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Get up and Fight!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Apostle LaWanda Peters Nov 28, 2012. 2 Replies

The enemy is pulling out the big guns; don't be found at the gun fight w/a knife! There's a time & season & purpose for everything under the sun. The devils IS NOT giving you a break, so WHY…Continue


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Faith & Deliverance Prophetic Ministries (Solid Rock)
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Apostle L. Y. Peters was born in Augusta, GA, and is a native Georgian. She presently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her journey of a lifetime in 1994 as she surrendered unto God wholeheartedly. In 1997 she was licensed as an Elder and Associate Pastor of Temple of God by Faith. After many years of serving and training, God spoke very clearly, that the time was nigh, that she go forth in her call, as a Prophet to the Nation. This was something that had been long prophesied over her life from the very first day she stepped into the church. Prophetess has blossomed into a beautiful flower, handpicked by God. “I came out of tradition to transition.” She is Pentecostal, Holiness, C. O. G. I. C. and most of all, sold out. Holy Ghost filled, and fire baptized with the evidence of speaking in tongues, laying hands on the sick, and they shall (many have) recover, a strong prophetic edge, and many signs and wonders do follow. Prophetess believes the word. God said it, “Greater works shall we do,” and she stands on just that. Pastor Peters is the mother of two beautiful children, Kevin & Ashley. She has older sisters, Vetra Fuller, whom serves faithfully as Praise Team Leader, and Angela Peters, whom is a Praise Team member. It is amazing that God would allow one women to birth 3 prophets, but God did His work in a mighty way for Pastor Annie Johnson, Co-Pastor and mother of Prophetess Peters. As Prophetess says, “We are a close knitted family, with lots of love and commitment to keeping family together.” A threefold cord is not easily broken. Pastor Peters is the Founder of Solid In Faith Ministerial Prophetic Fellowship, which is a God given ministry, that houses and spiritually covets with other ministries who believe in the woman of God and the Vision that God has given her.

She is also the donor for Solid Rock Church of Dawson Inc. Dawson, Georgia and Faith & Deliverance Prophetic Ministries Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia. As God commissioned her, Mark 16:15…”Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” God has entrusted her many sons and daughters, from age’s birth to mid 70’s. Prophetess has written her autobiography entitled, “Weathering the Storm of Life,” she has also written several other books, “Beauty for Ashes,” and “Daily Inspirations,” which have encouraged and uplifted many. She is truly a Prophet to the NATIONS! A woman of God with an End Time Message for the Body of Christ, and a deep revelation for the lost, that Jesus Christ is the King of King and Lord of Lord, and that He is just waiting on he that is lost/without, to come to Him, with repentance and confession, and a believing and receptive heart. “Our God is waiting on you to come home!”
Favorite Preachers:
Those who are preaching, teaching, and living the Word of God.

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"For I know the thoughts that I have towards you.."

Posted on November 26, 2012 at 7:59pm 0 Comments

"For I know the thoughts that I have towards you, thoughts of good & NOT EVIL to bring you to an expected end"....

Clearly God sees us differently than WE or others see us. He has plans in store for us that NO ONE can stop other than we ourselves. No longer blame others for your thoughts & outcome of you/your life/your situation. Your choices are YOURS; OWN THEM! From this day ongoing, make a conscious decision to Consult God FIRST & obey what he says..follow his blueprint…


Warning(s) comes before Exposure (Destruction)

Posted on November 26, 2012 at 7:56pm 0 Comments

He's the Alpha & Omega, the beginning & the end...bottomline. For in the word of God he says there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed..theres nothing new under the sun that the SON does not already see & know. People can lie to others, and yes, even hide but u can't lie & hide but for so long... the Lord is Omnipresent...It's past time to get right, least you be exposed and all of ur nakedness will show & others will see. He sends warning & strive w/us for a…


Pride Rock

Posted on November 26, 2012 at 7:54pm 0 Comments

Pride Rock 

Before you can move forward sometimes you have to go back; just as Simba went back to Pride Rock to face his adversary/past; he allowed the enemy to whisper in his ear the entire time that he was a child; when all along what he was told was not the whole truth…but when he matured (came to himself) he realized that he had an assignment that was far greater than the place that he was in…can I say to you that your destiny (greatness) is calling you! Why hang out with savages…


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At 5:20am on December 7, 2013, rev Thirare Joseph said…

Receive my calvary greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus I have been reading your messages and have been so blessed.

I would like to know more about you? I believe the Lord has brought us together with a purpose.

