I am very tired now because I have been with my female cat given birth to 6 kittens.

I breed kitten to get extra money to spend on something important that I normal can't afford as I don't get so much money as retired, I am retired for having pain all over my body.

I sat in 3 and half hour at the floor and was with her when labor as she don't want to be alone and she know I saved the life on one of her kitten last time when it had drawned because I didn't see that she sat on the kitten and the kitten was still in the sack and had breath in water so he was blue around his nose and and mouth and cold.

But I was praying and laying my hand on tthe kitten and suddenly he come alive but still with water in his lungs and for his mother to take him did I put in some blood in his coat from the after birth and lay him in the group of warm sucking kitten.

But I thought I should find s dead kitten as he was weak and it was a big sound of water in his lungs come out from every breath.

So when I come close to the box with the litter and it was quit did I thought the kitten was dead and I counted to five kitten and the weak kitten was hard to see as he was as healthy as the other.

Here is the kitten that was dead but was waked up of me, having got the gift of healing from God.

For one week ago was my pregnant female cat in an accident when she was missing my office desk when she should jump up as she was so heavy and round of kitten and she was hanging with her clew only holding in the office desk and she was on her way to take down my telephone and modem so I had to hold her over her stomach and take her in my lap and calm her down.

But she started to laboring and I was sliding my hand over her body that was in cramp and talked to God to stop the labor that was too early and God heard me and stopped it.

But I was wondering what it should look like when she gave birth this time, one week later.

She gave labor to 5 very healthy kitten, better than ever before.

But the 6th kitten come out dead and I could tell it had died in the accident and made his mother to start laboring.

First I was thinking why God couldn't save all kitten but then I understood that I had not really understood of His mercy on those 5 kitten if all had been alive but in the dead kitten could I see God's mercy because He have could have taken all of them if I had not talked to him.

I am very sad about the dead kitten, I wanted all to live but I have to be glad for those 5 that am healthy.

I took a picture of the dead kitten because I don't want his dead be waste but a witness about God's mercy on the other kittens. He had started to get white hair on his forehead when he died.

*** Ever since the accident have I not could sleep but now is everything over and ok so I can sleep a full night.....

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