Hedge of Protection for Gods hurting people. Daily Prayer

Father saturate the earth with your grace and mercy.Pour out your spirit upon your people that has lost their way due the pain they have to endure. Father replace the pain with your peace. Give your hurting people a peace that surpasses all understanding. Father pour out an anointing of knowledge, understanding and wisdom as an oil created from the pain giving your people a sense on hope to hold on to. Father being that you are Jehovah Tsebosis a God of Host. Send forth your Heavenly host to minister to your hurting people to speak on your behalf. Father I thank you for the anointing that fights for our salvation daily. Thank you for being who you are in our lives. Thank you for your grace, and your mercy. Thank you for being our Healer making every crooked situation straight. Father thank you for your love. For you are love, you are peace, you are wisdom, you are light, you are our safety. God I just want to thank you for being the filler of every void in your people lives. Thank you for replacing depression with joy of your presence. Fortify and hold every woman and man up today that feel like they can not keep going, and they don't know how they are going to make it through the pain they face. They don't know what to do with the pain. Father you said that you would hold our hands long even when we stumble. (ps 37: 24) Let your hurting people feel your divine presence today. I lay before the Throne of Grace the very weak and the weary. The very broken and confused. The scorned, slandered, robbed, mocked, deceived and the unjustly misjudged. Your people that have lost their way, and can not seem to find there way back due to the pain. For some can not pray to you today because some have been spiritually paralyze from their pain and confusion that have set in. I ask that you deliver us today through out the nation. Binding your peace and protection around us that surpasses all understanding. Cancelling every hidden evil assignment that has been dispatched from the kingdom of darkness against us. Cancelling every hidden evil affair that has been designed to distract us from our assignments and divine purpose in you. Sever every negative soul tie, stigma, old tradition, that has been attached to us that has been designed to spiritually paralyze, and limit us from intimately knowing you for our selves.Thank you for intoxicating us with your love and compassion that is matchless to man. Saturating our hearts with your influence, from the brokenness so we might become Christ-like and be a light to the table from which we eat. Open your children's eyes, and create in us a clean heart with forgiveness. So we might move with works that is genuine, and pure from your Spirit to only edify the body of Christ. Thank you for divine protection, deliverance, and restoration today. Amen. Blessings to all that are dealing with Pain.
The Alabaster Box By Sabrina

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