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Salem Bapist Church OF Chicago and Faith Tabernacle Church
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Northeastern Illinois University
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Hello and welcome 2 my page. My name is Emmanuel Barlee aka

Manwell. I've been through hell and back, and now I'm emerging as a true

vessel of The Lord. I have walked with God since the age of five. I am on

300 differant social networks assisting people from all over America. Not

only do I spread the word of God but I also share valuable information that

can help you, your family and your community all for free. I assist people in

finding housing, I assist people with finding grants/ scholarships for

college; I assist people with finding small governmental grants for small

businesses; I assist people with finding employment within there state. I

am also the leader of a prayer group on Yahoo called "Light OF The World

Inspirational Group." I also have a secular group for Non-Christians called

"The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement." In this group I focus on

improving the Black Community and if Black America accepts the

principles behind my new movement I will move from behind a computer

into those communities on a national level. I'm in the process of

writing a book entitled " The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming,

Rebuilding, and Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America." If interested in

learning more won't you join my prayer group on Yahoo.

All l ask is that you tell me your first name and send me your email

address. I keep track of everyone I correspond with and I avoid trouble

makers by weeding them out by screening people before I allow them

into my groups. My prayer group and my community activist groups are

private. My groups are free a good way to network with other Christians

from across the country.

Here's my prayer group:

Light OF The World Inspirational Group

Once I have a place of business It will be for both Christians and Non-

Christians within our community. I am on Myspace my URL is

I challenged Black America to shake off complacency and live as God

intended, in complete holiness.

Being mentored under the careful guidance of Godly men and Godly

women. My mission is to educate our people about how to come together

on one accord and "Help Stop The Genocide OF Our People In American

Ghettos" I realizes that my past failures have produced my present

victories. After many years of satanic opposition,

being called out of sin and conformity through a spiritual awakening, has

ignited me with the passion to live right, I have been bruised, but is not

broken, and using my past to push me towards my future, my past

challenges have not cancelled my potential for greatness. I am interested

in current events, I like to be alert with what’s going on around me, am

open to just about anything just as it is safe and legal. I believe that music

must be anointed and filled with meaningful lyrics to feed the soul. I’m a

worshiper anything that touch my soul will set my heart in to praise mode.

Love, Peace, & Blessings.
Favorite Preachers:
Rev. Meeks

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Here To Recruit The Best And Brightest People To Join My Cause

Posted on April 21, 2011 at 2:29pm 0 Comments

Father forgive them for they know not what they do. They have been brain wash by this evil system called capitalism. History remind us how those empower lie to American Indians all of those treaties were broken. Capitalism played like they were doing Africans a favor by putting our people in slavery. President Bush said that Iraq had WMD. Lord please send me my management team before I die in Jesus name.…


Taking Authority Now Time 4 Combat: 2 Groups One Mission- Neighborhood Solidarity

Posted on August 6, 2008 at 5:19pm 0 Comments

I believe that charity begins at home. It would be ashamed for me to

take part in a global ministry and began to rebuild someone elses

country when in so many urban areas in this country are facing an

increase in poverty,homelessness, and not to mention underfunded

public school systems for Blacks and Browns. I am on 300 social

networks trying to unite the cause all on one website and that is why I

created these Yahoo Groups.… Continue

Join "Light OF The World Inspirational Group"

Posted on May 9, 2008 at 2:12pm 0 Comments

My Yahoo Prayer Group is dedicated to spreading the word of Jesus Christ

online. I have been commissioned by God to unite our people back to Christ

nationwide. So many of us are into false religions and listening to

to many religious people that we ourselves become confused. We are

here to network with one another and encourage one another. We are

here to pray for one another and if there is a need for us to

share that with the… Continue

Dropping Science In Tha Hood

Posted on April 30, 2008 at 9:22pm 0 Comments

Hello my name is Emmanuel. I am The Founder and Creator of "Light OF

The World Inspirational Group" which is part of a new movement "The Grass

Roots Community Movement" which picks up where the Civil Right's

Movement Ended. I ask God how can I make a differance in the Black

Community and also uplift my people that is stuck in the inner city ghettos.

