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Work-Looking for Partners to world's biggest companies!

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Mulago-St.paul's Church
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Occupational Therapy School
About Me: (Ministry Info, Hobbies, Fav. Music etc.)

I am the one who cries for unity of God's people.I am the Evangelist who prays for oneness.I trained in Evangelism,discipleship and Christian leadership in 2001-2002,and I hold a certificate.That is all I hold in this field,the rest is what God has given me.He is always with us all.He wants to use us if we are willing.he does not look on age,qualification or size.He even can use stones!

I am a business man who strives to earn a living to impact the world!In business,I only trained and have a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and business Management from MTAC Campus with funding from Uganda Investment Authority; 2009.Thanks for the Governments of Uganda and Ireland who planned this training.

I am the health worker who looks at health as well being of mind,body and soul.
I've got a lot to share,we shall be discussing them daily here.
I am a qualified Occupational therapist,also a Student of Master of Science in Advanced Occupational Therapy,Salford university,Greater Manchester ;UK.

I am a man of faith, because, with God everything is possible!

You know, I am a friend Of God!!! If this annoys you;Please don't get annoyed;....This God loves you too.
I am known as a Pianist(But when did I last play!..I am one without a piano!)


[ Copy this | Start New | Full Size ] I am a friend Of God!!! If this annoys you;Please don't get annoyed;....This God loves you too. What I CAN SAY ABOUT MY SELF GENERALLY I am a Ugandan Male.Christ is my Lord;I am saved and sober. I am single but not chasing.I love making friends of all ages,colors and life styles and I am very good at keeping friends.I love to love people;and to Love them as christ wants me.I Love My Lord;because he has made me what I am. I am an extrovert;very open minded.I share greatly,and I don’t mind.
I am very self motivated,because the true test in life does not occur when all is going well.The true test takes place when we are faced with challenges.
I have been through a lot;and I cant stop moving on!
We should always aspire to climb as high as we can dream no matter what!My life has not been easy to live; a lot of challenges but I am always to go on;especially because of the faith in God.
I cannot at any on one time fall to serve This great God because of what i pass through.That is secondary to my life;because I know this world is not my home.Therefore whatever I encounter here should not obstruct me from reaching my destiny,Heaven my home!
I love working hard;because I know that God gives every bird its food,but He does not throw it into its nest!
I am more than able;for I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.This has been my motto ever since and i surely know I can do mighty exploits.Nothing will stop me;If Christ is by my side;because in him I am more than a winner!Nothing is impossible with him.
I always share even the least I have with the needy;because be sure that there are more needy than I am here! I am a leader,heading many groups small and big.I usually call my self a youths' leader I am so interactive;I interact with everyone,young or old,rich or poor as long as i am given chance. I am an evangelist;a preacher of the good news of My Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I thank Him for Choosing me;I will stand always for him!

I know some people may say why .....financially..... here....this...young man....!
It is not easy to pass through this world with out finances;by the way....someone is trying to steal your money...did you see him..check in your head!!LOL!!!
All we do;Ministry inclusive needs funding.I would want to be self supportive,even in all ministries I am planning.I was born on "Independence Day"!!!
I am growing By the grace of God.
I am a distributor in GNLD
Check out How to get started with the best health care,Home care and personal care products!
To Join;go to get started in the left (down)corner and you fill the form
Put me as your sponsor: Naturinda Innocent Stuart-ID 40/0405231
Up line Director names: ZAINABU A & ERIC J EBUK OPITO 40-400685
It is a life time God-given opportunity
I also have a new business Idea.Want to know about it?Ask me.
I am also doing on-line businesses including:




Earn money with AlertPay




GIVE-AWAY SERVICES AND BUSINESSES: number on my card, is 10688058




I like making friends and keeping them.I have be-friended people of different ages;and different social status.people from far and just need to be near me and you see how God makes us friends!

It is not because may be i am so attractive;But there is what God has made me.I really have a heart for the people;after all we are here for each other.

This has left me very hard to understand;because many people don't love this way.-LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOUR SELF!
I also try;because I know it is the ideal.It is what God wants.This explains why I live a life of sharing.
I share anything;ranging from mere word encouragements to any materials I possess.It is always hard for me to Just go away when i know I could do more than just that.The glory goes back to God for those people I have ever helped and I know I am just starting! I won't stop to do that because it is what God created me.
I Then wish to say;I thank God for those who have ever shared with me anything because they facilitated me to be all I am.
Mean while I love fun!!!LOL!!
I love doing things that make people laugh and I like laughing too.As long as the fun keeps me with my Lord!
I also watch videos;but not a lot of foot ball.Actually I am not a fun of any F.C!
Singing is my hobby;on that Piano.
Please Note:
1)If you need to know about the people I am helping(actually Just trying in the way I can manage you can let me may give a hand-They are many;Such that some of them I just Pray with them only.)
2)I Know there is what other people call me...and it is also true;as long as they have been with me!
3)Thanks for becoming a good friend;you can leave a comment to show me that you have read to the end and to tell me what you know about me.I will appreciate it!Any other comments are also welcome!
God bless you so much.We are the ones!!!

