There has arisen an issue concerning the details of the New Covenant that our LORD and Savior YESHUA/JESUS has won for us by HIS blood and grace. Therefore, we are opening this discussion and starting it off for the edifying of the saints and the settling of the matter:

The subjects for this debate are along two lines:

-Jeremiah 31:31 and Hebrews 8: Do we still stand on the Torah?
-the Seal of the New Covenant: Is it still Sabbaths, Feasts, and Circumcision, or do we have a New Seal?

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Come on, Trevor, I know you can show me where Yeshuah displayed torahlessness. I know you have something cooked up to show me. Are you ready to use Yeshuah to prove your toralessness?
I have, and I can do it again, but the ONLY way I can is if you find the courage to actually honor my request and go to the epistles. If you quote JESUS, you are quoting the FATHER. If you quote the Apostles then you are quoting JESUS. Can you say that this is not true??? If you deny this, then you are saying the Epistles were not written literally with the mind of CHRIST.

Bro, I was just jiving you lol. But, I probably wont continue in speaking about the Torah to you. For your heart will not accept it. I encourage you to study Torah with an open mind, and then the prophets, and then the new covenant. I saw your myspace... is that a prayer shawl you have on?

OK then, and I encourage you to crack open the Epistles of the Apostles/Disciples of CHRIST. They spoke of the fulfillment of what you are telling me to read. :)

Yes it is my Tallit! One of two.

Ohh ok cool. What is the reason you wear the tallit?
No offense, but you really wouldn't understand......

There is only one reason I believe that you can grasp, and that it has been a great witnessing tool.

Ohh ok. I ask that because I was hoping you was gonna give me a "biblical" explanation. But, I am guessing that you have your own personal reason on why you wear it?
No, actually it was a Biblical reason.

What's the Torah reason for wearing the Tzitzit?
The reason within the Torah for Tzitzit is to remind them of the Law of Moses.

As GOD is not limited to one paradigm, this is not the only meaning to Tzitzit.

Actually, it is lol. There goes the hardness of your heart towards Torah. Any way to reason yourself out of submitting to the obedience of Torah, huh? In all essentialness, it reminds us to love Yehwah. How? By keeping Torah! When we walk, and we look down and see those beautiful tzitzit, we are reminded to love, and obey Yehwah & Yeshuah, for one cannot love and obey Yehwah & Yeshuah apart from Torah.

Thank you Rabbi, but another Rabbi already schooled me to Tzitzit loooong before you came along. If you only see Torah, then you need a paradigm shift.


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