The Lord instructed me to create a Web Journal so that I can network… Continue

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At 5:08pm on December 23, 2012, Deidre Archie gave Mr. Emmanuel Barbee a gift
At 4:59am on June 13, 2012, Sister Rose said…

My name is Sister Rose,how are you and your ministry also your family? i hope all is well, if so thanks be to God almighty,I pray in this month of grace,May God pour out incredible miracles grace in your life and ministry,as i came a cross your page now on this Black Preaching Network.So I decided to stop by an let you know that I really want to have a God fairing friendship with you. Beside i have something special i want to discuses with you, but I find it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site. I will be very happy, If you can get back to me, through my e-mail( ) So we can get to know each other better,also tell you more about myself, my e-mail id Is,( )

At 5:52pm on April 21, 2011, Joshua Anyaoha said…

Hello my Friend

Have a Blessed Day

Plead the blood of Jesus upon anything

From Evangelist J.A

At 1:52pm on February 16, 2011, Margaret Jackson (Psalmist) said…
God bless you Man of God. Have a wonderful day.
At 1:11am on January 31, 2011, Prophetess Dr. Teloria Williams said…
At 11:46am on October 15, 2009, Dr. Jean Howard-Hill said…
Good Morning:

I know many of you who are receiving this e-mail, already have said you would get involved from the first e-mail sent to you. But I still wanted to share with you the awesome Word of the Lord, God gave to me this morning because it brings a greater clarity to what God is asking of us and why God has made the call for us to enter politics. It also may help those who did not understand or took offense to the first e-mail.

Love you all!

Dr. Jean Howard-Hill

To The Men and Women of God:

This is the Word of the Lord, God gave me early this morning regarding the call I made to the African American clergy in regards to seeking those to wage spiritual warfare within the Republican Party through their involvement in the [NRAAC] National Republican African American Caucus . God said that this is a spiritual revival that God is igniting within politics, beginning first with setting the Republican House in order! And in every revival, God uses a preacher. This is why the call was first made to you.

God gave this message regarding this. It is in quotes because I want to make it clear what God has said.

“Jean, these are the instructions I give to you. Go first to the African American clergy and make the call. Those who answer, I shall use mightily, elevating them to positions of both priesthood and rulership. But if they are deaf to the call, then go outside of the pulpits and gather those of whom I will raise up to take their places. For I will place the scepter of rulership and the Word of the Lord in their mouths and they shall become the priests of the Lord, moving on My behalf. For I shall use whomever is sensitive to My Will in this hour and can understand the urgency of setting America back on course.

I call those who are of both African and American descent because I will use this revival of politics to bring forth the final deliverance of my people from the bonds of slavery. I will loose their chains of poverty and injustice and shall bring them into positions of wealth and leadership throughout the land, so that they may invoke change and guard the Word of the Lord which has been defiled and My Name defamed. For you are a spiritual people, whose thirst and hunger for Me runs deep in the soul. You know Me like no other people. Just as I chose the Jews, so do I choose you in this hour to awaken the nation and the even the world!

I did not allow you to be brought to America in vain, to be forever the tail and in chains. But I call you to the head of the nation, and of the states and of the cities and towns of America! Now is the hour, and I have opened paths of leadership in both parties as you have seen I miraculously did with President Obama. Pray for him that he does not lose his footing! For he is about to fall, unless the church undergirts him in prayer and unless he sees the church come forth at his back, he will NOT be strengthen to do what he knows he should do. Therefore, you must arise at his back and take a stand in the Republican Party where I AM sending you. For it is the party I birthed in times past to emancipate you and to bring you to this place of deliverance from the bondage of slavery. Look in the archives of history and you will see that I have moved from one party to another, and have used both of them to bring you to the next stages of your deliverance. So who among you can tell Me which party I can and will use? I AM God and I can use whatever and whomever I so choose, whenever and however I wish. But if you do not arise in this hour, and take a stand for what is moral, just and right, I shall hold you accountable for President Obama’s mistakes and miss-steps! For if he moves to dismantle the Divine Covenant of Marriage which I have ordained and instituted, I shall move with sure and sudden destruction upon America and the church. Because you, those who say you are called by Me, sat back quietly within your pulpits and allowed it to be so!

