A sign of complacency is being satisfied just being where you are. No longer do you have desire or have passion go forward. The apostle Paul said Phil 4:11, in whatever state I find myself in therefore I’ve learned to be content. Meaning it's fine that I am where I am right now in my life but I’m not satisfied, especially when he knew God had so much more for him to do. The same should go for any Kingdom minded believer, when you know God has so much more for you to Do. So be content where you are at this point in your life for God has you there for a reason, but don't become complacent/ satisfied. Moses in Exodus had seen God some miraculous things in his life, deliverance from the hand of pharaoh as a boy, deliverance of his people from the oppression of the Egyptian Government, red sea opened, manna from heaven, being lead by clouds by day and Fire by night. But something in Him said," There has to be More!", so he asks God a question: " Show me Your Glory." in essence he says Show me you!; not just the evidence of You! when you know there is more you desire the presence of the Giver more than the evidence of the Gift. For in God's presence there is fullness of joy and pleasures forever More!. So I challenge you and myself, let's Go after the More!

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