The time has come for you to stop hiding behind your fleshly world possessions and the esteem of titles. You like the world have had too many fresh faces promising hope, peace and prosperity, preaching a gospel that they themselves don’t even know and/or believe. You lie to Me, you lie to yourself, and you lie to others about yourself. You would rather ignore a problem, instead admit, identify, and eliminate them. Before the end of the year you will know the truth about Me and the truth about yourself. And as you commune with Me, My nature, personality, and thoughts will be made manifested in your life through miracles, signs, wonders, healings, blessings, and love. I will be revealing, releasing, and imparting in and on many of you a new level of anointing(s) and a new level of blessing(s). It is called The Apostles Blessing or The Apostolic Blessing. And with will comes a new level of warfare, but also a level of Victory. Remember I Am with you at all times seek Me while it is still day, for night is just but a moment away. I love you, I love you, I love you, Saith, the Lord God of Host.

(If any of you have any questions or would like to know what, “The Apostles Blessing” or “The Apostolic Blessing” is, please email me at

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