These are threads that I set up that have a lot of information. The Lord said study to show yourself approved.. First, ask the Lord for understanding, and mean it.. Tell him that you truly in your heart want to know him.. I searched it out for you, all you have to do it read, and believe what you read.. If I lie I go to the fire.. PERIOD!!! I have no reason to lie.. Everything is supported by scripture or history.. You can check all of the info from all of these threads out on your own with your Bible, and the internet, or history books, or encyclopedias.... You can go to my page there are audio lessons.. Just listen to them, and read along with your Bible. There are also video lessons from other teachers who teach the truth like Brother Bouie, and Brother Daniel, and Brother Marlon... If you don't have a Sabbath day church, below is a link to a thread with Sabbath Day lessons online.. LIVE LESSONS.. This is what I used as my holy convocation with God until we got our own church here where I live.. Here is the link to my page: If you have any questions at all you must use this thread to post the question, or post the question on the thread you have the question, and I will get to it.. The creator has made it so I can not reply to emails, send emails, send comments, send alerts.. I can't even reply directly to a person on the forum.. This is part of the reason why I set up this thread, and I have also gotten a lot of emails I can not reply to who want to know how to serve God.. DON'T BE EMBARRASSED... SAY YOUR QUESTION ON THIS THREAD, OR ON THE THREAD YOU HAVE THE QUESTION... WE ARE NOT TO BE EMBARRASSED THAT WE WANT TO LEARN THE TRUTH BECAUSE THE WHOLE WORLD WANTS TO FOLLOW A BUNCH OF LIES... If you want to join our group here is the link, but I have been cut off from send mass emails... There are many more haters of the truth, then truth tellers.. Make this thread your favorite, and study to show yourselves approved.. I love you all who love the Truth of the Lord God of Israel, and his precious salvation by his blood...


The Revived Roman Empire is Here:

Denominations & Religion:

The Mark of the Beast:

Trinity Broadcast Network: False Prophets:

These are the Last Days, REPENT!!!!:

Why did the Salt Sea get renamed the Dead Sea?:

The Rothchilds Bloodline (Descendants of Esau):

The 13 Satanic Bloodlines that have Ruled the World for Thousands of Years:

The Matrix (The Illuminati Structure of Deception):

Man's New Year Vs God's New Year:

Satan, The God of Freedom of the Flesh:

The Wilderness of Sinai (Safety During the Tribulation):

The Catholic Church: The Mother of Harlots II:

The Beginning of the Contruction of the 3rd Temple:

False Prophets in the Church:

A simple Question, Can you get 3 days and 3 Nights from Good Friday Evening to Easter Sunday Morning?:

The Israelites of the Bible and the Jews of Today:

No Law, No Morals:

The Real Bondage: The Animal Sacrifice:

The Bloodlines of God, The Serpent & The Salvation of Man:

Satan's Children:

We have never dealt with the Father:

False Prophets & Black Freemasons:

The Priesthood after the Order of Aaron & the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek:

A Woman's Place:

The True Preacher according to the Bible:


Keys to Salvation: Obeying The Dietary Law:

Sabbath Days , Passover, & High Sabbath Days:

Repenting Baptism, & Obeying:

Obeying God's Moral Law:

The Harlot & the Vituous Woman (Woman of God & Woman of the World):

Different Seeds of People & the Purpose of Man (Reasons for Good and Evil, True and False):

