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I'm sure that no one will deny that the people of God are being assaulted, tried, and proven on every side, by every form and manner of testing and tribulation, especially those who are in ranking leadership positions, and have the oversight of the flock. Never before have so many servants and handmaidens of the Lord, who genuinely love Him, and are sold out to their charge, been so discouraged, disillusioned, confused and confounded, and near hopelessness, ready to extinguish their "lamp… Continue

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Of all the senses God has gifted and blessed man with, two of the most vital, and profound ones are that of "hearing", and that of "sight, so much so that, scripturally, the Bible warns us that the lack of "sight" causes the people to "perish". It is not until one has been a sighted individual, or has had perfect hearing , and then experience a loss or deficit in either of these senses, that one really appreciates them, and gains an absolute undestanding , respect, and appreciation for their… Continue

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The condition of "ignorance" can be viewed as a form of "affliction", or an ailment, because it is toxic in nature, it can spread it's inflammation and infection to others, it causes obvious changes in the condition of the "body" and it's quite possibly, "curable", if "caught" in time. "Ignorance" is similar to high blood pressure, in that it can go undetected (bythe ignorant) for a long time, but it is a "silent killer", and by the time it is undeniably recognized or acknowledged,, the soul of… Continue

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As women, often referred to as the 'fairer", or, quite mistakenly, the "weaker" sex. We have been trained and conditioned to "use what we've got, to get what we want", by the world's standards and influences , and even encouraged to and "schooled" on it, by the elder females within our environment, if these are the only principles they've ever known and survived by. Unfortunately, this has been translated into a conceptualization of maintaining and "prospering" by the merchandising of their… Continue

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"Oh, bless me, now, my Saviour", has been the anthem for those who've received Christ as Saviour, from the moment of their salvation experience, until they arrive "up yonder", in Glory, and find themselves before the "great white throne". As a matter of fact, it appears that more people embrace Him as the "Master Blesser", than as the Propitiation, for or the only acceptable Sacrifice for their sins. If a survey or "poll" was discretely taken at the altar, or in the personal "prayer closets" of… Continue

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The practice of marketing and merchandising "flesh", pound for pound, and ounce for ounce, has been a lucrative "career", and hustle for men and women, since way, way back in history, and it has not diminished in popularity or availability, but there's far more to the mystical "art" or "science" of flesh trade, than what cable T-V reveals through "The Mack", "Superfly", or "Sugar Bear"! "Pimpin" is actually a demonic spirit, or a form of "witchcraft", through mind control, manipulating the will… Continue

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One of the alarming signs of someone who has been gravely injured ,or is critically ill, is their descent into a coma. A comatose state is when those systems crucial to sustaining life ,are shut down, and not functioning, independently, at a level to sustain life. Usually in these conditions, one needs assistance in breathing, maintaining an adequate heartbeat, blood pressure, and support of the other systems of the body. When one is in a coma, all systems, for the most part, have shut down and… Continue

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One of the most familiar excuses for an individual failking to produce, overcome, or even participate inj their won battle and triumph is "I don't have', "I didn't have', or "I don't have". Even as little children it begins with the absence from school or attending class, because "I didn't have the "right clothes or shoes, and it progresses into the neglecting of attending church because, I don't have the "right" clothes"! That particulat "kite" wson't fly, because these samekids will not… Continue

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There probably could not be found two dozen people who haven't found themselves in a posture of intense"waiting to see the salvation of the Lord",and the manifestation of certain promises the Lord vowed to give us a long time ago. Who has NOT had to wonder if he Lord still remembered their name, and if He was still in covenant reelationship with them, and if He still remembered His Word that went out over us. There are many who've received the promise of being positioned "under an open Heaven",… Continue

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Out of all the falseties, forewarned "imposters", and charlatans we've been confronted with,acknowldged and confronted, not many address the presence, potential, and absolute destruction of a "false Christ". The reality is that they have always been among us, and even now,live among us, awaiting an opportunity for the disgruntled, unanchored, uncertain, confused, disenchanted, and the offended to murmur, complain, or rebel enough to extend an invitation for them to gain access to their spirits.… Continue

