Have you ever tried to fit in with a group and for some reason they would not accept you? Maybe it was the way you dressed, or the way you wore your hair, or your background, your income or maybe your beliefs?!, well to them those kind of things made you abnormal! Well let me encourage you, it’s good you did not fit because when there is an abnormal situation they can’t handle you may be the one they call on! Abnormal folk were created for abnormal situations and times, but will be pushed aside in normal situations because the World can’t handle or see there need in normal/common situations. Jesus calls us a peculiar people, a chosen generation. So be excited that he created you for this time, they may hate you in normal times, when there is no recession, or when living a life of Holiness is unpopular. So stop trying to fit the Norm be happy you’re abnormal, it may feel uncomfortable but that’s because your we’re created for uncomfortable seasons. Remember anyone God used in the bible always had something abnormal about them! Even Christ!

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