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Bro. Isreal: I come to in the Name of My Lord Jesus Christ who is my Savior and with no offense. I commend you on your willingness to teach the Word of God to your fellowman. But because of my love of God and my desire to please him I study the Holy Scriptures/King James Version and I have also studied many other spiritually guided books. I've glanced over your above list of information on topics and this is the very reason why there is so much confusion in the body of believers to this day. You have so many authors, teachers, evangelist, preachers, pastors, apostles, ministers and etals of the word of God that everyone has their interpretations of the word as to what they have studied, researched and believe. And when you really sit down and think about the Creator of this world you must first believe that there is one and whether you believe, your faith which make you believe know that the Creator is more than your mind can ever imagine. Therefore, by faith I stand that there is a Creator and by faith I know it is impossible to believe God without faith. Because without faith you won't believe. So with that faith God will allow those who believe would reverence His Almighty Powers to do whatsoever He WILL. Faith allows me to know that the EVERYTHING has come from the Master - good and evil, and anything that will fall under each of those categories. Thus bringing me to the conclusion that everyone will have an interpretation of what God will have us to do in this life, but the only thing we must do is to Love God and Love one another and if we do these two things we will well please the God of this universe. People will always disagree and/or believe because of all the available contradictions and limited knowledge of man. But we who believe must first believe that GOD IS and our faith will break down those limitations of who we make Him out to be to ourselves and others. If one would just let go and allow God - their walk would be much easier. OBEYING God is the key and not leaning to our own understanding will allow God to truly bring us into the realm of His devine order. Our thoughts are no where or could ever be no where near God's thoughts for man. God so LOVED the world...that He created man in His image and given man free will just as Himself. He has given man the opportunity to choose whatsoever he will and in doing so, man have the ability to sabotage himself with his own choices. But God LOVES us so much that He won't destroy man because of his inability to obey Him. He has given very simple instructions and if they are obeyed then man will be well pleasing to God, if not, then man will pay the price for his own disobedience. So, if man LOVES God he will do that which is pleasing to God and if man LOVE his brothern as he LOVE himself then he will be doing that which is righteous before God and man. Now when you get into the doctrines that is easy to follow too, only if you allow right thinking to play its role and with that, man has to deny his will and follow the will of GOD, obey Gods laws and there really is two which covers the multitude...LOVE GOD and LOVE ONE ANOTHER and if we do those two things then ALL laws which are written will be OBEYED. Now when we get into the Holidays, Sabbath days, Birthdays, Death Days, Good and Evil, who should do this and who should do that, these all have come from doctrines of man and laws that man have made to make his world a better place for himself, which God has permitted. But the key is who do we CHOOSE to OBEY.

I said all this to say....let's bring people to the knowledge of God by loving one another and allowing God to be the Great I AM. By humbling ourselves to the WILL of God and His guidance and not lean to our own thoughts and imaginations for our thoughts and imaginations are NOT like God's thoughts and imagination, His is far GREATER and NO man knows the Mind of God except God permits....God forbid.

In love, Sis. Denise
You are talking in circles in your post.. You have no real understanding of the scriptures... Let me ask you this? Are we to keep the commandments of God to seed eternal life? Most people always cling to faith.. If you believe what you read, is that not faith? I am not trying to offend you or call you out, but the truth is the truth... You can tell when someone has not read the book you read by the conversation when they talk about the book.. Or you can tell that someone doesn't understand a book by what they say about the book.. This is why I say you have no real understanding of the scriptures.. Read those threads, and ask questions if you can bring yourself not to be puffed up, and think you know something.. I hope you don't read this, and think I'm talking down to you.. This is what I like to call tuff love...
If I am mistaken.. Explain your post with out all of the in the clouds talk.. Say what you mean.. How do we obey God? How do we love our neighbor as ourselves? How do we love God with all our heart, mind, body, and Soul? Post the scriptures to support your claim... What scriptures lead you to believe what you believe? I prove my beliefs by the scriptures.. It is not my own understanding I lean to.... Please.. I know when you read what I write it seems harsh, but if you talked with me, and listened to the way I say things, nobody would be offended unless they hate hearing the truth..
Amen, Denise Sledd

I am glad you studied the Word for yourself. God Bless.
So, you are in the clouds with her Sheila? I'm just going to stay here on Earth where the Kingdom is coming...
Sir, Everyone should study the Word of God for themselves. You can not get upset with someone who desires to see what the bible says. Have a good day. You should alway try to be respectful even if someone does not see it your way.
I am not getting upset.. I am not saying she should not study the word for herself. If she did study the word for herself and understood it.. She would be at one accord with me.. Same with you... The only one I see getting upset is you... I do respect your views, but when I see error I am going to say it if you like it or not.. Truth is truth
I'm not upset. have a good day.
I hope that you have a good day as well...
The best thing to do is read, and study for yourself..
PLease don't stone me for giving you the word of god freely, and without prejudice..


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