Prayer / Psalm
My Soul Prospers today
Prosperity reigns!
For I declare I have been made rich starting from the pit if my spiritual belly.
Prosperity reigns!
For it flows from my spiritman, then out through my fleshman.
For his grace, mercy, and favor abides around me all the days of my life.
For my teachers follow me and stands on my right and my left every way I go.
Isaiah 30: 18-22
Elements that rises it self above you O Lord of my Salvation, today I place them at Jesus feet.
For the Lord maketh rich and adds no sorrow!
For he restoreth my soul, so I might have ever lasing life.
My souls prospers today, so I might live through lifes biggest trials.
with pockets full of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom.
My soul prospers today, so I might be anointed to teach another yearning soul.
My soul prospers today in brokeness aligning to your divine purpose O Lord of my salvation.
That I might die dead... living out the life that has been imparted in me to fulfill my assignments here and please you. Even if I dont like the refinement process.
Your will Lord not mine. In Jesus Name
Amen.. John 14:14
Blessings to you and yours
Love you with the Love of Christ
The Alabaster Box By Sabrina

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