President Obama’s strength will come out of your leadership within the Republican Party. America’s salvation will come out of your stand for righteousness ! It will begin in the Republican Party and then spread to your brothers and sisters within the Democratic Party, and they too shall take their places within their own party. This is why I have not called all of you to come into one party. For I will do the work in both! But first, it has to begin in the Republican Party. Then there shall come a time when those I have called from both parties will join together and stand as ONE voice to proclaim righteousness and justice over a land which I have given to them as an inheritance. For they also have an inheritance in this land of promise. Those who understand this will understand, and those who do not understand is because they do not understand that My ways are not your ways, and how I choose to do this is not according to the dictates of man! For who is man to tell Me what to do?

Go back again Jean, and this time, tell them that it is I who made the call and that the call is urgent! What has to be done, has to be done now.

I AM not just calling everyone. I AM only positioning those I have called and have taken through the fire, storm, and purging so that they will stand and will not bow or give in to the darkness that is covering the earth. Of these who are called, they understand how darkness covers the earth and that the darkness must be pierced. They are not all perfect, but they are and have been in the Potter’s Hands and are being and have been remolded and reshaped through many trials, and from this they have and will become experts in how to pierce the darkness, because they have dealt with their own darkness and have overcome it with light. In this same way, they shall pierce the darkness of America and usher in the Light of God – My Light which shall shine in the darkest of places and shall cause those who have been blinded to disorder and sin to see and to desire to walk in My Light. For behold this is the hour where they who sat in darkness, shall see a Bright Light that flows from those who have Me within them to bring forth the Light of God to a nation I birthed to bring Me Glory before the last days. In this land, I will spark a revival that will also be ignited from the darkest continent of Africa to usher in the new age of the Preparation of the Bride – My Darling Sweetness which is the Church I purchased with My own Blood to be My Bride! She is the Apple of My Eye, and I AM bringing her forth without spot, blemish or wrinkle.

I AM raising up many women to enter this battle. It is not because I seek only women, but it is because the women I have called, they have become like warriors, stirred up like a fearless lioness who protects her cubs, and will quickly arise with a mind to defend that which is right, just and holy! For as it was in the days of Deborah when Israel lacked a mother, and had gone astray, so is it now. So do not take offense to this. But there also are men who are lions and are ready to give forth a mighty roar! There are men who also have developed spiritual wombs and will give birth! There are men of whom I have called, who at first will not get into this battle at the front lines. But they are still called to this task, and they are strong and will stand with those who do. I will use them to support this birth, to be watchmen, and to be in the delivery room to PUSH and to facilitate the birth. Some even will give birth themselves! But both have been called and both will share in the victory. For America has to be rebirthed by both African American males and females who carry the gospel as godly vessels to birth it forth!

After I have impregnated this vision into the womb of those, both man and woman who are willing to allow Me to use them, then I will call many more to protect and provide a covering for that which is birthed, to nurture it into a mighty revival in America, Africa and then the world. This is the revival that will awaken the Bride to come out of her chamber and the Bridegroom from His room.

So when I call, count it an honor to be chosen. And bring others like you with you to do this work which has to be done timely and in season. For you are the elect I have chosen, and I AM not calling anyone of whom I have not already equipped and ordained.

For those I have called, already I have placed this in your spirit. So answer the call! For I will not make the call to you again! For there are those whose ears are tuned and will answer Me when I call them forth! If you do not answer, to them I will then call. Because they know not only My Voice, but they know the Divine Call of God for this hour that I have placed upon their lives, and are eager to be called to the front lines!"

Amen. So be it!
At 7:26am on October 13, 2009, Dr. Jean Howard-Hill said…
Subject: A Need For Men and Women of God in Politics!

Dear Preachers and Those in Ministry:

I need some bold preachers to go with me into the lion’s den!

