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One of the most cunning maneuvers the enemy has utilized to divide, distract, set at odds, and conquer those of the Christian faith, is controversy which evolves into malicious debates and bitter offenses over Biblical principles and doctrines that are not geared toward the edification of the corporate Body of Christ, nor the advancement of the kingdom, but rather, it genders strife, 'isms', and it casts a very contradictory and unflattering light upon the very thing that we have altercations… Continue

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In light of the tragic misfortune of the island of Haiti, many are confounded, floored and in dismay. Many others are attempting to explain, justify, make sense of and determine exactly what the God Israel was saying in the face of such mass destruction, which has left a people displaced, vulnerable, and still 'quaking" even though the tremors from this geological disaster have long since abated. How does one even begin to reconcile such a show of power, when there "appears" to be no "mercy",… Continue

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Over the past couple of decades the themes of 'SONSHIP", "RELATIONSHIP", AND "DIVINE CONNECTION", have become quite popular, and within the intended manifestation of these principles of relating "as one", fitly joined, and dynamically unified corporate entity, they are all limitless in potential, impact, power and effectiveness. Unfortunately, as with most emerging spiritual "movements',spiritual resurgences of kingdom interest, and visitations, they have fallen short and become perverted in… Continue

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One would be hard pressed to find an individual who would surrender their freedom, choices, and safety, to sit in somebody's jail or penitentiary. We go through our whole lives making sure that we never become residents in one of these "paid extended vacations", in a hotel from hell. Now, of course we know about those who spend so much time in one of these diabolical 'resorts' that they become institutionalized and dependent upon the penal system to dictate their lives. These are the ones who… Continue

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Death of a Circus!

As we shake the confetti out of our hair,and recover from our time of fasting and "seeking the face of God" for our personal lives, ministries, businesses, and family relationships, one of the major areas of consideration, meditation, and supplication, is the religious avenues that we all walk, if we stake a claim to salvation, and having a portion among the "sanctified", and "the called" according to His purposes! Maintaining that same line of thinking, it stands to reason, that there won't be… Continue

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Blessed by Location!

"Watchman what of the night?" Watchman what of the night?" has been the inquiry,and curiosity of the people of God for eons and milleniums,and has come to a point of refinement in this present Church Age, as they run hither and thither in search of the divine utterance and oracles of God. This is especially, seasonlally, true as one span of a calendar year transitions into the advent of the next, BUT THANKS BE UNTO GOD THAT, THE WORD OF GOD IS NOT UNDER THE CONSTRAINTS OR LIMITATIONS OF MERE… Continue

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Through experience as well as observation, it has been noted that a deviation from the "old pathways" of zero tolerance for rebellion, lawlessness, disobedience, and irreverence within the household of faith, has manifested within the walls of Zion, and it has opened many portals and doorways of entrance for the enemy to come in and delude, weaken, and hold hostage those things of God we were divinely chosen and privileged to receive stewardship over, and will have to stand before God and give… Continue

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Just about everyone should be familiar with the story of one of the greatest Prophets in history, Elijah, and how he went from impacting, and commanding the people and many regions, performing great signs and wonders of awesome proportions, only to make a quick "dip" when he heard that a mere woman, named Jezebel had a hit out on him. You may be familiar with the original "Terminator", David hiding in a cave as he was being pursued by his enemies after countless, outstanding victories on the… Continue

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Throughout the scriptures, we find that it has always been the heart of God,that we share in the inheritance of His kingdom,and that upon salvation, we become "joint heirs", in, and with Christ,but there are some things that were never intended to be attained through the principles of inheritance,because an anointing, and the predestined will of God is involved. This concept of spiritual "nepotism" or appointing people to offices, based on blood relationship, or other dimensions of carnal… Continue

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If we were to do a general survey or assessment of the life, ministry, and death of Jesus, the CHRIST, we would find a pattern of purposeful precision, and willful intent in everything concerning His presence on the earth, before, the earth, and the promise of, after the earth. The Bible states it as "In the beginning WAS THE WORD, and THE WORD WAS WITH GOD, and THE WORD WAS GOD, was made "flesh", and dwelt among us. This is a very concise and clear dissertation on the testimoy of Jesus, the… Continue

