Why Do C.O.G.I.C. leaders cover-up crimes and protect those who hurt people

Our C.O.G.I.C. leaders cover-up for those who do wrong and our bishop endorses homosexuality. What’s next? These people hurt me and all folks keep on saying is pray. At the same time nobody is doing anything.

I am leaving the C.O.G.I.C church. Everybody always talking about attacks on our church but they don’t seem to care about the attacks on us, the people. I see a lot of protection for the pastors but none for the people.

I can’t speak for other faiths but in the C.O.G.I.C. faith I see a lot of blame the victim cases. Is that of God?

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Prophet I can appreciate your comment about our faith in Jesus Christ. I grew up in this denomination so this is what I know. Now being old enough to make my own choices it's still a question of where to go. Do you suggest I stay in a position of hurt or move around in the denomination or just go to a different denomination all together?

I want to follow Jesus wherever I go but I need a church to do that. It's hard to no where to go these days because there are wolves every where who want to take advantage of people.

Once upon a time all I knew was baptist. God will lead you where He wants you to go, but now you know some truth, please let it make you free: staying in the hurt only prolongs the hurt.

Thats why I said to pray out loud and cry if you have to, lift your hands in your home make it your sanctuary so you can get your strength and confidence in God back. Open the bible to the Psalms 5, and Psalms 23, 27, 51 and any others God shows you. Read, and then pray those scriptures. You begin to own those scriptures.... pray them to God like you wrote them for God. And like life depends on it (because it does). Thats exactly what scripture is there for.

Gods word will not return to him without accomplishing what he sent his word to do. He sends his word to heal you and deliver you. A good counselor (even if its the word of God for now) can help you sort things out emotionally and regain your balance and stability. One thing I did that really helped me was to anoint my feet daily when I was in transition. I would pray over my feet, commanding them to take me where God decreed I was to go. Proverbs 3 is a good place to open to and pray too. I was starving for whatever God wanted to say to me FROM HIS WORD. I didnt dare seek out any prophetic voice but His.

Deut 1:13 I believe it is where God told His people he would "go before them and search them out a place to pitch their tent" in other words their next home. Thats what comes to mind to share with you too. I hope it blesses and helps you.
So let me get this right.......a pastor rapes your child and you go to a denominational bishop?
A pastor sexually abuses people in the church, and you go to the superintendent ?
Well this shows the strangle hold denominations have on people, this has happened in many denominations.

First of all as a father If some pervert touches my child I am not running to some bishop and telling on him.

If I don't deal with him first.

Now many of you will get mad at me for saying this but......are we so blind that molesters can rape our children and we go to a bishop , and the bishop sweeps it under the rug

The law is for the lawless .......also the rod is for the fools back.

Don't sacrifice the peace of your family for the sake of the good name of a denomination.

This is why there must be accountability and men and women of integrity in positions in our churches.

RAPE IS RAPE I don't care who is doing the raping.

Bro Bass, I agree with you, if something of this nature happens, it is a criminal act, and the parents responsibility to go to the authorities,
and to to God.

Being a member of the COGIC, it saddens me to see my church's name dragged through the mud, however I also understand that being the fastest growing Pentecostal denomination in the US, higher level, bigger devil.

Ones must keep in mind not to ever hand over authority of your children to anyone. These things will happen, we live in perilous times. the jurisdictions of the COGIC are so immense that one cannot hold the entire denomination responsibile for one man's or a few sinful acts, no more than one can hold all families responsible for what some father's do behind closed doors.
Evangelist once again you have shown wisdom on BPN.
I agree totally with you.
I have my roots in the C.O.G.I.C. , and I love the saints
we cannot hold the entire organization responsible for the crimes of a few.

We must pray for the victims though, but it seems that Bishop Blake is moving in the right direction concerning this matter, and is asking for all who have been victims to come forth.
Evangelist, I am so sorry that you are upset by this blog. Being a member myself this hurts me to see all of this happening. I was afraid that members of COGIC would be more concerned about the denomination than with those of us who are hurting. This stuff has been happening for a long time and it seems that the same thing happens over and over. Protect the church or denomination and get rid of those who complain or bring things to the light. Where is the compassion for the people of God. It seems that we side with the perps more than the people. I don’t see this as dragging our church name through the mud but bringing to light the many hurts that have been perpetrated and covered up by our church. I am sorry you see it as a attack on our denomination but I see it more as a attack on many of the members and children of our denomination because our denomination never does anything about it when they are told. We seem to be acting just like the Catholic church who just covers up for the priest who molest little boys and then blame the victims for being vulnerable. Evangelist I didn’t mean to make nobody mad about this but this is what always happens, people want you to keep it quiet while they sweep dirty deeds under the rug. This is why many including I have suffered in silence for years. I'm so sorry Evangelist, I know we have some good people but these good people will side with the leaders, the church and the denomination every time.
I am praying too. Thank you
Stephanie, let me as your sister in Christ first and your sister of the church, say that I am sorry for what happened to you.

I did not mean to side step what you experienced. I have to be honest I was concerned about the image of the church, because being a member I hate to hear this mess.

This happen at a church in the Ft Worth area, where a pastor was literally spanking the female members, and Stephanie , yes the first thing that came out of mouth was "why did they bend over?" I can't imagine the mindset of some victims.

But still you came looking for compassion, and I want you to know that I love you! and I'm sorry for what you experienced.
Thank you Evangelist.
Bro Bass sometimes people are afraid to come forth because we are taught that we are wrong if we do. Church business is church business. I do think when children are involved you should get the cops involved but what if you are no longer a child and someone tries to get you to do something that is not right and goes against God. You still get ill treatment when you go to someone for help. They look at you like you are the one who is wrong and not the pastor. I have been on other forums that are in discussion over our denomination as well seeking answers and on many of them you get the same ole stuff, where people get mad at you for telling what is happening all around this country with the cogic church. But there are some with people who are fed up with this stuff and they are not keeping quiet about it. I would just as soon walk away than to deal with the wrath of the people who will defend no matter what. There seems to be no sympathy for the people and no reprimanding of these church leaders. Everybody keep saying touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm, but these so called anointed can do whatever they want to us.
amen and amen Coe!

It aint never easy for a woman to do though -- going against the system. It can be done.
THIS IS AN EXCERPT FROM A REPLY I HAVE ON ANOTHER POST: Sexual control and promiscuity are sure signs of the cult like atmosphere present in many organizations and denominations. This is why there is so much scandal of a sexual nature in many of your top denominations. More and more we are seeing pastors being exposed due to some type of sexual misconduct. This is because they see their members as sheep who should submit themselves to their authority as leader. In this submission the sheep are lured into some type of sexual relationship as to appease the desire of the shepherd. In these type of environments, the lay members usually defend or excuse the behaviors of their shepherds and accuse others of defamation of character. This is another cult like characteristic. This is because their loyalty is to the leader and or the organization and not to God.

Please keep in mind that this goes with the territory of joining organizations and or denominations. Of course you can not blame everyone in the denomination for the actions of a few, but this testifies to the fact that we must follow Yeshua's teachings and be lead of his Spirit. If we follow after the traditions of man we will find ourselves being lead by man and not by Yah.

We must be careful that our loyalties to man and his doctrines don’t cause us to stray away from Yeshua’s teachings. The traditions of man are frowned upon by Yeshua, yet many of us are more aligned with man than we are to God.


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