I am the Lord God, Soveriegn, Divine, Alpha & Omega, True and Faithful. I have searched the earth both night and day and I am grieved. My church whom I have called by My Name has lifted up her skirt to many lovers, hardened her heart towards me, and has kicked up her heels against all that is pure and holy. You are addicts. Yes, you are addicts. You are addicted to vanity and vanities. You are addicted to lies, self-righteousness, and murder. You are addicted to fame and fortune and have convinced yourself and others that this is Godly prosperity, but I can assure you that it is not. I have sent unto you my messengers the Prophets and Apostles and you rejected them because they didn’t come and prophecy according to your fleshly mind sets and have said this one or that one is not from God. Therefore, I hereby declare that 2010 will be the year of truth & war, says the Lord of Host. You have hidden behind your lies for to long. I, the Lord have declared war on all who oppose the truth. On all who would rather make a name for themselves. On all who have deceived, robbed, raped, and murdered millions of people. Yes, you who have blood on you hands and on your private parts are both blood and bowel. Your stench and defilement have come before me and your offerings are no longer a sweet savor before me. You have become an abomination to me. I will no longer accept your offering. Nor will I give ear to your vain prayers for I will reject you. In 2010 I will reveal and expose your abominations Myself. I sent unto you time and time again my messengers the Prophets and the Apostles. I sent you Mine, not yours, but Mine those whom I have chosen and ordained from their mothers womb and you hear them not. You refuse to listen. Nor do you receive them because they are not your favorite or your friend. They don’t dress the way you like or their background isn’t all that impressive. You rejected them for not going along with stream. These Prophets and Apostles will not come to you asking you or demanding of you anything. For they are mine and I am theirs. But as for you, I will give no rest and though many shall come and say unto you peace; peace you will not have. And your children will I allow to make a mockery of you and will cause their blood to flood and stain the streets of the cities in which you live in. I will even reject your services and your offerings, for they are not Holy, but are self-righteous, self-serving religious rituals overseen by Satan himself. You talk about love and yet you are full of hatred. You talk about repentance and you indulge in the pleasures of sin and iniquity yourself.

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