Why Do C.O.G.I.C. leaders cover-up crimes and protect those who hurt people

Our C.O.G.I.C. leaders cover-up for those who do wrong and our bishop endorses homosexuality. What’s next? These people hurt me and all folks keep on saying is pray. At the same time nobody is doing anything.

I am leaving the C.O.G.I.C church. Everybody always talking about attacks on our church but they don’t seem to care about the attacks on us, the people. I see a lot of protection for the pastors but none for the people.

I can’t speak for other faiths but in the C.O.G.I.C. faith I see a lot of blame the victim cases. Is that of God?

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Thank you for your response Justin. I don’t really see the cogic denomination as a cult because most cults have people doing crazy stuff, but I appreciate your response. I know that no one or denomination is perfect but it is because of man’s lust that causes these behaviors. I just think that those in charge should not ignore things and sweep them under the rug.
Stephanie my sister........I believe that the verse that states touch not my anointed has been taken out of context on many occasions, and used as a control mechanism.

If he or she is molesting children, or sexually abusing adults in his congregation he should be dealt with.

Again I ask where are the Godly men in these places.

Godly men would step up to the plate and call a spade a spade,

My daughter was 12 yrs old when a man from the neighborhood put his hands on her. He was in his 30's
He touched her and said you gonna be my little "B".
When she ran home and told me , I almost shut north memphis, down .
I went looking for him and, every drug dealer on seventh street when they saw me coming knew that something was wrong and i meant business.

This guy had a reputation of messing with under aged girls
When i finished with him he ended up with teeth missing, bruised ribs, and a swollen groin.

Now I know many christians on here will criticize my behavior, was i wrong for going after him and taking matters in my own hands.
YES I was but he touched my baby and I refused to sit by allowing this to take place.
I should have called the police, but word got out that you don't touch preachers daughters.

Now since I am a little more mature
I would call the police

thats why I am so passionate about rape, and sexual abuse in the ministry
Thanks for your reply.
I agree Prophetess, thanks for your reply.
Being a COGIC member, I must say that this is all very disturbing. I must admit that things are not handled the way they should be. Too often in many organizations reputation trumps victims feeling and rights. We have got to change this or our organization will start to get lawsuits just like the Catholic church who has long covered up these types of behaviors. I think when this starts to effect these organizations financially then you will see more of a concern poured out for victims. Since there is no perfect church and you have to go to church somewhere I guess you have to choose your poison.

It's amazing that it usually takes the media or an unjust judge to expose our dirty deeds because we as a church refuse to judge from within as the scripture commands us to do.

Day one when I heard that our New Presiding Bishop Blake is condoning and co-signing with Homosexual Marriage and acceptance, I immediately took issue with that. But you know how that goes, we will all just look the other way.
Day one when I heard that our New Presiding Bishop Blake is condoning and co-signing with Homosexual Marriage and acceptance, I immediately took issue with that. But you know how that goes, we will all just look the other way.

Just where did you hear that? that is a lie!
Bishop Blake seemed to take a major step in making that a reality in COGIC in his Address to the General Assembly.[pdf] In it, he outlined 10 of the top priorities for the nation’s largest pentecostal denomination. Concerning sexual abuse, he said:

We now live in a litigious society. People file lawsuits for every conceivable grievance, whether real or imagined. To protect the name, image, and assets of the Church of God in Christ, we must take positive steps to seriously investigate very case of alleged sexual abuse by the clergy. We must stand behind and support those who are falsely accused of sexual improprieties and found innocent by the courts. We must also insure that the Church act quickly to take firm and positive action against those who violate the sanctity of their positions and are found guilty of sexual abuse.

"The Church of God in Christ consistently, utterly rejects and uncompromisingly denounces the practice of homosexuality," Blake said in a recent public statement. "Our Biblical interpretation of the sanctity of marriage as a sacred relationship between a man and a woman uncompromisingly views homosexual relationships as a contradiction and violation of the Biblical teaching on marriage and are strongly condemned in the scriptures."

In addition, he noted that COGIC's General Assembly took a public position on this issue in 2004 when it issued a Proclamation Against Same-Sex Marriage.

Below are links where you can see what our leaders have been up to and it needs to stop:





Evangelist, I'm not going to be spending too much more time on this as we need to be praying and stop living in denial. No one is perfect but we as a church need to get it together. At least I'm honest enough to admit it. God Bless.
Yes, Bishop Blake DID say what the Bible and the church believes, however in the statement did he say what HE believes?
If you ever listen carefully, you never hear him speak about what HE believes.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States, in a reversal of Bush administration policy, has decided to sign on to a U.N. declaration that calls for the decriminalization of homosexuality, the State Department said on Wednesday.

State Department spokesman Robert Wood said the Obama administration, which took office eight weeks ago, would now join 66 other U.N. member states who supported a U.N. statement in December that condemned human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

"The United States is an outspoken defender of human rights and critic of human rights abuses around the world," Wood told reporters.

"As such, we join with other supporters of this statement, and we will continue to remind countries of the importance of respecting the human rights of all people in all appropriate international fora."

Gay rights groups immediately welcomed the move.

"The administration's leadership on this issue will be a powerful rebuke of an earlier Bush administration position that sought to deny the universal application of human rights protections to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals," said Mark Bromley, who chairs the Council for Global Equality.

The U.N. General Assembly had been split over the issue of gay rights, with many Muslim countries refusing to sign on to the statement because of opposition to international attempts to legalize homosexuality.

A rival statement read out by Syria at the time gathered about 60 signatures from the 192-nation assembly.

The United States was the only western state not to sign on to the gay rights document. All European Union member states endorsed it, as did Canada, Australia and Japan.


In a move that angered U.S. gay rights groups, the Bush administration argued that the broad framing of the language in the statement created conflict with U.S. laws.

The rationale was that favoring gay rights in a U.N. document might be interpreted as an attempt by the U.S. federal government to override individual states' rights on issues like gay marriage.

Pressed on this issue, Wood said a "careful" interagency review by the Obama administration found that signing on to the U.N. document "commits us to no legal obligations."

Division in the General Assembly over the U.N. declaration reflects conflicting laws worldwide on the issue.

According to the sponsors of the Franco-Dutch text of the document, homosexuality is illegal in 77 countries, seven of which punish it by death.

At a townhall meeting in Brussels earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was pressed on her views on gay rights.

"Human rights is and always will be one of the pillars of our foreign policy," she said. "In particular, persecution and discrimination against gays and lesbians is something we take very seriously."
Evangelist, it is not a lie, here he is right here proudly giving his full endorsement.

Bishop Charles Blake, pastor of the West Angeles Church of God in Christ and leader of the Church of God in Christ denomination, cast his lot with the UN Declaration of Human Rights by endorsing and having his representative sign the Faith in Human Rights statement. In addition to this document endorsing many things that oppose scripture, including but not limited to homosexual marriage, but it is part of the plan to bring various religious groups together into the New World Order, a global political, economic, social, military, and religious consensus that the beast, the man of sin, the anti - Christ will rule.


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