I recently seen a movie called "Illegal Tender", which was about a mother who protected her two sons from a tragic incident that happened in the past, that took out the oldest son's father. Their father was in some illegal business before the first son was born and during a exchange the father was set up by his own boss to executed. The mother never told the son what happened in the past. Instead, whenever some ties to her past, like the killers who killed her husband, came around she would always pack up and move. Once the son got tired of it and "the grits hit the fan", she was forced to finally come clean and the truth all came out. While he was clueless, he was left to fend for himself with only a little bit of information. But once all the information came out, he became ready to join his mother in the fight to end the mess that was hidden in the past. The rest of the movie consist of the mother and the 1st son protecting themselves and finally putting an end to the pursuits of their demise. The son went to see the boss who killed his father , and the boss told the son what the purpose of this hit was. Up until now, the son was told that it was about a large amount of money. But the truth was that this son's father was in adultery with the boss's teenage sister, which is "ILLEGAL" in USA (henceforth the name of the movie). Well, when the teenage girl, who had a lot going for her at the time, wanted to commit to this boy's father, the boy's father turned her down. She ended up killing herself, and in return of her taking her own life the boss had this boy's father executed. The boss didn't want to stop there, he wanted to murder all of the father's household. At the end, the mother ends up murdering the boss and the pursuit of the demise is over. They live happily ever after and unapprehended.

I thought this movie was amazing, and rather symbolic to what goes on in the spirit realm concerning our lives. Generations before us have been taught that family business is family business, and that we don't tell no one what goes on in our homes. I agree, but only to the extent of outsiders. People inside the family definitely has the right to know what happened before they got here. This is for every believing Christian who hates sin and definitely wants to do away with evil and curses running in their family.

Let me encourage you, if you're the one whose clueless and don't know. Let me tell you that you have the right to know, and if the family wants to act ashamed of their past and keep it quiet because of how they were taught, then you ask your Father God to reveal it and give you insight on it. And then forgive them for keeping quiet and allowing this devil to become apart of your family. What you are dealing with right now could be on your half, the other half could be what was past down by family members before you (generational, ancestry curses). The sooner and the more you know of what is trying to take out your purpose on this earth and the eternal life God has given you, the better equipped you will be when you have the word and the Holy Spirit inside of you to come against those ancient demonic spirits that ran in your family and the ones that you have opened the doors to.

And to you who are ashamed of the past, you're going to have to come out with it eventually. Your children will walk into things that you haven't warned them about. If the devil failed to take you out, do not be deceived, he'll come after your children. Why, because Jesus defeated the devil on the cross, and unless your children do not become ignorant of the devil's devices, he will succeed in his pursuits. It's up to us as parents to protect them with the truth, the word, the blood and our testimony, also to warn them about our history with what is trying to kill us. NOT SAYING ANYTHING IS NOT PROTECTION!!! Saying something and teaching while learning how to defeat it is something different. The most bold faced lie I have ever heard is that "Ignorance is Bliss". We need not be ignorant of the devil's devices, and neither should our children(2 Corinthians 2:11). Lust has ran in my family a lot of years. When I was heavy into porn and masturbation ( as a Christian) if I wasn't watching two women kissing, I was watching them wrestle which was "the next best thing". My son would catch me watching the women wrestling, and when he had received the WWF Wrestling game for his play station, he would always play the women in the game. I recognized my sin had influenced him and was trying to take root. When you ask kids why did they do something they'll either say "I don't know" or give you the reason why they did it. Either way, they come from us and it's up to us to shape them in God's image while He's shaping us (I'm talking on the inside). Also keep in mind that our past repeats itself, what are we allowing to be repeated, Victory or Defeat?

If you ever read the 1st 5 books of the bible, you will read how God would ordain certain monuments and memories on their way to the promised land. God knew the children would ask what were these "souveniers" for, and God purposefully allowed these things to exist to testify about the things that God did in bringing them out of Egypt into the promised land. God desires that the next generation be informed about their past, our past, what went on in our ancestry. History is important to God, because He transcends it all, he was there before "history" was in our vocabulary. "Choose ye this day" Victory or Defeat in your household, family and generations after you.

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