Should a pastor that spends most of his time preaching and teaching get paid for what God has him to do? I know what the scriptures says about this, but would you pastor for free?

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By all means. However, THERE ARE FAR, FAR, FAR TOO many pastors who fleece the members. The hold confrence and pay other minister THOUSANDS of dollar to "preach the gosple" - and the tab is run up on the body. Then the "marketing" games start .. "buy this tape" "buy my book."

TOO many of the 21st Century churches, pastors, ministers - are "marketeers" it is worldly business as usual .. it is Hollywood in the Pulpit.

When is enough, enough?

If its their full-time job, then they gotta make a living.
Pastoring is not a job, it's a calling and duty of love.
Actually it is a job. The words "labor", "workman", and the like are frequently used by not only the Apostles of JESUS Christ, but Apostle JESUS CHRIST Himself.
Pasotrs are not the only workman and laborers in the body of Christ
So true!
With no rent/mortgage, and barely any bills, that aint bad to live on......
Its called "Church, Inc." now, and its getting crazy, Sister Williams. People forsake being a Teacher, or a father or mother in the faith to be called a "Life Coach" or "Motivational Speaker". Pastors, & Bishops are now CEO's of Global Conglomerates. Revivals, and tent meetings where the power of the HOLY GHOST once moved and filled the Church, and the sending out of Spirit-filled Evangelists are now replaced with church growth seminars where corporate techniques for marketing are imparted. The authentic revelation or prophecy from an Apostle or Prophet is silenced and bypassed for the homily of "Bishop ____, Th.D, D.D., M.D., D.R.E.".

One "Bishop" I seen on Myspace has this to say of himself:


Why is Pastor last on that list? Why is the last thing that people are told about the Ministers of GOD that they are Ministers of GOD?
It is very sad that as members of the Body of Christ, we are sometimes not God representatives. I believe we in the Body have to do some house cleaning if we must reach the lost.
I believe the bottom line is that Pastors, Rabbis, Bishops, etc, should be compensated for their work. It should not matter if a Pastor has a $500,000 salary. WHO CARES! What matters is that he is rightly handling Yahweh's word.
On that note, I can agree with you
The you can't down or degrade an Apostle, Bishop, Pastor, Prophet. I believe we have lost focus of the whole issue here. Poliely speaking if your not in a leadership position as such listed then please be quite. Unless you had walked in one of our shoes and actually see what we have to deal with in ministry then you'll say the same things over and over. Your not paying the Man/Women of God for the word your paying them for the labour. The countless hour's of waring in the spirit realm for your soul your family that issue you were faced with the countless hours of laying before God to get your son's and daughters of of prison the countless hours of visiting the sick, the countless hours of being on the corner ministering to the sinner man. while your home in your pretty house's doing nothing, while your busy on the phone gossiping. The same ones that has a problem with Leader's being paid are the same ones that DON'T pay tithes to their local church. Before you put your mouth up on a man or women of God take that plank out of your own eyes. Little do you many od ous Apostle's. bishop's, Pastor's prophets takes our salaries and put it right back in the church wheter its gas for the church vans, toolet paper for the bathrooms,or making sure sister so-so son has a way to go on the class trip.


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