All of us by now know that our prime purpose in life is to help others,And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them!

I have tried to do all I can, to be useful to my world, this way, and I hope you join me.

I founded TINFS in 2007. I had no way to start, But I had access to internet from Medical school, where I was studying Occupational therapy.

I put online forums and blogs and attracted attention of some friends, and I believed to share my vision with many.

As many as heard about my intentions and my vision, they encouraged me.

I opened a small office near school and Organised a few school mates and village members and we started working on a few objectives. With many ups and downs, it became hard to accomplish much, especially due to very limited funding( I was almost sole funder, since the local friends I had involved were non-earners like me)

For example, we failed to meet government standards to organize an Interdenominational World conference in 2008. Even the Social Scenes underlooked us; much as everyone appreciated our cause and objectives of the conference.

We had to sell our ideas to as many people as we could, including encouraging someone to do what we practically cannot, as long as they understand our concepts.

2009, when I finished my studies, I looked for a job(as far as away from the city) so that I can get more resources to fund the Organisation but I failed with the job, due to unbearable circumstances of over exploitation and torture; among others. I had prayed about how God wants me to live and serve, so I found myself led out, to work more for TINFS.

March 2010, I was in the fullest of that turmoil of joblessness, absolute poverty and almost everyone could think I am doomed, apart from those that have supernatural intuitions-who are led to understand things invisible to naked eyes.

I could hear the voice telling me "Move on son" and God did several miracles and I found myself getting on; and the Vision expanded, I opened a small office and worked with a few new friends in the new town to make things through.

The Interdenominational Network For the Savior (TINFS) "Christian Networkers" is now a Non-Governmental Christian and Non profit Organization.

Creating better lives in a better world!

Mission Statement:
Generating meaning to people's lives through holistic support while preaching the Gospel of truth to everyone, and encouraging oneness in the body of Christ.

To develop communities of people who live holistic, purposed and meaningful lives on earth in a Godly way, and as one


(Special, but not good news: This year 2011, January 4,(Tuesday); thieves broke into our organisation's small Office and took all our property. I am feeling like how you can imagine, after all this big struggle.

It is not an easy start of the new year)

God bless you so much.Together we can do a lot for our world!

>You can write to us on
(in case you wish to support us,get to which works like paypal;Our email address is

Or On Paypal:
>You can Call us on +256702238943

NOTE: We are organizing a world conference and your participation is appreciated very much,we can get in touch and see how it can be done for you to share,participate,attend,support.
The Programme and budget is here:



Creating better lives in a better world!
Favorite Preachers:

More about My Ministry

Send me an IM!

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This was Our Lord's prayer for us! why are we not one?

Key Bible Verse: John 17:20-21

“I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all
who will ever believe in Me through their message. 21 I pray that they will all be one, just as You and I are one—as You are in Me, Father, and I am in You. And may they be in Us so that the world will believe You sent Me.


I. God desires the whole world would know Him- He designed man to both know Him and express Him to the world.
a) Man made with three parts- in God’s image – Gen. 1:26-27, 1Thes. 5:23
b) The purpose- to have God as His content so that people would know God

II. Jesus last prayer- “That they will be one” that the world may believe that You
have sent Me”.- John 17:20-21 After this prayer Jesus is betrayed and crucified.

III. Jesus Work- on the cross
a) Took away our sins so that we could live to God- John 1:29, 1Peter 2:24,
Col. 2:13
b) Broken down all barriers between us- Eph. 2:14
c) Imparted His life into us- brought us into God and God into us – Col. 3:4
d) Made us one with one another- Eph. 2:15b, Gal. 3:28

IV. Jesus’ expectation- exhibit this oneness to the world
a) We are called His church and the church is an expression of Christ’s one
body- Rom. 12:4-5, Eph. 1:22-23
b) The church is a lamp stand to shine out and testify to who God is- Rev.1:4,20
TINFS CARE is interdenominational for the purpose of oneness.I wish all of us embrace it so that we promote The gospel of christ;alleviate divisionism;hatred and religionism.religion in itself with its traditions may not reach us to our destiny(Heaven!)

Keep blessed;The Love of God keep in your hearts.Keep on praying.Remember The Interdenominational Network For the Saviour in prayer and be with us.Love you In Jesus' name!

