I would not care about you if I didn’t feel your pain
I would not need your company but I can’t bear loneliness again

I would not need to find myself if the world had been enough
And I would have known life’s meaning if you had returned my love

I will not live for the moment and take all that I can
My future will be stolen by those who scheme and plan

Will life continue after death is there more pain to bear?
Or will I close my eyes one day and awareness is not there

If God exists I see no proof for God was never in sight
And now my heart is broken as my soul walks through the night

As I gaze out from this lonely soul to the journey from my birth
I see the Love I left behind was the only thing of worth

In my sacrifice and suffering was a better life for some
And I have left a better world for the children that will come

Now as the darkness deepens and nothing I become
I put down all I’ve carried and stand alone as one

I was never a part of the world we see I am just a passer by
Yet being who I AM my friend I will come when I hear you cry

I stand alone in peace once more and in my darkest night
I find the proof that God exists as I step into the Light

The dark night of the soul©2008 HWHodgetts

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