Does the following sound familiar?—Spring is in the air! Flowers and bunnies decorate the home. Father helps the children paint beautiful designs on eggs dyed in various colors. These eggs, which will later be
hidden and searched for, are placed into lovely, seasonal baskets. The
wonderful aroma of the hot cross buns mother is baking in the oven waft
through the house. Forty days of abstaining from special foods will
finally end the next day. The whole family picks out their Sunday best
to wear to the next morning’s sunrise worship service to celebrate the
savior’s resurrection and the renewal of life. Everyone looks forward to
a succulent ham with all the trimmings. It will be a thrilling day.
After all, it is one of the most important religious holidays of the

Easter, right? No! This is a description of an ancient Babylonian family—2,000 years before Christ.

Whats the truth behind this holiday called Easter? Is it of GOD, or of something else? If you offer it on the alter of GOD, will the FATHER's fire of approval fall on it as it fell on Elijah's offering, or will there be silence as like the Prophets of Jezebel?

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This Is All Bologna! We don't believe any of that garbage! Nice try Trevor by trying to make us look bad and lIfting yourself up.( Having Pride) Your real friut is showing. Trevor to believe Lies and to Cut people down when you don't have your facts straight!! I suggest you read Gal.5:19-22.

God Bless you!
Oh?? So Oneness Pentecostals don't believe that:

-GOD came in "three modes"?
-THE FATHER was GOD alone and HE came as the Son and the Holy Spirit?

You better take a look very closely at the Statement of Faith that Oneness heretics believe. MAny believ in the Modalistic view. In fact, what is your Church's Statement of Faith?
No Trevor I am talking about the word of God! We have not changed the King James version of the Bible! To say that we do is FALSE! I know what we believe and it's the word of God. WORD FOR WORD! Nice try Trevor! The REAL TRUTH IS YOUR A FOLLOWER OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH WHICH CHANGED THE WORD INTO A LIE ABOUT YOUR TRINITY!
READ HISTORY ON IT> GOOGLE SEARCH MATTHEW 28:19 and 1 John 5:7 and you will find a whole wealth of info on HOW It was changed by man!

Find more videos like this on Jesus Loves You!
If you want to believe traditions of man then that's your choice.
You really didn't get the joke behind the posting then, did you? Why not re-read it?

Besides, you still didn't respond to the fact that there were never any Oneness Bible translators.....EVER!! Can you prove otherwise?
Ms. Morton, you call this man an Apostolic teacher? Thats a sad excuse for one! Lets see what true apostolic Teaching is like:


THE BIBLE: Oneness groups have a tendency to be King James Only. Many believe that God inspired the translators of the King James Version in much the same way He inspired the original autographs. For them there is no other Bible. It should also be note that knowledge of the original languages, Hebrew and Greek, is severely lacking in Oneness Sabellian Pentecostal churches especially among their Pastorate. (I have already shown videos of that, & I'll do it again if need be!)

THE GODHEAD: Oneness Sabellians teach that God is a solitary One. Though they agree that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are God, they do not believe that they are distinct persons. They hold that Jesus is the person as well as the being of God and that He has merely manifested Himself in three different modes. They explain that just like actors put on different masks during different parts of a play that during the Old Testament period Jesus wore the mask of the Father. When He came to earth He wore the mask of the Son, and since the resurrection He has worn the mask of the Holy Spirit.

THE LORD JESUS CHRIST: Oneness Sabellians teach that Christ (who was previously the Father) was the incarnate Deity that became flesh in Jesus (the physical body). They explain that when Jesus prayed to the Father this was humanity praying to His deity. In other words, Jesus (the human) was praying to Jesus (the Deity), which was inside of Him. This SCREAMS of Gnostic doctrine, for they teach that the Oneness of GOD is more of a mystery then the Trinitarian view!!

JUSTIFICATION: Most “Oneness churches” teach that in order to be saved one must first, reject the Biblical and historical doctrine of the Trinity (which they label as paganism) in favor of the Oneness Sabellian view. Second, you must be baptized in “Jesus’ Name” (if you have been baptized in the Trinitarian formula you must be re-baptized) Third, you must speak in tongues to be a child of God (they believe this is initial evidence that you have the Holy Spirit, which is evidence that you are saved) and fourth, follow an extra-Biblical code of holiness and then; perhaps you might be saved.

THE BIBLE: It must be pointed out that the King James Version of the Bible is not a Pentecostal translation, but an Anglican (Church of England) translation. It must further be noted that ALL of the translators were Trinitarians. In fact, the statement of faith of the KJV translators can be found in the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Anglican Church. The very first article is titled “Faith in the Holy Trinity” and states, “There is but One living and true God, everlasting, without body, parts, or passions; of infinite power, wisdom, and goodness; the Maker, and preserver of all things both visible and invisible. And in unity of this Godhead there are three persons, of one substance, power, and eternity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” We agree that no other translation of God’s Word has come close to the beauty and the prose of the King James Version and that it is a good and accurate translation, but, is it not passing strange that Oneness Sabellians, who believe that the most accurate English translation of the Bible, was translated by men who were Trinitarians?
BLAH BLAH BLAH! Trevor you are So High Minded and lifted Up. Can't you go do something like walk your dog?
Better yet I think I will go and walk mine.Have a Great Day!
Enjoy your walk, ma'am!


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