STRUCTURE is Established Foundation, The State of Being "Sound", Without Structure Your Life is Basically Aimless!

Structure gives us accountability! We've all heard the saying "Think outside of the box!"...the problem with that saying is that we've allowed it to be subject to individual interpretation and now some individuals have taken this saying and used it as an excuse to completely disregard all moral and ethical codes! In all actuality, this saying is very self explanatory. When an individual encourages us to "think outside of the box", we need to "THINK outside of the box"! The problem we run into is that we don't THINK outside of that box, we actually remove ourselves from the box altogether and lose control! We have to stop seeing "the box" as an instrument of oppression - we have to see "the box" as "STRUCTURE"; a system of checks and balances that keeps us true to ourselves and accountable to those that we are examples for. Thinking outside of the box refers to 'creativity' and creativity isn't hindered because of "STRUCTURE", truthfully speaking, real creativity is measured by how well you can innovate and make an individual impact within the confines of a socially and ethically sound "STRUCTURE" that involves a standard of excellence.

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