Political Religion (partII) I need a Doctor!!! Help me.

Do you remember that song that saids; I need you, you need me were all apart of Gods body. (Hezekiah Walker) Thats true!!! I need you to survive so when I'm in a place that I've fallen and can't get up, Help, Help, Help me please. So many people have walked over me, Can you lend me a helping hand, You see me dirty and you won't reach out to me and give me soap and a towel so I can wash all this sin off of me, Its so dark down here I can't see my way out, Only if there was somebody that had a light to get me out of this darkness I've been praying to God that he would send somebody but nobody has come. My friend, Its somebody all over the world that feel like this, Are you taking the time outside of the church doors, Thats where its at, To make sure somebody Is taken care of as long your around, we are a light in a dark place. We can't have light (JESUS) and hide him under a bushel or have the Lord of glory and don't edify somebody. We need to be like Peter don't give money to replace JESUS, give them what they need.

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