Those who define and study the various dynamics and time frames relative to the emerging generation, has already termed this generation Y, or the millenials.The emergence of every new generation brings with it a new set of challenge. In this case the millennial are referred to those between the ages 20-30 and already they have come to make a significant difference and impact .THE MILLINUIM, A NEW ERA. The challenge we face often is that 1.we do not recognized a new era.2 our failure to recognized changes prevents us from appropriating the wisdom for the era 3 where the appropriate wisdom is not used then we failed to make the transition of the age and hence frustration is experienced and creativity and productivity is not realized. THE EMERGENCE OF YGENERATIONNEXT THEN, BRINGS WITH THEM BOTH THE APPROPIATE WISDOM FOR THEIR DAY AND BEYOND; AND IS THEREFORE MANTLED WITH GOVERNMENTAL GRACE AND ABILITIES. It is important at this stage, to not limit generation next to primarily an age factor; but more importantly those who have an appreciation for the new age and wisdom and show the courage to undergo the necessary mental transformation. At this juncture CHANGE IS A MUST.I submit for your consideration a few GOVERNMENTAL CONCEPTS/DYNAMICS THAT ARE CRITICAL FOR OUR AGE.Enviroments that are most productive for this age, are as follows: those that allow for CREATIVITY AND UNLIMITED IMAGINATION...ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE;2 those that are NONCONDEMNING AND GRACIOUS...THIS SEED STRIVE ON SPEAKING TO WHATS BEST ABOUT THEM AND THE CAPICITY TO OVERLOOK THEIR FAULTS i.e. even their faults are a path of the process that allows them to safely arrive to the ultimate place of significance.3 ENVIROMENTS THAT ALLOWS FOR THE CONDEMNING AND REJECTION OF THAT WHICH HAS BECOME ABSOLETE AND NO LONGER EFFECTIVE .This is the most difficult one ,as often the generation that proceeded them usually sees this as a rejection of them personally and thus seek to hinder or prevent the EXPRESSION OF AN EXCEEDING GLORY,i.e every one benefits if they are allowed to become. THOSE THAT ALLOWS FOR THE FREE FLOW OF WHAT IS TO EMERGED BECOMES BENEFICIARY AND CONTRIBUTERS TO THE NEW DAY.OUR TASK, TO CREATE SUCH ENVIROMENT THAT ALLOWS FOR SUCH EXPRESSION.. THE PURPOSE/MISSION/MANDATE OF YGENERATION NEXT IS TO POINT AND ENABLED THE EMERGING GENERATION IN THE AREA OF THEIR GREATEST STRENGHT AND THAT IS: THEY POSSESS THE GOVERNMENTAL SKILLS AND GRACE TO SERVE AND GOVERN AND IN SO DOING LEAD DURING THESE GLOBAL CHALLENGES......AND THE CHILD INCREASED IN WISDOM AND FAVOUR AND IN STATURE WITH GOD AND MAN AND THE GRACE OF GOD WAS UPON HIM....THESE WORDS ARE RELEVANT TODAY AND MUST ALSO BE SAID ABOUT THE EMERGING GENERATION.

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