I am a Pastor from Kenya Preaching in one of the biggest Slum in our capital City Nairobi. I do also work with community based project in Slum.

I will be praying for you,

May the Lord of creation bless you abundantly.

Yours in the vineyard Rev. Thirare Joseph.


At 9:26pm on November 1, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…
We are living in a time where no one fears God anymore, Neither do they respect or adhere to the authorities that be; but people WAKE UP!!! GOD has set in order SUCH AS HE SEE FIT; APOSTLES, PROPHETS, PASTORS, TEACHERS, EVANGELIST...SUCH AS HE SEES FIT! Many haven't forgotten, they simply CHOOSE to respect & disrespect who they choose to, BUT GOD! He said, "the orders that be are ordained of me" FOR YOUR GOOD!
God knows much better than you do, what you need, and he loves us so much that he said, "I'll even give you Pastors after my own heart." WAKE UP PEOPLE! The very people that God sent to help you has suddenly become your enemy, the person you can't take wise counsel from, the one you turn a deaf ear to, the one you blatantly disrespect & put your mouth on? Be VERY afraid, Be VERY careful. For we are entering a season where you WILL NEED Godly counsel, instruction, and wisdom. Trust the word of The Lord, EVERYTHING & EVERYBODY will fail you if it's not the DIVINE ORDER & WILL of God for you. So keep negating, wrongfully choosing, being a thorn/burden, disobedient, wild renegade. The day draws near when YOU MUST give an account for it ALL!!! And remember, The Lord doesn't care to hear your excuses! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! You have been warned!
This does not require your conversation, rationalizing, examination, or cross examination, honey this is SELF EXAMINATION, FOR YOU, before GOD cross examines you. He hasn't lied yet! Not one Prophetic utterance has fallen to the ground.
ITS ABOUT TO GET REAL REAL FOR SOME PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU REFUSE TO JUST LISTEN, but more than that you refuse to simply do what his word mandates, in which there is no need for micromanaging.
"For if ANY man be in me, he is a NEW CREATION, old things (behavior, mindsets, ways, habits) are PASSED AWAY (dead, no longer there) BEHOLD (seeing, capture it, right before you) ALL THINGS are NEW!" You're NOT ready if you don't get it! Time out for sugar coating, baby sitting SUPPOSEDLY mature people in Christ! Be advised, YOUR ACCOUNTABILITY is before God! You might not answer to HIS authorities, but you WILL answer to him! GET RIGHT CHURCH! And know that YOU are the church! So STOP looking at the physical building & check the TEMPLE! "FOR YOUR BODY IS THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!"
Remember: no one wants to hear, until the damage is done!
BUT, The Prophet has released! It's up to you now. Judge it, slice it, portion it, size it up...IT IS WHAT IT IS.
~Apostle L. Peters
Messenger of Christ Only
At 4:10pm on October 9, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

Faith is a MUST in this hour! No faith no miracles, no moves, no message! It's going to take FAITH IN GOD. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT seen! You won't see it every time & you might not understand it but YOUR FAITH is what will move mountains (God). No amount of talk, anger, frustration, attitude, fear, manipulation, deception will work! Understand this; WHAT HAS BEEN, DID, OR WAS IS NOT GOING TO WORK! It's either ALL IN or ALL OUT!

By FAITH, Abraham, Acted upon a word from God, and received Isaac back, alive from the alter...

If you refused to trust him and take him at his word (act upon), you will not receive anything from God! It's your faith that moves him. Can you believe him for what he has spoken and stand on it even when all you see around you APPEARS to be failing you?
NOW FAITH SAINTS!!! RIGHT NOW, AT THIS PRESENT MOMENT, AT THIS PRESENT TIME, IS WHAT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE PROMISES. Not MAN IR WOMAN, Not books, not what you have heard, but YOUR FAITH IN GOD! Will you trust him? But the bigger question is: CAN HE TRUST YOU? Rise up SOLDIERS! It's time to take your places!

At 12:09pm on August 9, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

The enemy is attacking the Apostolic (Apostles) Prophets (Prophetic voices) like crazy in this hour. I say hour because thats all it is, its not a season because this shall soon pass, but its necessary! This is the hour that GOD himself is calling for the BOLD APOSTOLIC ORDER/DIRECTION & the BOLD PROPHETS~CORRECTION...
Therefore, this is the hour of CORRECTION
Those who despise C.D.O. will face Exposure & ultimately be banished from the camp! Know that all movement isn't the "person" but it's the Lords doing, just as God caused 400 Prophets to lie to Ahab & ultimately cause his demise (death). Many will kill themselves in this hour because they don't want to hear Micaiah,(the bold uncompromising Prophet), the one who's NOT taking down even if it means disconnect, walking away, losing some ppl...this is more of a test of WHO WILL STAND EVEN IF EVERYONE ELSE BOWS, DISCONNECT, or TURN BACK!