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In times of civil unrest, or threats of enemy invasion, one of the strategies of those appointed to "watch" and defend the walls and chief borders of the city, is to establish "defensed" areas of counter-attack, that are occupied by those trained in military discipline, assault, and deployment. In times of "rumors of wars" or actual enemy fire, "militarized zones' are mapped out. set up, and activated, with full regiments of specifically trained soldiers, to handle ground artillery, airborne… Continue

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Throughout the corporate Body of Christ, there's a great sighing, waiting, hoping, pressing, and travail to see the Lord's 'goodness", so that we faint not, so that we can apprehend Him for WHOM we were apprehended, and finish our course with joy. From one end of the country to the next, men and women of GOD, who are actively and faithfully laboring in the vineyard are being pressed on every side, and in such a depth of financial lack and drought, that they are experiencing relentless… Continue

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As wise counsel to the Christian believer, to actually apprehend being "more than conquerors", being the "head and not the tail" in our journey to eternal life, we are admonished to be "as harmless as a "dove", and as "wise" as a "serpent", but have we really stopped to consider the depth of such an allegory? What "wisdom" could a snake possibly possess,seeing as how he didn't have the "mother wit" or the "common sense" to maintain his rent-free, "full benefits" package "in the garden? How… Continue

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It has always been the nature of man to spiritualize, or theologically justify decisions, and choices, to make them acceptable to us, and to whomever we feel threatened by, or, perhaps, want to "impress". It began back when man was blessed to be in a perpetual state of uninterrupted fellowship, and Holy communion with God, when even satan, played the "Didn't God say?" card. From that time until this present moment, men have falsely credited God with demonic untruths, and lied on Him with such… Continue

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There is an ugly, ungodly, unfortunate and unbiblical pattern of rejection, persecution, and judgement within the Body of Christ, which has been in existence for a very long time, but appears to be becoming more prevalent, and "unchallenged" as time passes. I don't think many can trace it's origin, or justify it's practice, because it thoroughly contradicts most of what the Church should represent, and what Christ taught, and commanded. I am referring to the practice of covertly… Continue

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With the wide spread availability, abundance of, and versatility of the Gospel Truth of Jesus Christ, in every form, dialect, translation, and presentation, so much "Word" has been released, taught, preached, prophesied, and dispersed, that the typical church goer is suffering from maximum over-load, spiritual obesity, spiritual "diabetes", and spiritual "constipation", all of which render the people of God weak, sluggish, and unproductive. When one consistently consumes too much rich food and… Continue

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It is an undeniable fact that one of the most prolific downfalls for the unwed sisters in the body of Christ is desperation and impatience for a mate or husband, which opens the door to vulnerability, and emotional instability, that is a magnet for the emotional bandits, pirates,and opportunists who frequent,and sometimes "stalk" the "Church" for such women, because they know they are plentiful, gullible, and ripe". Just about everyone is aware of the absence and shortage of "real"… Continue

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As we enter into another harvest season, and one where "wiccans", satanists, and other pagan religions gear up to celebrate their high feasts, we can semi-celebrate the fact that we, especially the Black church, have come a long way in distancing ourselves from the customary "trick or treating", and costuming our children as vampires, fairies, monsters, and witches, but they are still very much alive, and present in the house of God. Many believers and Christian leaders tend to avoid and shy… Continue

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A couple of decades ago, a very catchy slogan hit the cuntry, and upon initially hearing it, there was a stirring and a shifting in one's posture, approach and attitude about certain things in their lives, that being the saying;"IT'S ALL GOOD!" On a superficial and fleshly level, it was very accomodating, and allowed people to "dismiss" whatever negativity, offense, hurt, bad report ,or evil that came their way, and this was not necessarily a good thing, because that's what one's "mouth" said,… Continue

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One of the most venomous and lethal spirotual assassins in the spirit realm, and in the world, at large, is jealousy,, and it's cousins; envy, and covetousness. It is these very spirits that incite such violent rahge, and larceny in the hearts of men, that ,often, commands them to "murder" it's victim, literally, or spiritually. Jealousy gone "wild" or untempered escalates and spreads in one's soul, as it feeds off of every negative influence and murmuring the devil can interject and persuade… Continue

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