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I recently seen a movie called "Illegal Tender", which was about a mother who protected her two sons from a tragic incident that happened in the past, that took out the oldest son's father. Their father was in some illegal business before the first son was born and during a exchange the father was set up by his own boss to executed. The mother never told the son what happened in the past. Instead, whenever some ties to her past, like the killers who killed…


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The man caught with "The woman caught in adultery".

After you read this, WHAT YOU SAY OR DO TO ME OR SAY AND THINK ABOUT ME IS BETWEEN YOU AND GOD. This could either set someone free or make you hate me. You choose….. I’m hoping to set someone free. If you know of anyone who would need to read this, copy, paste and send it. Read On……….


Last year my wife and I went separate ways. I stayed in Columbus, Ohio while she and the kids went to Mississippi. I was trying to pursue school to get a better job and hopefully be a…


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The Speaker

I remember one time before church started, I was asked to help do microphone checks. While I was talking behind the mic, a friend a mind and his one year old son walked into the sanctuary. I called his name, "Hi _______", and this lil one year old boy looked at the speaker and started waving. After I saw that I decided to have fun with him,lol. "Come here _______", he came over to the speaker. "Give me a five", he smacks the speaker,lol. "Now give me a hug", he hugs the speaker. People who were… Continue

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Calling the sick to repentance

Matt 9:12-13;

If you have a friend or family member who is sick, please read this.

If they have been playing church, playing God and calling themselves a christian, God wants you to know that He has them right where He wants them. The play time is over and it's time to take their life serious.

They will not be totally healed unless they decide to change. God already knows what's going to happen if He heals them. Their going to devote time to Him for a little… Continue

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It's always been about the heart

It was first mentioned in Genesis 6:5

"And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

God desires to create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit in us. I heard from God himself, just like plenty of others I have talked with, that God is demanding a change in the hearts of His people this year in this season. It's a big demand that we are purified and renewed.… Continue

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It is written

Read Matthew 4:1-11,

In court, when one takes their case before a judge against another concerning a deal or an agreement that went bad, a promise that wasn't fulfilled, some kind of trickery in a exchange, etc; you'll see the two involved in the case step into the courtroom with papers in their hand. They know that when they present their case to the judge that there will have to be some paper work involved in order for the judge to make their ruling. If there's no paper work,… Continue

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Lord, I want more of You

I've sung this and prayed this. But until today I actually have a revelation of what this is actually saying.

In The Message Bible, Matthew 5:1 translates the "poor in spirit" in these exact words "You are blessed when you're at the end of your rope. With less of you, there's more of God and His rule."

I get it now. Do you see it? In order for you to have more of God, it demands less of you. You'll experience it if you haven't. When you get to a point where everything YOU… Continue

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Sin will not be justified

Psalms 36: 1-4

Transgression (the over stepping of moral boundaries) speaks to the wicked. Deep in their heart, there is no fear of God before their eyes. For they flatter themselves in their own eyes that their iniquity cannot be found out and hated. The words of their mouth are trouble and deceit. They have ceased to act wisely and do good. They plot trouble while on their bed. They set themselves in away that is not good. They do not reject evil.

If you know such a person and… Continue

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Hurts 2 Bad 2 Let It Go

There has been a part of me that has been covered with excuses, blames, just straight out hiding and masking who's responsible for where I am right now. Until recently. I was backed up against the wall by truth. I hated every minute of it, no lie. The bible says that the truth will set you free, but it's hard to stay free when you're own lies and denials has been working for you for sooooooo long. I couldn't even sleep. Ever since that encounter with truth, I have made the choice to finally… Continue

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IN ALL SERIOUSNESS. God has allowed Satan to turn up the heat down here on earth. Point blank, whatever is going to cater to our flesh, our carnal man, is going to increase. WHY? Because Satan's desire has been that no man becomes closer in relationship with their Creator. So In order to prevent a closer relationship with God, Satan has turned the heat up on everything that he knows will direct us opposite of God's direction.

Well, why is God allowing Satan to do this? Proverbs 17:3;… Continue

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A lil Jokey Joke for my BPN Family

Have you ever met someone who took everything literally.

One day a minister was trying to witness to a man who said that he doesn't believe in the bible anymore. The unbeliever said "I use to believe in the bible, but I don't now. I use to always hear people say 'The bible says this, the bible says that.' I use to get excited about it and believe. But I've tried it to many times and it just never worked for me".

The minister kept trying to convince him, "Sir, the Bible… Continue

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I'm about to say something that I have heard towards our ending of last year. The Holy Ghost assured me that there are times where you have to be selfish. He let me know that it was okay.............Huh? Well, whenever I hear something that gives me peace but at the same time, according to my understanding, sounds unorthodoxed I depend on God to back up His revealed word with the written word. And He did.


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This morning I woke up and I've been on this reading, praying, and meditating kick that even surpassed my own mind. I've been stuck in 1 1/2 chapters in the same book since I got up. It's not that I can't read or I have trouble understanding, but God has opened Himself up to me in these 2 chapters. Have you had your bread for today? I pretty much had bread and meat (spiritually).

That wasn't what I wanted to talk about, what I wanted to share was these 2 scriptures I heard inside of… Continue

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I went in the fridge and saw something that grabbed my attention, "Tomatoe Jam". Nasty to some of you, right? The ingredients says "Sugar, Tomatoes, Water, Lemon Juice" and other things. Well being that I have a interest in trying new things I took it out. I got a small spoon and scooped it up to taste. It wasn't bad as long as it it was in the form of Sugar and the other ingredients. While still having this taste in my mouth, I broke out some bread and some butter and heated the oven up to get… Continue

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No. I'm not money hungry, and I'm not chasing after materials either. The dollar signs for most people raise up thoughts of prosperity, paticularly money. For me, it's more about the condition of my soul than my outward status.

The bible says this, "I pray you prosper in all things and be in good health, just as your soul prospers."

I replaced the S's in my name with $'s because I believe in my heart that this scripture will apply to me (inwardly and outwardly). I'm going… Continue

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Luke 5: 8

"Go away from me, because I am a sinful man, Lord"

I cried when I read this because that statement Simon had made has been for the majority of my life with God a prayer that I've prayed when ever I mess up, feel inadequate, and just want to give up.

Why did Simon say that? I have no clue. But for me, it was just as he said it "I'm to sinful". The devil will use this well known fact and beat us down with it, discourage us, condemn us and drive us back into sin with it.… Continue

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Do yourself a favor and be prosper

While I was typing this, there was an event going on where people are jogging to raise money for a cause. Nothing wrong with that. The only problem is it's being held downtown, where buses run. The event is basically holding up traffic. While the people with money are participating in the event, having fun, smiling, etc, me and others on the bus are complaining, were being held up in traffic, being late to where we need to be. It goes without saying, people who do not have the "poverty"… Continue

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