Stuart's Blog

Special,for you-Writing

Posted on January 15, 2011 at 12:24am 0 Comments

For many  years I have been trying to write, for personal enjoyment, as a way of venting(LOL!) but also to inspire someone, to encourage those who need encouragement.

But I have been passing through a very hard time, and somehow God has been faithful, I have not died yet (of poverty and its inflictions)

A friend is trying to modernise my writing by making bookmarks and we sell them. She thinks it will raise some $5 or $10 per downloadable card.

Let me get you a copy. She…



Posted on January 6, 2011 at 11:19am 0 Comments

I am not shaken! I am on a firm foundation, a big rock!

A lot of things have happened to me especially in the just ended year.

Whoever does not know what hardships are, will meet me and we talk, some day.

Homelessness, Rain pouring down, Joblessness, a lot of responsibilities(People to care for,without means), a ministry to run-without enough capability, Ridicule, Being Forsaken, Friends losing trust in you, Failing to move as planned,...I mean failing over and over…



Posted on December 28, 2010 at 12:06pm 0 Comments

I hope Christmas passed through you, not just you passing through it.

It should have done some good work in you.

Now, Walk the talk. You cleaned your environment,cleaned your dressings; Clean the inside too, let good come out of you!…


Posted on September 14, 2010 at 8:32am 0 Comments

I write this at a time when Life is so hard to define, as well as Uganda

(The pearl of Africa) as a country-so hard to define too.

But I am feeling from deep within to keep it so short, much as my brains are so open and fingers so swift.

In this pearl of Africa, the Land of Freedom and the Land that feeds us;

a ‘minority’ group of citizens have no freedom to live meaningful

lives; and do not misquote this for

‘a right to live’; since our population… Continue

Next Week 13th September!

Posted on September 5, 2010 at 2:33pm 0 Comments

Please pray for me and support me in any way you can.


classes are supposed to start 13th this month,I was given a call from

the University of Salford asking if am still going to study,because I

have not registered(with a…

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At 9:59pm on October 14, 2010, PATRICIA KENNEDY gave Stuart a gift
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Why we celebrate the PASSOVER LAMB OF GOD ~ JESUS
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"Behold the Lamb!" It's no wonder Paul writes "Christ, our Passover Lamb, has been slain!" Passover is about Jesus!

JESUS came as the LAMB of God!
His Blood redeems US!
By His Blood…judgment turned away!
By His Blood…the power of the enemy is broken!
By His Blood…we are released from bondage and oppression.
By His Blood…we are set free to enter into God's Promise!
Passover is a "JESUS" Celebration! The more you understand Passover, the more you appreciate Jesus! If you don't understand Passover, you have a hard time fully understanding what Jesus did. As you celebrate Passover, you are declaring your faith in the power of His Blood and His redemption. That's why one of strangest things in the world is that Christians all over the world have accepted satan's lie that Passover is not a "Christian" thing! Satan tries to steal away Passover, because he knows the celebration of the Blood releases power! When the celebration of Passover was stolen away, the power left! But when Passover is restored, the power RETURNS!

The Good News is—God is RESTORING Passover! All over the world churches are again celebrating Passover! And the POWER is returning! We invite you to celebrate the power of Jesus' Blood. We invite you to join with Christians all over the world in the restoration of Passover. Join in proclaiming: We are REDEEMED by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, out of the hand of the enemy!
At 10:44am on February 28, 2010, Darwin Ali, Health and Wellness said…
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You can't even imagine the joy to have you inquire about the Blessing of Boresha. The information I want to share with you includes a phone message. 507 726-3813

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Use the link below to register for the meeting and dial in to 218-339-7777, access code 8013190#. As a courtesy to others on the call, please place your phone on mute after the introduction and remain on mute until the meeting is opened for questions and answers.

If you are unable to join us for the meeting, you can listen to most meeting 24/7 by calling in to 218-339-2487. Use access code 8013190# and use the date of the meeting as the recording ID, mmddyy#. (Example, for August 19, use 081909#.)

We look forward to meeting with you!

Darwin Ali, Exec. Diamond #1851
At 11:03pm on February 17, 2010, Pastor Linda J. Bates said…
At 11:25am on February 12, 2010, Darwin Ali, Health and Wellness said…
Subject: Fundraising Forum

Do you want to learn more about raising money for your Christian group or organization?

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When you reply, please tell us your name, the name of your organization, and the purpose of your fundraiser (missions, youth camp, church plant, etc.).

Hope to hear from you!

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At 2:03am on February 12, 2010, Pastor Linda J. Bates said…
At 5:35pm on February 6, 2010, saunji said…


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