There are many teachers and doctrines that are of the Christian faith. It is very difficult to discern if the person is doing the sermon for money (profit) or if they are really speaking what thus saith the Lord. Can one trust a collar and who is ordanining these preachers who are now multi-millionaires. Is it wrong to be a preacher that lives in a mansion with a Bentley that flies a Jet?
2 Corinthians 11:3-
But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent's cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ. For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.

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This my sister is an issue of ethics and servanthood. If preachers are getting their wealth from the hard earned money to make a preacher wealthy, then that practiced is highly unethical. We cannot compare (as some do) preachers of the gospel to CEOs of major corporations because one is for profit, and the other is prophetic. If preachers are prophetic, they probably wouldn't be wealthy at all. In all liklihood, they would be poor because noone would want to hear or support their ministry. If a preacher is for profit, then you have what you discussed.

Does this mean that every preacher that is wealthy is for profit? I would say ABSOLUTELY! Don't be fooled. There is no preacher (including myself) who doesnt minister for compensation (unless they have taken a vow of poverty). Remember we live in a capitalistic western country where everything revolves around the dollar. Wealth neither denotes godliness or anointing, it simply means that we have been compensated for a service rendered or a product tendered. God does not give wealth (although it is implied He does in scripture) man does. God neither needs wealthy ministers or poor listeners.
I am a Preacher and I am making ends meet,I dont feel that becomming a preacher is based on how many lies or how much money I can receive..Jesus did not come to collect the money ,when God spoke to moses in the Mt.Sinai ,it was'nt to collect the rent money.You see asking for money all the time and show no results brings the wrong spirit in the church..everything God di not put a price tag on see Isaiah 55v1..Jesus said that this worldy kingdom is not mine see see I was in a church where the preaches and there sons was running a game,,OK this is where preachers stop reading beacause the truth hurts,,I lost my job and got no help from the church but the memebers loved mr thru-it all...I help raised $750,000 for a building that really never existed,,all of a sudden every one started popping up with new cars and homes and I was ridding the bus and getting help form the state,,I received a phone call stating did they give you anything ?I said no,,Thats a shame said the members,,they kept all of the money there is no Church to be build ,,when I confronted the Pastor s son he tried to embarrass me for not partaking there Sin...So I dont like the Gimmit man who Lie to the memebers for there Money and niether do God,,STOP USING GODS NAME TO DO YOUR DIRTY WORK
Personally, I do not think anything is wrong with God's shepherds being wealthy. It is true that for some wealthy ministers, its about money, and God wants you rich, etc. And then, you have some that are using their wealth to spread the kingdom, and its Gospel.

There is nothing with wrong with ministers living in luxury, but their heart must be right. To me, its nothing like not working a "job", and being wealthy, having all the TIME in the world for full-time ministry, and many other things.

God bless
When you do ministry as a passion (this includes anything) wealth automatically follows. I think the church is seriously misguided with this transfer of wealth concept (the wealth of the wicked becoming the wealth of the righteous). I believe that is the premise that most people think that wealthy preachers are operating in. The reality is that many of today's popular christian figures operate like wannabe wealthy CEOs and not shepherds. The deception of the church as a business, Fortune 500 company has crept into even the smallest of churches where some pastors have their members chanting "I'm a millionaire" while giving the offering and those same members ride the church van or public transportation to small apartments, project housing, other family members, or even worse shelters. This false sense of hope is what perpetuates the further image that the pastor and the members of the church should be wealthy and no one else.

My belief is as stated before. Everyone should be compensated for a service provided. In churches, the members should set that compensation and the pastor, evangelist or any minister should be obliged to be compensated within the means of the people.

