1. Dont trust someone who talks 'supernatual' all the time. Jesus didnt come to make you supernatual he came to make you normal. so just be good at being you! then maybe just maybe God can trust you with some anointing.

2. Some folks are good at home and supernatural in the pulpit, others are supernatural at home and normal in the pulpit. I'm not sure which is best!

3. You can always tell what dvd your preacher listened to on a saturdaynight by how he preaches on sunday morning.

4. Challenges preachers face#19 To Quit trying to expound like Noel Jones, preach like TD Jakes and be normal like Juanita Bynum. Youre normal when you preach like someone else...the problems is, it's just not 'you!'

4. When man no longer knows the difference between being anointed and being normal he has found his style.

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