Have you ever received an invitation to come to Africa? Have you ever received a request for Financial assistance? Have you ever received a letter to be a covering church or spiritual leader? I guess that many of you have. But why these invitations and letters? Your answers are below:

Africa is call the third world and many countries in Africa are developing nations and some of the poorest places in the world. The need for ministry in mission in Africa is great. Many of our brothers and sisters who write with Africa are not just beggers but are in great need. They have the passion to do the work of God and expand his kingdom but the resources are limited all there are no resources at all.

The invitation to Africa is a way of getting ministries, pastors, ministers, evangelists and so forth to Africa so that they can experience firsthand the work of ministry, mission and see the many needs the Africa church face from day to day. You will see people come to church not dress as our brothers and sisters in the western world, children without clothing and shoes, churches open roof tops and those made of mud and reef papyrus and baboon.

They believe they seeing this need and the commitment of faithful ministers and workers missionaries from abroad will assist them adquately carry on the work of God as they enlarge the territories and plant more church and reach more people.

It is also perceive the many many people in America and in develope countries are well to do or financially bless and will help the churches in Africa, orphanages and other mission agency meet a need. In the past missionaries who went to Africa the set denominations/churches like the Methodist, Catholics, Lutherans, protestants and so forth had their mission on a continuos budget. These fund were use to build schools, hospitals and do many other missionary work. This has cripple the church and left members of churches with the attitude of not supporting indegenous churches. By indegenous I mean churches that are not mainstream like the Catholics and Baptists. I want you to also note that many people who go to church in Africa do have work because there are no companies and factories like the USa and other places around the world. Thus many people can only afford to survive or support their livelihood.

By answering the call to be a covering church or overseer board and spiritual leader, the church you answer to will look up to you to help them further their vision and mission work. These may include helping to build a church, a school for children, build an orphanage or sponsor an all ready on going proces.

My dear sisters, please do not be afraid to answer to these invitations and letter if you have the capacity to help win the world for Christ and unite the body of Christ as a one world. For those of us who do not have the resources the mere fact that you reply to thes invitations and letter will give the church hope knowing that someone is praying for them..


However, Be careful which invitation or letter you answer to. Many of the invitation and letters comes from scammers. A telephone number and email address is not enough. A few web site will not just also do. Make sure that the free web site is connected to a pay web site. Also try to validate every invitation and letter you received. You may write back and ask some questions and since scammers will be quick to answer to you they will miss some fact of pass communication and even the basic of a mission and vision plan since they are not rooted in Christ.

I also want you to sincerely pray and see what God is telling you. Don just answer to a call or a need. You may not be the only person but may others alike.

I am here to work with you and be a guide. In closing I want you to understand that the need in Africa is great and some of these cause are true. Welcome to Africa because many churches need the resources in material, finances and training.

May God bless you and lead you to connect with a ministry in Africa.

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