Shalom Shalom!

Blessed be The Holy One Of Yisrael. The One and Only Living Elohim.

Surly as The Most High Lives We shall be greatly prosperous. diligent and faithful to His Holy Will. Lets remember not just for this Sabbath but for everyday and every month in the year, We are a people who have to remember to be dedicated to the Lord.

The Blood Atonement is the covenant that we abide in. But some of us fail to remember that. Some of us have accepted the Lord as our Savior but have yet to Commit and make many excuses on why we don't. Some like to say that " oh its not time that I give it up yet" or " I am waiting on a word from the Lord" or how bout " well if the Lord didn't take it away then its not that bad".

Well News flash! The Lord said that you were given all power! correct? Then that being the case then the Lord is waiting on you! You have Failed to make Covenant with the Lord! In doing so you have the power and also the will to extract sin from your life.

The Most High Is the author of our lives. Although we have the free will to choose. We forget that covenant is a two way street.

Imagine that you and a business owner had a contract together. He asked you to water his landscape and cut it for him. But instead of you doing everything on the landscape you only did the grass, you failed to do the shrubs, the flowers, trees, and anything else that is considered plant life.Do you think that the owner is going to pay you the full offering price. do think that he is going to ask that it be done again. Or might we say that he will fire you and get someone else to do the Job.

Well fully hope he will ask you to complete the job. But in the case of G-d we don't have that luxury. You see, at the end of the job we will be at The Mercy Seat. so there is no second chance. We have to go over the contract thoroughly! We have to some time assume that He may want the foliage cut annually not just seasonally. As we come to know Him we learn that His Will is truly not what we would expect. So instead of doing the bare minimum. We need to go the extra mile. That is the example Yeshua gave to us. Though He asked that " Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee;take away this cup from me". In the next breath He said the most Profound Statement that none before Him could proclaim, "nevertheless not my will. but what thou will." How many can make the same statement? Elijah said something to the like on Mt. Horeb, but that was after he ran. Jonah said the same,after he ran, and then complained. Moses didn't run but was tired of the people and hit the rock. Yeshua's example was to show how to properly make covenant with the Most High.

I Remember when I first gave my life to Adonai. I made this same mistake. I was on fire for the Most High. But I was easily moved when I started to feel like Moses. But one day The Lord sat me down and taught me the importance of Covenant. A covenant is the ultimate form of commitment it is everlasting. We made the word "commitment", but we find plenty of divorce in our society today because we lack the understanding of it. Through The Most High we can learn to make a covenant with our Abba and also with our families. and a simplistic form of the word covenant for those who don't know is "promise".

So as we separate ourselves for this sabbath on the covenant that YHWH has made for us. We need to remember to do the same for Him in all other things.

By: Yeshayahu Azariah Levi Prophet of the Lord

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