I remember one time before church started, I was asked to help do microphone checks. While I was talking behind the mic, a friend a mind and his one year old son walked into the sanctuary. I called his name, "Hi _______", and this lil one year old boy looked at the speaker and started waving. After I saw that I decided to have fun with him,lol. "Come here _______", he came over to the speaker. "Give me a five", he smacks the speaker,lol. "Now give me a hug", he hugs the speaker. People who were walking in and seeing this were finding this just as amusing as I was. Even his dad was laughing while telling me "Leave my son alone".

In my thinking about that, God showed me something that remains true, and this is what I wanted to share with you all. There's nothing wrong with loving leadership and following them. I believe it was Paul who said "follow me as I follow Christ." Overall, God taught me this lesson...."Avoid giving more reverence and worship to 'the speaker'(man) over The One who is actually doing the speaking"(GOD).......Selah (pause and calmly think about that).

Ja$on Michael $mith

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