I am a veteran African American Republican who in 1979, God sent into the Republican Party to bring about change and to bring down the walls of prejudice and call the party back to the place of its original birth as the Party of Lincoln.

This has not been an easy battle. I have shared those experiences in the book I wrote, Black Eyes Shut – White Lips Sealed ( Yet I have stood against all odds, and now it is time to take it to the next level.

What I have seen is that the racism, mean spiritedness and the foolishness that is within the Republican Party is mostly at the top. Those who rise to the top, in most cases are the perpetrators. But when you go to the grass roots level, this almost is not there or it is in lesser degrees. Many at the grass roots level are those who believe what we believe, work with us and even share sweet fellowship. However, when you begin to get involved at the party level, this is where the demons of racism rear their heads and stand as gatekeepers.

Having taught American Government, State and Local Government and International Politics and Culture of Non-Western Countries as a political science professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, I understand government at all levels – even globally. I know what it will take to break the hold and to get pass the political gatekeepers. Sit-in and protests will do absolutely nothing! Even prayer alone will not suffice. But with the power of prayer, as well as the wisdom of God, we have to move into both parties and carve out a place for ourselves as Americans, if we want to share in America’s political power base. Yes, this means moving even into the Republican Party.

As the national chair for the Black Republican Women Organization, I began back in 1987 recruiting African American women into the GOP, who were not willing to be tokens, but who could retain their blackness.

Presently, I head the National Republican African American Caucus. It is a unique republican organization because it allows African Americans to be a part of a collective body that can and will bring about change. Our goal is 1.5 million by 2012, and 500,000 in 2010. You may ask why so many? It is because political strength is in numbers! In politics, believe it or not, it has very little to do with color. It has to do with numbers and the ability to write the check. If you can show you have a substantial number of people who can stand as a voting block, and have the ability to finance your own cause, then you become a significant player within the political landscape. This is the ONLY way that we gain and retain political power. This is how we as African Americans get to the table, have a voice and place ourselves in appointed and elected positions. This is how we stop some of the foolishness that is going on in politics.

As an African American Republican, I proudly voted for President Obama in the general election. But his ability to win was because he was able to get beyond the gatekeepers and become a political player within the Democratic Party. Now we have to do the same thing within the Republican Party!

Having said all of this, I need men and women of God who will join with me to fulfill this mandate, and will join the NRAAC and even begin local caucuses. I don’t want everyone! Because it is important to remain political players in both parties. We need to be in the Democratic and Republican parties. I just need a significant number of praying people, and those who are strong and can take a stand for what is right to come into the Republican fold, so that our voices are heard.

I ask you to go to the NRAAC website at and see what we are all about. Then pray about this and see if you are one of the ones who God is saying, “I call you to take a stand on the other side (the Republican Party), so that you can make a difference.”

Also see if perhaps God is calling you to serve in a leadership capacity. In November, we will be making new appointments of regional and state chairs, and advisory board and national board members. If you are interested, and decide to become a member, you may submit your name, bio/resume for consideration.

I look forward to those of you who are godly and truly believe in justice and compassionate, yet self-responsibility and responsible government, joining our ranks!

…And for those of you who already are Republicans, we welcome you to the family of African American Republicans.

Let’s ALL go forth, and make a positive difference regardless of which party we are in!

Feel free to e-mail me at or, and to pass this e-mail on. Tennessee also has a state caucus at The websites for other states should be up by the end of October 2010. We welcome members from all states!

Look forward to hearing from you and even seeing you at the April 9th – 10th NRAAC Conference. Our theme: Setting the Republican Agenda to Include People of Color.

In His Service,

Dr. Jean Howard-Hill, Nat’l Chair
At 10:52pm on July 17, 2009, Pastor Linda J. Bates said…
At 12:02pm on July 17, 2009, Romonia McCrae said…
Grace and Peace be unto you in the name of Jesus.I pray all is well with your soul.God is going to enlarge you teritory just remain faithful to him.Godbless you!
At 10:01pm on July 16, 2009, Pastor Linda J. Bates said…

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