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JESUHA (JESUS) knows a lot about us, imensley more then I will ever know !!! & that is with-out a doubt the understatement of all eternity !!! And one of the first things He did after creating Man was to put him in a relationship. "It's not good for Man to be alone."

Ever since, we've been trying to figure it out. How does this relationship thing work? Sure, we know all about the benefits, but it sure would be nice to have a smoother ride.
How do I build a relationship on strong footing and make sure it keeps growing?
How do I avoid some of the pain and distress that inevitably comes?
What rules can I follow to make my marriage work?
Why must it always be so complicated?

I suppose thousands of "experts" and amateurs alike have tried to answer questions like these throughout the millennia. To the best of my knowledge nobody seems to have gotten it right yet the one PERSON who has it down to perfection is GOD in HIS HOLY WORD !!!. So, I don't have much to lose. Why not give it a whirl?
So, based on my years of marriage, here then is my "short list" of relationship essentials.

What follows is not an all-inclusive menu. But, then again, relationships are far more complex than fine cuisine. And life is a lot more expensive than a fancy restaurant.

I do not claim to live as the perfect example of what I describe here.

She might be the most generous, most charismatic, most intelligent, and most attractive person in the Universe. But if you want to raise a large family, live in Darfur, and utilize evangelism to change the world, and she wants to contemplate ZEN and live in a Comune in Vermont, it's not going to work very well.

Fortunately, when our life goals are so diametrically polarized we usually recognize the disparity. But more often, we enter a relationship without formulating any goals at all. We mistake commonality for mutuality and find out too late that we view life very differently. Sharing a passion for sushi or zydeco music is a rather paltry foundation for a marriage. Yet it happens every day.
You may not be 90 to 100% certain about your key goals in life. That's okay. But you do need to know enough about them to see if your relationship mate is on the same page...or at least the same chapter, or if He or She is even reading from the same book ( IT BETTER BE THE BIBLE !!! ) Without goals or objectives, your relationship will lack a bearing and a direction and over time, will stagnate.

Everyone wants to be appreciated. But great relationships take this concept much further.
Each of you contributes different qualities to the relationship. These qualities are rarely balanced. While one may give the bulk of the financial support, the other may carry the social and emotional responsibility. True appreciation means that you really value what the other one brings to the table and are grateful for every contribution.

And those involved in relationships that are uniquely special, do exactly that. They see and understand the characteristics that make their partner special. They convey that feeling in a sincere and loving way.

3. Giving out and Taking in:
Giving and taking are the ways in which our needs get satisfied. And in every good relationship, balance of these concepts is essential. But that doesn't mean that each of us must give 100% and take 100%. Some of us are heavily wired to give, while others are programmed to receive (mostly).

Real balance is achieved when you understand how it works in each unique relationship. You may be very generous with your money, but less so with your time. You may be very needy of compliments and affirmation but material gifts and possessions are meaningless to you. So one party may end up doing 70% of the giving, but the balance can still be perfect.
When you know what you need most and what you are capable of giving, the delivery system works. The better you know yourselves and each other, the better you'll both be able to get what you need and give what you should. ( MAKE SURE THEIRS MORE GIVING THAN GETTING !!! )

4. Seek First to understand & then to be understood ( Communication ):
This is probably the most over-used and least understood concept in the world. Simply, communicating is the activity of conveying information. But in the context of creating a fabulous relationship, it is much more than that. It is the means by which feelings and emotions are transmitted and processed.
Naturally, words are the building blocks of good communication. But much of how we feel and what we need is conveyed through body language, mood, and expression. .
Couples who have attained an exceptional level of togetherness often report a unique ability to "know" exactly what their spouse feels and thinks and desires at any given time. Of course, this requires a dedication and a commitment to being totally in tune with one another. And it does take some serious time to develop.
And being a good communicator does not mean that you feel free to "bare your soul" and "let it all hang out." That's like saying that freedom means being able to do whatever you want. True freedom is the ability to intelligently evaluate your choices before acting. And communicating well involves an assessment of what to say and when and how to say it -- and also, when to say absolutely nothing at all. Sometimes the greatest COMMUNICATION is MUTUAL QUIET TO GATHER IN AND DISCERN OUR THOUGHTS .