My salary is based on the median income of the community where my church is located not on how much I think I should receive because of my anointing or books or transworld travels, or deep revelations. I believe that all speakers should receive reasonable honorariums for their services and not demand thousands up front and half the offering received. Wealth gained by deciet is not much enjoyed and easily lost.
I have a problem. In the first church all men sold their gods and brought their wealth to the church where it was redistributed according to their needs. The needs os every man was meet. In this, there was no rich and poor in the same congregation. When people give to the church, they give so that there is meat in God's storehouse, not in the PASTOR's house alone. I believe that a servant of the gospel should be fed by those he/she feeds. However, if a church has 10 members and each pays 1/10 of his earnings to the pastor, then each man will have in theory 90% of his earnings and the pastor will have 100% of the average earnings of his congregation. Once the numbers venture past 10 members then income needs to go towards the upkeep of the meeting place and then stored (saved) for redistribution. I believe that the churches should have vast wealth available for redistribution (not the pastors). I believe that i light of thre economic collapse of thr nation, the church would be in position to become the bank for its members. But when ministers take the hard earned money of its members and gives the majority to the pastor, overlooks the services of others ministers in the church, builds great edifices with disregard for the needs of its members, then they are ministering in the spirit of greed and pride and not in the spirit of love and service.
And they do it in the name of Jesus
As a Christian and a Minister I love to see the men and women of God living well. Too often people want the Pastors living in poverty and how can you preach prosperity and the positive things of the Bible and you are walking around living like a peasant. Most Pastors that are doing very well have not always lived the good life so the ones that have been through the storms of life and now they are living good may God Bless them. I know I would not serve under somebody that is living a shabby lifestyle. That is why as long as the man or woman of God is living according to God's will and his ways I have no problem helping support the ministry because I know the blessings start from the top and roll down to the body so I know eventually I have to get mine too. The Bible says in my fathers house he has many mansions so that sounds like wealth and if my father is wealthy that means I am also entitled to that wealth.
The only problem I have with what you have said, is for so long people have lived, worked and blessed the ministry and their personal situation never changed the only one that did better was the preacher. As a preacher I have to have a vision that is going to bless those that bless me. When I say bless I mean in a tangiable way....
Well something is obviously wrong if only the Pastor is living and doing well. I have been fortunate enough to be in ministries to see where not only was the leaders doing well but also the members were doing well. If the Pastor is the only one living well, driving well, dressing well and eating well something is wrong with that picture but most "good" Pastors want to see their members also doing well.
I believe that a lot of people get caught up into giving to pastors and ministries out of some deception that by doing so, they could control God or make demands upon him or even manipulate God. Manipulation is the sin of witchcraft. We are to choose this day WHOM we will serve, not what we will do. Although giving may be perceived as a good thing, when it is given out of a WRONG spirit, it is an ungodly act. Both Cain and Abel gave an offering unto God, but only Abel's was accepted. We must bring our gifts to God with clean hands and a pure heart or we may as well not bring them at all. But an ungodly minister doesn't care about the heart or hands of the giver, his focus is on the substance on the table.
There is a thin line that has to be walked here. the bible tells us not to muzzle the ox that treads the corn. He that Preaches the Gospel should live of the Gospel. Now with that said I dont think that I should live in a mansion on a hill and my parishoners are living in the projects on food stamps. Personally I believe ministry is about helping people to come up to all that God has for them. I will not swim and see you sink. I will help you so that we can swim together. When you do better I do better and when I do better you do better. I do have a problem when the Ministry is Driving nice, living nice, dressing nice and the members are struggling to keep Ministry Nice.
Bishop Mallory
I like yourself have the same ideology,I have seen where the preacher was asking for a building fund and everyone was giving except him ,,he would have the treasure take his check out on the way to the bank and deposit everyone elses..and some living on sec8,welfare and social security the part that upset me the most is they kept buying new cars,,listen 12 cars ,,one to represent the 12 deciples,, there was one for JUDAS.,,Now I will give but I watch and ask questions what is the pastors doing for the members?and somtimes there SILENCE told me everything that they could not say,,should a pastor live like a king well I feel everyone in the body should live like a king not just the pastor


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