Satanic attacks come so very often in the life of the believer and too many times people are not taught how to deal with them effectively. First we must be able to determine if the attack is of the enemy or a self-inflicted wound. We all have heard the story of the preacher who was on his way the church and saw satan setting on the curb crying. The preacher asked what you're crying about satan. The enemy said, "everybodies lying on me saying I am doing this and I am doing that, when I was no where around." This is a silly story but often time saints would rather blame the enemy than take on the responsibility for their own actions. Relationship with God requires accountability and willingness to do the right thing because it is the right thing. We look at Roman's Twelve and see when the Apostle Paul was teaching on "our reasonable service." This does not mean the least that we can do; it does mean that their is a standard that was established by Christ that we must meet in our daily walk towards victory.

I can personally say, that "I may sing in the choir but I am no choir boy." I too fall short in my struggles just like King David, and 'he was the one after God's own heart.' First King David was out of position when he should have been at war with the battle of the Kings. He next saw a woman bathing, rather than being an honorable man his lust kicked in. He inquired about who she was and one of own servants tired to warn him that she was Uriah's wife and still he laid with her. We know the rest how David committed murder to cover up the affair and the pregnancy of Bathsheba.
But when Nathan brought the situation to him in the form of a parabell, David was enraged, but when Nathan told him you are the man, the Anointed King of Israel repented.

What I am saying is this Jesus died on the Cross so that we may be able to ask forgiveness of our sins and repent.
But we too often want to place the blame on satan rather than stand up and be held accountable. We blame our spouse and children for our short comings. We blame our boss for our troubles on the job when you come in fifteen minutes late every day, take 2 hour lunches and leave 15 minutes early. We want to get mad with the preacher when they preach a sermon that steps on your toes, when all you have to do is say ouch and keep on going.

Yes, the devil is a powerful foe, but the victory has already been won, Jesus ascended and took capitivity capitive and gifts to all men... Jesus placed under arrest all the things that ensare men that the sentence of death can be applied too, and we keep going back to Egypt rather than down on our knees. We must remind ourselves and others that the Lord got the devil in check, so we can come to him freely to enjoy the Promises of God.

We must be in the proper position, we must be where God is and not where he was. We must remember as believers of Jesus Christ, what we do not only reflects on us but our Lord and Savior. Just as God gave the Children of Israel fresh manna he gives us new Grace day, by day and with that we are renewed and freshen daily. But in order to bath in the Grace of our Lord we must be accountable for our actions and repent daily. Thank you God for Jesus, thank you for your Mercy and Grace. Min. Ron

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Comment by Gloria Robinson on April 11, 2009 at 2:01am
We must be in proper position, this will I seek,

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