Therefore, I will open the doors to your storages and hiding place, yes even the doors to your bedroom chambers I will open and pull back sheets and cause light to shine on you showing your nakedness to both your friends, your families, and your foes. I will expose you and your lovers. I will command the wind to blow strong and order the hands of the wind to hold up your skirts and carry your abominable scent across the face of the earth. And when you say to your neighbors I am pure as a virgin, lo and behold your wombs shall be open and shall bring forth and shall testify, and yes your seed shall grow up and give testimony. I will even open the wombs of the aged and seasoned along with those whose inward parts have been removed, yes even you shall bring forth and your seed shall be the evidence against you testifying of you treachery and the sins that you do in secrecy. And thou oh man who hath had your member severed, when you shall say I am as an eunuch, behold your member when you shall gratify yourself in your abominations and shall fulfill your fleshly desires, it shall spu forth and seed shall come forth and your shame will be like chains; yes heavy chains it will be and your mistress will become your master. Also the seed of your sin will be your task master and will oppress you and torment you without mercy both night and day. Yes, my people have governed themselves according to their, but I will judge you with righteousness and truth. Beware of those who say I love God, but hate the Prophets & Apostles for these are those who are influence by the Spirit of the Antichrist & whose ministries and under the stronghold of the Antichrist. This spirit is the god of the world and has managed to weasel its way into the church and has set up strongholds in them. It is time for the world to be able to tell the difference between the church and themselves. My people have been led by the world for way too long. You are called to lead the world to salvation in Jesus Christ, but instead the world under the direction of the Antichrist has led you, my people away from all that is Godly and all that is Holy and pure. And I Am NOT PLEASED, NOR AM I GOING TO SETTLE FOR THIS ANY LONGER.

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