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Word for 2010 Part 3 of 3

The time has come for you to stop hiding behind your fleshly world possessions and the esteem of titles. You like the world have had too many fresh faces promising hope, peace and prosperity, preaching a gospel that they themselves don’t even know and/or believe. You lie to Me, you lie to yourself, and you lie to others about yourself. You would rather ignore a problem, instead admit, identify, and eliminate them. Before the end of the year you will know the truth about Me and the truth about… Continue

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Word for 2010 Part 2 of 3

Therefore, I will open the doors to your storages and hiding place, yes even the doors to your bedroom chambers I will open and pull back sheets and cause light to shine on you showing your nakedness to both your friends, your families, and your foes. I will expose you and your lovers. I will command the wind to blow strong and order the hands of the wind to hold up your skirts and carry your abominable scent across the face of the earth. And when you say to your neighbors I am pure as a… Continue

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Word for 2010 Part 1 of 3

I am the Lord God, Soveriegn, Divine, Alpha & Omega, True and Faithful. I have searched the earth both night and day and I am grieved. My church whom I have called by My Name has lifted up her skirt to many lovers, hardened her heart towards me, and has kicked up her heels against all that is pure and holy. You are addicts. Yes, you are addicts. You are addicted to vanity and vanities. You are addicted to lies, self-righteousness, and murder. You are addicted to fame and fortune and have… Continue

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