he question was raised in another group about Authority In The Kingdom and how it applies to us. It was commented on by a few people so we thought it should be addressed here: The word of God is so exciting! There are laws, covenants and traditions throughout the Old & New Testaments. All those things were fulfilled in Jesus' death, burial & resurrection. The fulfillment of the law is Love. To say that there is another doctrine to adopt is to say that the blood of Jesus was not sufficient. Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind. Then, love thy neighbor as thyself. You live, love and grow according to the word of God as its knowledge is unfolded to you. Join a body of believers and submit yourself to your pastor and leaders as your pastors have assigned. This is the order. You can pit one doctrine against another, or sect, denomination or however you choose. If you keep God first you will never miss the mark. Jesus is the role model. When he rose and ascended to heaven He raised kings and priests along with him. You may not want to count yourself as one of them, but if you don't then it is your lack of faith that would keep you among the doubters and you will search endlessly for salvation because you do not believe that salvation is already yours through the blood of Jesus. As you grow in consciousnesses you recognize truth as your authority and you act accordingly (even when it hurts). Truth unfolds in an indisputable logic that transcends the logic of the flesh, it is where you know you know you know. Even pastors need pastors. Unless the pastor is stuck under some finite doctrinal limitation they will acknowledge that we are all free through Jesus Christ who paid the price for our freedom with His life. He rose with ALL power, why would He tell you to lend yourselves to authorities that are of this world when we serve the God of heaven and earth. Many false prophets will come saying they have the way, if they told you that Jesus said to do anything other than Love, it is a lie they tell.

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