As for ME & MY HOUSE; I CHOOSE TO STAND, no taking down, no compromise, no settling. Jesus lost many and so will we, but the true acid test is, will you compromise in order to hold on to ppl, titles, numbers, buddies, friends, even spouses! This thing is getting REAL! The word is unfolding right before our eyes!
"For there will be 2 in a field, one will be taken the other will be left," "Those who are against you will be of your own household"....IT'S SCRIPTURE & IT DOES NOT LIE!
Brace for this place...we are merely PASSING THRU! This won't last long, but when GOD gets tired, this is what happens!


~Apostle Peters
Prophetic Utterance

At 3:48pm on May 11, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

   God knows what we need when we need it and he knows who to place in our lives to bring out the best in us. Take God at HIS Word and eliminate your reasoning & excuses. There's greatness in you, you just need to work on pulling it out & sometimes that takes the right people/person coming along to give you that extra boost! It's not to hinder or hurt you it's to help you.

At 12:42pm on April 4, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

There comes a point & time in life when you have to just face facts, everybody's not going to support you, like you, embrace you, respect you, be honest with you, celebrate you, tell you the truth, be transparent, or give you the credit that you deserve...
Learn to embrace those people and love them anyway, BUT love them from afar & without stopping or altering the plan(s) of God for your life. It's called: TIME TO MOVE ON. It doesn't mean you dislike them or even hate them, it simply means you've come to love you more than you expect others to ~and that's ok.
Now focus on those WHO DO care, love you, appreciate you, celebrate you, and allllllll of the above! THAT'S REAL & THAT'S REAL LIVING. It's time for you to live & stop worrying so much about how other feel or treat you. As long as GOD is pleased. 
But to those who are treacherous: know that there's a day, time, and place when God himself will deal with you. You can manipulate your way through life but you can't manipulate your way into Heaven! 
Get it right HERE FIRST, otherwise there is no THERE. 
~Apostle Peters

At 11:12am on March 27, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…

God will open doors that no man can shut and he will shut doors that no man can open!
Be careful not to force your way into places that you've been forbidden or not been accepted/allowed into AND please just because a door opens don't just go running through it. PRAY!!!
The snares of Satan is real & yes, he use people to carry out his missions & assignments. Therefore, pray about EVERY move, per......son, connect, open/closed door. Make NO moves w/o prayer!
Fight to stay connected to Jesus NOT man but be connected to the right people!

Also, let go is the word of the hour! You have to let it/them go! It~meaning anything/anybody that hinders or holds you back. There's a release in the atmosphere, and that release says, no longer fight, strive, go along, be silent! It's time to speak up! Stand your grounds! Turn right & go straight!

At 10:33am on March 23, 2013, Demetria E. Bass said…


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Pastor Demetria Bass

The River Christian Center

At 3:49pm on March 5, 2013, Apostle Dudley Thibeaux Jr. said…

Be blessed Woman Of GOD keep up the good work we are to encourage each other in the Faith may GOD give you the desires of your heart. This is the believers season of blessing.

At 12:00pm on March 1, 2013, Apostle LaWanda Peters said…
Never look at what it LOOKS like, just stay focused on what GOD has spoken. The very people you THINK will support you will be the very ones to disappoint you, come against you, lie on you, stress you & try to destroy you. They are usually the last to even say I'm happy for you. So let me encourage you while I encourage myself. STAND STEADFAST, UNMOVABLE, ALWAYS ABOUNDING IN THE WORKS/WORD OF THE... LORD. If God be for you, he's more than the world against you. Don't worry or focus on those who don't believe in you or what God has called you to do, just focus on you & your assignment. You won't win them all & everyone who says they're your "friend" is not true to it, BUT again, KEEP YOUR FOCUS, Keep God FIRST & he will make your enemies your footstool. No need to fight, just keep pressing forward & toward the mark. The enemy usually use those closest to you to try & distract & distort your vision/goals/dreams. You won't loose if you just stay focused & trim away the fat(anything & anybody who distracts or come against you). It's time to cut the cord & move on.   God bless   ~Apostle Peters

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