5. Healing with Forgiveness and sincere giving of self:
Life is short...and complicated...and precious. If you allow your sensitivities to dominate, you will forever be depressed and resentful. You may also find yourself pretty lonely. Nobody wants to bond with people who are stuck in the victim role all the time.
People are not perfect; they are far from it. We all make mistakes, all the time. We say the wrong things, we are impatient and callous, we are selfish and demanding, and on top of all that we always think we are right. But children hold grudges; mature adults allow for imperfection and forgive. And your ability to admit when you are wrong goes a long way in helping the forgiving process to develop and to endure. It is so difficult to utter those three magical words, "I was wrong,"
Anticipating the oncoming red flags is a great way to avoid the need for forgiveness. If you know that your partner just can't stand having to wait for you, making that extra effort to be on time becomes essential. If clutter drives her up the wall, make it your business to be tidier – even though neatness may be totally unimportant to you.

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Posted on October 2, 2009 at 2:00pm 0 Comments

Faith-based counselling ministry now open in Eastern Canada & the USA ,

with plans for World-wide expansion

Feb 05 / 2005

Times & Transcript (Moncton)

Page: E7

Section: Life

Committed Christian Counselling, a new evangelistic counseling ministry of the church (non-denominational), has moved into North America and is now operating out of Moncton.

The counselling is done by Robert D.… Continue


Posted on October 2, 2009 at 1:36pm 0 Comments

HOME: People make a change when the pain of staying the same becomes WORSE than the pain of changing.


Pastoral counseling (a look at the whole person)

A safe place to 'dump' what you have been carrying for years


Scripturally based counseling (Isaiah 9 verse 6 YESUHA is COUNSELLOR)


A wide variety of therapeutic methods

Comfortable atmosphere

ABOUT… Continue

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At 2:58pm on October 29, 2009, Cathy Rivera said…
Dear Minister Greener,
I would like to cordially invite you to this great move of God
Time: November 16, 2009 at 7pm to November 20, 2009 at 10pm
Location: The Ark of the Covenant Destiny Ctr
Street: 1215 Seminola Blvd sute 101
City/Town: Casselberry Florida
Website or Map:
Phone: 727.641.9450
Event Type: conference
Organized By: Apostle Bryson Alexander
Many blessings in Christ....Love Sister Cathy
At 9:24pm on October 5, 2009, Mimi Leon said…
Hola Roberto..

Nice to be part of the group......God bless you........Ms. Snufy
At 10:16pm on October 3, 2009, Rosemary Lance said…
Ty, For your friendship.....
At 3:50pm on May 19, 2009, HOPE - Psalm 43:5 said…
Thank you for accepting my friend request. I pray many many blessings on you and your family and your ministry.
At 5:34am on April 19, 2009, Pst.Dr. Johnstone Sikulu Wanjala said…
Dear Robert,
Welcome to join us in our ministry in Kenya and minister to us.
Thank and God bless you.
At 3:40am on February 13, 2009, Evangelist Kashif Hazqial said…
For the Commandment is a Lamp, and the Law a Light ;reproofs of instruction are the way of Life.
Proverbs .6.23
Dear Brother Robert D Greener ,
Greeting in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.
I would like to thanks for makeing me as you friend.
God Give me a plan for Christian Children's and youth. its about 2 educations, Christian and common education you also know pakistan is non christian country so here is we have to become educated because education make good life . in pakistan mostly Christians are uneducated because they do not have resources for the education in pakistan . They are Poor. Therefore they are doing not good jobs i can,t tell you that what they are doing. If you will search on internet about education in Pakistan of Christians you will see that only 1% are educated and others are uneducated therefore they can,t read Holy Bible . almost 5% are christians people are living in pakistan.
we hope in Jesus in future we will work togather amen .
May God Bless you .
Yours Faithful
Evangelist Kashif Hazqial
At 8:21am on February 6, 2009, Alfance said…
Praise the Lord
Dear brother in Christ,Thanks a lot for adding me in ur list.God bless u and be with u all always.Amen
At 6:25pm on February 4, 2009, Robert D. Greener CCPE,NB.Phc.A. said…
At 5:21pm on February 4, 2009, Eric M. Mackey said…
You have finally hit on something that we should have been saying way back on September 11, 2001. We were so bent and so quick to say that "Islam is overall not a bad religion" that we snuffed out thinking among especially a lot of Christian Americans. The fact of the matter is that Islam overall is a dangerous faith. Why? Because God and His righteousness cannot be found through it. Mohamed was a false prophet who denied that Jesus was God's Son and that God would even let His Son die on a cross. Islam is diametrically opposed to Christianity and the manifestation of God's righteousness through the cross and shed blood of His Son (Romans 3:21-22). Even if they are or were the nicest people in the world, Muslims need Jesus Christ.For it is good to be good. But notice that in Romans 5:6-7 Paul said that it is the good man--not the righteous man--who needs Him. Why? Because the righteousness man has already received Jesus Christ, which is why he is righteous. My books located at are extremely helpful on this subject.


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