Grace and Peace be unto BPN, I was having this discussion with one of my Sons in Ministry, and I wanted your thoughts BPN family about it.

My take on this is that, we have MANY instructors but NOT MANY fathers, the main reason is because many of the SO-CALLED Spiritual Coverings are NOT accountable to anyone themselves. One of the most dangerous leaders is an........UN-covered, UN-connected leader, because he/she has NOT and will NOT submit to TRUE Apostolic Covering and be held accountable for their actions in the leadership role. Talk back to me, BPN.

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I agree with you that we all need to have some sort of covering and be able to share in some things. We have a alot of stuff that we just cannot share with everyone therefore it is good to have someone to share with.

Then there are some that are covering or should I say was covering people and then when they start out on thier own you cannot even get that so called father of the gospel to even return a call or even agree to speak with you when you need someone to give you guidance.

That is why it places some in a postion that they do not have a covering in the process of trying to find the correct covering. Then there are some that will say they will cover you but at a cost to you.
You are very right Elder. I believe that some of these SO-CALLED Coverings are really LIDS, they're trying to keep the one they cover under their thumb and use them and their gifts.

I understand the reasoning behind NOT having a covering, but EVERY Preacher/Pastor needs to be covered. BUT the key to finding the right covering is, Using Spiritual Discernment and Prayer and before there's a connection with a Covering, you need to spend time with that person, follow their ministry and etc.
There is so much need in the body of christ for accountablilty and covering,but it should not be done with a wrong motive.evry minister should have someone he/she submits to,cos while you are speaking into people;s life you also needed to be spoken safe guide you also from error and it gives ministries credibility.when you submit to a faithful man you inturn benefits from the grace of God upon his life.but dont go looking for sons to submit to you because you want to use them to built your protocol or ego because so many so-called fathers are like that.why having sons that you cant cater for,all your sons will need your attention.DESPITE AND INSPITE THE WRONG USAGE WE STILL NEED IT.
I agree with you Sir. This is why the Sons and Daughters that I cover I try to spend time with and pour into them so that they can carry my spirit and know my heart for ministry, people and the body of Christ. A true Spiritual Covering seeks to groom, grow and propel his Sons and Daughters into their DESTINY and help to fulfill their Destiny in the Kingdom.
Thank you Sir, there is a SEVERE need for Spiritual Connectivity with Pastors, Sons and Daughters!!!! The bounty that ministry carries is TOOOOO heavy to carry alone without the Covering, Guidance of that Spiritual Covering who speaks into your life. As I have been in ministry now 22 years, I've witnessed 1st hand the Failure of Connectivity and the Fruit of Connectivity, and I've discovered that NO amount of money can afford you the relationship with a TRUE covering, simply because.......IT'S PRICELESS!!!!
I believe there is a great value of having someone to provide guidance, leadership, and accountability. This is in reference to mentorship, a "fatherly" relationship. For instance, the disciples were closely mentored (taught, trained) by Yeshua, and Timothy was later mentored by Paul and Elisha was mentored by Elijah. In the same, I believe it is invaluable for any leader to also have a spiritual mentor who will guide, protect, and impart wisdom.
The sad thing is that this is very true. What makes it so bad also, is that often the most controlling are also the laziest who want to do nothing more that be "blessed" with donations when all they are doing is adding you to one of their newsletter lists and saying they'll pray for you.

Okay, let me stop before I say the wrong thing. :)
In my soon-to-be 22 years in ministry, I can honsetly say that (6) Pastors have Mentored, Covered and Prepared me for what God has manifested in my NOW. And they STILL to this day influence my ministry greatly, and God recently added on to my lineage and patronage Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr., Presiding Bishop of the Mount Calvary Holy Churches and the Pastor of Greater Mt. Calvary in DC in whom I'm being developed into a better Husband, Father, Man, Pastor, and Bishop. I personally can vouch for (3) people in whom I know their Covering/Fathers in the faith and they are:

Bishop T.D. Jakes - Fathered/Covered by Bishop Sherman S. Watkins, Presiding Bishop of the Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies and he serves as the 2nd Presiding Bishop of HGAAA

Creflo Dollar - Fathered/Covered by Bishop C.L. Carter, Sr, Pastor of the 1st Missionary Baptist Church and served as the Youth Pastor and Musician (before he became aligned with Kenneth Copeland) and he recently came back with all of us who were Sons and Daughters of Bishop Carter to celebrate his 50/25 Anniversary and he preached the Banquet Gala.

