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Time to stop running

I have been under attack and I have shot myself in the foot through my life and the worst place to be is in neutral. I am having a hard time because there is something I must do, but my flesh tells me to run from it or ignore it. But I can't it is time for me step up to the plate. I have been in ministry for a few years and recently moved to Corning, after living in New York City and Washington D.C. This small town in up-state New York, has brought me a great measure of Peace.

But… Continue

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Beloveds, we should always take time out of a 24 hour day to do three things, have a morning devotion, a noon day meditation and at the end of our evening before going to bed a time for "REFLECTION" on our day. We need to ask ourselves, did I give God his praise, did I help or encourage somebody, and lastly did I do in Romans 12:1, "my reasonable service..." Reasonable service does not mean the least we can do but a Godly Standard of righteousness.

I must be truthful many times I fail to… Continue

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The devil/ He didn't make me do it.

Satanic attacks come so very often in the life of the believer and too many times people are not taught how to deal with them effectively. First we must be able to determine if the attack is of the enemy or a self-inflicted wound. We all have heard the story of the preacher who was on his way the church and saw satan setting on the curb crying. The preacher asked what you're crying about satan. The enemy said, "everybodies lying on me saying I am doing this and I am doing that, when I was no… Continue

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My Prayer is to "Give Me More Faith"

This morning I received a phone call from cousin in North Carolina, in regards to my father's sister and favorite aunt Doris. This woman of God has been through three bouts of chemo over the past four years and now another adominal mass was removed. This woman is the example of long suffering that produces patience. I haven't been down south to visit her in a couple of years but I call her on a regular basis. She always tell me thats she's o.k and not to worry, even though I can hear the pain… Continue

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Let's Don't Get It Twisted

We live in a society that places too much stock on individual accomplishments, take Micheal Philps the Olympic Gold Medal winner. This young mans talents makes him a two legged "Flipper". [ An old T.V Show about a boy and his Dolphin friend]. His fame has made him millions of dollars and the heart throb of young teenage girls across America and the world. Unfortunately, like the rest of us who does not have his skill in the water, he is a mere mortal. He made a mistake and his image was… Continue

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I was studying Isaiah the prophet the other day, and the revelation he received from God about one who would come from the root of Jesse a prophecy that was made nearly 750 years before Christ was born of a Virgin. The early aspects of Isaiah was almost as if he was just stating the facts about Jesus and his ministry, but as time goes on it is clear to me that he develop a deep love for the yet to be born King. The later chapters of the book of Isaiah is like a love story, so deeply rooted by… Continue

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Reflection/ He Prayed for Me

For some years now my younger brother who is a pastor in Oxnard California, been saying to me I should write a book. The other day, I began a book called the "Share Croppers Son". My grandfather was a share cropper in rurual area of Virginia called King William County. He was an uneducation man, with a heart for people, anytime he comes home late my grandmother never worried, she would, say "Your daddy, stop and helped somebody on the side of the road." I have seen him take people who have… Continue

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A New Structure is in Play

A new mind set has appeared on the shores of America, by the election of President Obama, white America has seen past the color line that have long dogged national elections. America, blinked! This is not the first time America blinked, when the Marches that where led by Dr. King where met by fire hoses, dogs and police night sticks came on the six o'clock new's and the then famed anchor man Walter Cronkeit, states "And that's the way it was."

The Spirit of God spoke and humanity… Continue

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America's New Destiney, The Church Better Get Ready

After witnessing the swearing in of America's first African American President. I recall the words of the former Secretary of Education Bill Benett when he spoke after Obama, won the election. "African Americans can no longer say, "that the man is keeping us down, for now the we are the man. The mind set of can't do and excuses are over and the glass ceiling has been broken." (paraphrased)

We face troubling times but the church should not be surprised for we have prayed over the… Continue

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Gospel Theater

Gospel Theater is a great way for the Saints of God to visualize the word of God in action. inhishandsprod.ministries have been doing this for ten years. We specialize in gospel plays, skits, songs, illustrative sermons as well as gospel cafe. We promise you three things fellowship, fun and funds.

inhishandsprod.ministries is a ministry, we believing in being both a blessing and sower of seed. Our fee's are design with this in mind.

inhishandsprod.ministries have recently,… Continue

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