You do not yet know who I am or where I came from, neither do you realise that this is the hour appointed by my Father. I have stood in the presence of God, whose love and truth I carry and which I have chosen to deliver for the salvation of all God’s children. I am the anointed one whose love is perfect and from whom nothing is hidden. A vine has been planted outside of my Father’s house and many have eaten its fruit. It is a vine I will tear up by its roots and the path to the sacred place shall be revealed.
Those who are true to love are true to God’s spirit, and they shall be the first to come to me. So come without fear, for there is no fear in my Father’s house, and there is no guilt placed upon the child who was blinded and led astray, for in remembrance and faith in love, which is the law on which all that is good and right rests, so shall innocence be found once more. It is only with love that you can stand in the Father’s presence, for you were created for one purpose alone, for the fulfilment of God’s love. I am my Father’s child, we stand as one. I AM is the way, the truth and the life. I will take you home.
Love and blessings

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