Bishop Johnathan Alvarado - Fathered/Covered by Apostle Lafayette Scales, Pastor of the Rhema Christian Center in Columbus, OH. He also was the 1st Minister of Music for New Birth before Byron came along, serves as the Dean of the Adjutants Academy for the Joint College of Bishops and Pastor of Total Grace Church.

These are just a few that I know and I hear you Minister Busby and your heart about this matter, and I want to PERSONALLY extend myself to you as a Big Brother or Father in Ministry, Friend or how ever you choose to view me. If you so choose to connect with me, send me an email at my personal address which is and I will give you my personal contact information that you and I may talk further. Grace and Peace to you.
YES!! Minister Busby you are right, there are a lot of leaders who are controlling BUT this is why it is of VITAL importance to know WHO you're sitting under and submitted to. Every leader in scripture was ACCOUNTABLE/COVERED to somebody, they were NOT just let out like WILD horses, bulls, or boars. The relationship that I've developed with my Sons and Daughters is one of open-communication on every level, I impart into them my transparency in ministry (failures, successes, ambitions, disappointments, pains, and fears) I'm of the opinion that NO ONE PERSON can do it all, so in order for your ministry to have longevity, you MUST pass it on to those who WILL succeed you.

A large number of Ministers that I talk to and EVEN some Pastors have NEVER been Covered or Fathered in their ministries. Many because they don't know what it means, or the person that they're under has NO father, thus when they become Pastors they have NO ONE to be Accountable to, get Godly counsel from, Receive legitimacy from, even Rebuke/Chatisement from. And most of those who come from under them end up repeating the same Habits, Traditions, and etc. that they're Pastors didn't prepare them for or counseled them on.
But Bishop,

In all respect, this is not scriptual upon what you speak . This is the reasom why the body is in such disaray. YES, there is an accountability factor. But there is no such things as sons/daughters that we are producing.

We are but sheep. How can we who are sinners saved by grace and have been given the truth by means of the Holy Spirit, be a father to another? That is unscriptural and it is not sound doctrine. This statement that is made by the entire body is the reason why we are rebellious. Is not the child rebelling against his parents when they come to maturity? YES they do.most assuredly. What makes a christian any different. Was Elisha called the spiritual son to Elijah? NO, Elisha called him master. Did Samuel call Eli father? NO he too called him master.

According to the Levitical order there was no such terminology thier relationship was always servitude to one another. This is why there is a problem there is no true servitude. A parent child relationship is not built off of servitude but trust. The trust that we devulge into the Abba, not into the hands of a mere man. Our job is to be a servant to one another as Jesus was to the disciples. Jesus did not ask the disciples to call him Abba. He spoke unto the Abba and about the Abba. Neither did the apostals or paul write about such things. These mere words or terms would be considered herasies in the eyes of my people. When Jesus spoke this way about the father they wanted to kill him. So how much more that the Abba himself towards those who are stealing his flock and making them their's.

We are not the owner, we are the care taker. The care taker cannot show possession to what is not his. I as a parent, am responsible to my 17 yr old although she may tell you different till she is married. But after that she is her husbands responsibility. When a member joins our congregation we are mere care takers not the father. The member is already married to the bride. We as the bridegroom are only responsible to see that everyone is fed properly. Not taking them as our own and deciding on when they are ready. That is the Abba's decision. but this is what the church is doing to the people.

I would have to wrap it up in saying that this is why the laeders of today are controling the members. It is their arrogance in their breeding that makes them theives. This is what the Lord is tired of. This is why HE said to go back to the root and re-learn the basic principles of the faith. There truly is a remnant left in the body. I can truly see what the Lord has shown me. Thank you for the forum posting though it is most intriging on the perspective of the people.
"Fatherly covering" is good, but truth be told, "fatherly covering" eventually comes to an end once a man/woman matures, grows up and moves outta the house. How long do you want your mature Pastors come running to daddy when they are to be parents themselves? This will cause them to be children having children.

After such maturity, the next level of accountability is "peer-level", which is more Apostolic than denominational covering. Who covers the Pope? Who covers Bishop Blake? Who covers the Chief Apostle of any organization?? No one but GOD Himself, as all Apostles are truly to be covered. The "peer-level" as well known as "lateral accountability", has leaders standing arm-n-arm with leaders in a "council-type" order. The leadership of the Body of Christ should be either a round table of Apostles/Apostolic Leaders with JESUS sitting at the head (not daddy Pastor), or a round table like the Knights of old.
Hebrew 5:11 to 6:4

This is why you all are still looking for earthly recognition although youi may call yourselves " bishop, apostal etc..."

but if you go back to the beginning of chapter 5 you see your covering. and also in Revelations 5.

yall need to get a grip this is why you are out of order.

Baruch Adonai!!


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