that Jesus said "it is finished"
2)where you understand and embrace He did it for you and it’s yours
3)where you understand that you don’t have to beg for it, it comes with the covenant you have with him

I was in a time of prayer with a babe in Christ and as I listened to their prayers go up my spirit was awakened to the begging and pleading and this is sometimes reasonable for a babe who does not have depth and understanding of God’s word. But what about the more mature believers that are still begging and pleading?

The challenge for us all is to mature in our time of prayer, fellowship and communion with God and excel beyond the asking stage. We can grow and go to a place in intercession, prayer, supplications where we know the promises of God by logos and rhema and can put him in remembrance of those promises; thanking him before the manifestation comes. (Isa 43:26)

And then rest! (Hebrews 4:9)
Even some ‘mature’ pray-ers will pray what they consider to be a prayer of faith but then worry, have anxiety, stress, sleeplessness etc. But why? Yes, the truth that we are still growing in that area is a necessary acknowledgment, none of us have arrived at a place where we have mountain top faith all the time and if you have, stay tuned another trial is on the way that will shake your mountain causing it to erupt like a volcano; causing you to have to go to another level of faith. Yes, we go from faith to faith.

What God has for you really is for you. It’s yours! Seriously! If he spoke it he will make it good (Numbers 23:19). Learn to rest; stop worrying, begging and pleading.

It’s possible that we have begging and pleading confused with “crying out”. My NaNology definition of crying out is the expression of proclaimation from the innermost being; it may or may not be vocal.
The blind man cried out verbally and refused to be silenced in Mark 10:47.
Hanna cried out but not with words in 1 Samuel 1:9-13
The demons cried out with a loud voice when Jesus expelled them…
Jesus cried out in Matthew 27:46, 50 as he hung on the cross…….

If you have not experienced “crying out” you will. The growth process for every believer makes it necessary for your back to be up against the wall at some point and though it may not sound good, it’s excellent. When your cry goes up he says he hears them and will deliver you out of them all (Psalms 34:17). “Cry” in a simple context means to shriek, to proclaim! When you cry out you proclaim and he hears you… not begging but proclaiming! If you never get in a situation or circumstance where he needs to deliver you how will you come to now him as your deliverer?

If you have experienced crying out, get ready to go at it again. This is a season of perfecting (James 1:3-4).

let us examine our times of fellowship with the Lord and go far from begging to proclaiming. Beloved it’s important to understand that proclaiming requires you to know or at least have an idea of God’s promises toward you. Get to know The Promiser and then proclaim The Promises!

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Comment by John on January 1, 2010 at 7:51pm
This is so true because we don't have to beg God. 2Corinthians 5:17 -21 says we have the ministry of reconciliation. This means as Jesus said we can reconcile all things done by the enemy back to God. We just have to believe and have faith as His children. God bless.

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