I write this at a time when Life is so hard to define, as well as Uganda
(The pearl of Africa) as a country-so hard to define too.

But I am feeling from deep within to keep it so short, much as my brains are so open and fingers so swift.

In this pearl of Africa, the Land of Freedom and the Land that feeds us;
a ‘minority’ group of citizens have no freedom to live meaningful
lives; and do not misquote this for
‘a right to live’; since our population increases rapidly daily.

For people who do not know such a kind life, both within this very
country (the ones outside the minority group); or the ones outside this
country, it is a tale of a big
joke, but I am sure; some people just overlook the reality, for it is not
strange, or at least so strange. But, it’s no wonder, many by-pass people on
the road without even seeing their raised hands, in request for help. Many do
not consider such others as fellow humans, or just humans (if they cannot be

As I was growing up; I was taught so many things about God and man at
school, home and at church; and maybe that’s why I poke my nose into
such issues of human beings; because I
came to learn that loving God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul; and
loving your neighbour as you love your self are the two greatest commandments;
and there’s no greater than these. Actually, the word also adds that no one
will claim to love God if they can’t love fellow man. Loving God, therefore
quickly causes somethings to God automatic, like loving fellow man,
appreciating God’s creation and keeping His commands.

I am so thankful for all those around, who have done all simple and
complex things to help others, especially here in our motherland. The
Lord bless you so richly.

As soon as I was able, I joined this mission to extend a hand, to make
my world a better place…even if it is a short hand, it reaches
somewhere! Sometimes when you look at me,
with physical eyes you think I am a joke; but when eyes get opened, you will
see that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

So, what’s the life?
The life is such that everyone can define it differently, and my
attempts to define it will bring it out like a life so hard to live, but
where faith rules and causes one
to trust and believe that all things will blossom in God’s timing. But what I am sure about, it is here that some
things happen to you and you think you are dreaming, but wait only to wake up

Some believers seem to relate such a life of hardship and lack to
disobedience to God, or to a curse; but sometimes I personally love to
wisely read and use the Word of God,
so that it brings clarity into this life of mine. It is not an easy do, though.

Almost all Africa is same, many resources unexploited, or being exploited for the gain of ‘others’; or ‘the other minority few’

Some people are born below poverty levels and live in/through poverty,
all their lives. Those who are blessed (I don’t call them lucky); find
the grace to taste a better
earthly life; whether on full stomach or half full or empty one. One thing I
know works out things so well, is trying ones’ best and trusting God, ones’
maker. It is not a folding of the arms- even if into prayer, as for me. One has
to pray, but also do all action possible to add on the faith. I for one have
been seen around trying out so much. Sometimes some friends wish that I first
wait a bit…and see what God wants lead me LOL! But, our life here causes me not
to wait, for time waits for no man, even when there’s “No hurry in Africa” This
life has placed me in a position where I have to work hard, whether for paid or
non-paid work. This may not be the way out; because I find myself praying for
God’s will daily.

Poverty causes one to live a life that may seem to others as aimless,
useless, undefined,… name it! And that’s true, as long as it ties arms
and blocks the minds.

Trying to get out of such a hard to define life requires much more than
help or support; it needs much grace too! That’s why most times I like
to be friends who say “I
will pray for you”.

Here is the place-environment is a better word-where one may not make
choices of who they want to be, what they would want to do or what not
to do. Are you sure? Yes; I
am actually even serious! The resources and tools for such tools are beyond the
physical, and yet all may be nowhere or just out of reach. So, one will easily
find himself as part of an infinite flock on an infinite journey! From
childhood, we found ourselves going to school, and of course should you refuse
to go to school, oh, you would be liable to enough canes on the butt, if not
even in the back; unless your parents were unable to pay school fees. In fact,
we found it easy to even run to school without school fees, be chased, go home
crying but go back the next day and tell a lie-‘Dad says he is bringing the
money’. Later, some will soon find closure for the doors to an education, when
school fees totally fails to be got. I am blessed god allowed me to struggle as
a child, work so hard and he held me through and I reached somewhere. Obviously
today, I have not reported to the virtual university of Salford for my classes,
as others start; because of school fees! What I know, is that it takes grace
(again) for some people to realise that they are moving not under they own
control, so that they know what to do to keep on, to change course or to make
revert. Many will easily find themselves just unable to do anything about it,
so the journey goes on, to its course; so life won’t be what they make it; but
they will be what life makes them! I see some of them on road sides seated
eating from dustbins if any nearby, or walking slowly as if without a
destination or just standing as if thinking about the next step. Some of them
hide from people. Some who are better off with a ‘home’, they sit there waiting
for either a miracle, or God’s return. By the way, many times it makes sense to
believe with Paul in the Bible that ‘to live is Christ, and to die is gain!’

Many have I seen asking ‘what does it mean to live?’ yet, someone would
think that everyone they see here walking, is living! And of-course,
many just keep quiet, and share
nothing to anyone; if at all anyone could give ear.

Who can get people out of this heck? It’s not the rich, nor is it the
mighty. Not even the politicians of this age, not any of them! I have
not seen any of them ;( from
whole world of them) stopping his car to know what’s happening to that man
lying by the road-side! It’s for those who give themselves up for it. Get me?
Yes! Someone said Life is what you make it; I disagree, not because I don’t
agree that we are endowed with seeds of greatness, but because I believe that
God has a plan, and a will for every creation. Again, not for us to fold hands,
but to work so hard as we trust him; relying on him for both the present he has
given us, called today and for a better future!

I should add on this so soon, keep checking this space!

Stuart Naturinda
Plot 11 Lubas Road, Jinja Town
P O Box 12 Jinja Uganda, East Africa

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