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If we were to take honest inventory of those things in our lives that have been constantly consistent, not many would come up with things that are neccesarily considered to be "blessings". If the truth be told, we are programmed to file away and keep alive those memories that hit our lives like violent earthquakes and left behind great destruction, temendous pain, or loss, and debris, especially until we become mature enough to recognize, appreciate and treasure the simple things in our lives… Continue

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God in His sovereignty, and being the Chief Architect, constructed our bodies and designed them with such detail and intricacy, that we are very near a form of 'perfection" when we are in His good,acceptable,and perfect will, because, ultimately, we were created in His "likeness" and in His image, and in "due season" we shall be exactly "like" Him, for we shall "see" Him as He is. Most of the "goodness" that God gave us, we so take for granted, that we aren't even aware of it's utter… Continue

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According to the Bible, the word "amen" is and has been, a word that seals one's agreement with a message preached or taught, a prayer prayed, a declaration made,or any "gospel" truth that may have been declared or uttered, and when it is spoken, it indirectly binds that utterance to one's spirit. In the Hebrew language, it is translated as meaning "verily", or "truth", while in the Greek translation, it means " a formula of solemn expression of certainty." Christ is often referred to as the… Continue

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One of the most humbling scriptures found in the Logos Word of God is "WHAT IS MAN THAT THOU ARE MINDFUL OF HIM, OR THE SON OF MAN THAT THOU VISITEST HIM"? Grammatically "man" is not a "what", but a "who", so what in essence, does this reveal about God's concept and perception of the creature He made a "little lower than the angels? There is great revelation regarding the true identity ,and definition of who we are and were designed to be outside of the flesh, because,in the flesh, we are a… Continue

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In light of all the media hype regarding the criminal activity and the incorrigibleness of this present generation, there seem to be few who've taken the time to consider the ultimate roots of accountability and the spiritual "gene' that has engineered them. Biblcally, the Father was the very nucleus of the family structure, and he added identity, definition and affirmation to everything and everyone who came into his home. It was often the tradition for the father to "name" his children, and… Continue

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It is very interesting to note the "pattern" of practical preparation for real "Jesus" class miracles, and it has been pretty consistent since miracles began. There have been debatable explanations re: the reason Christ oftenadmonished hise n the receovng end of one of His phenmoenal wnders, to go and "tell no one". This is quite a contradiction to the posture and reasoning of our current "wonder workers", because they do all that they can, through every avenue of the media available, to… Continue

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There are untold numbers of instances of the omnipotence of God, and the validation of His supernatural power is unescapable, and undeniable, even to the agnostics and "evolutionists". This world,in all three dimensions, is electrified by power, in the earth, in the sky,and in the heavens, and even hell beneath has it's own power. Power is interpreted differently and means something different to most people, either by definition, influence, or experience. To some, quite a lot actually, "money"… Continue

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A "breach" by definition, is a"gap", "break", :violation", or "interruption, and scripturally it symbolizes unfulfilled or promises, which ultimately end in broken relatioinships, and spiritual decay, because wherever there's a "gap" or an opening, no matter the size, undesirable things can enter in, and blessings can be siphoned out. When one recieves an injection for tuberculosis, the entry site is not detectable with the natural eye, but that which was introduced through such a minuscule… Continue

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One of the greatest deterrants to a believer is the assault against their faith, through the demonic influence and groupings of doubt, unbelief, wavering, and double-mindedness. It is your adversary' s sole duty to disrupt and destroy,and he's quite diligent and astute at the accomplishing of the same, but we were blessed, and equipped with a measure of the mind of Christ, through salvation, so that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord raises p a standard against him,… Continue

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In spite of all the ,advanced intellect, problem solving skills, and creative abilites God has blessed the minds of men to have, it is yet those same things; intelligence, mental brilliance, and unlimited creative skills that have made it possible for one's voice to be transported through the airwaves to anywhere in the world, launch satellites in the cosmos, and "pseudo" transform a "man" into a "woman", that have historically angered, if not infuriated God, disrupted the evolution of the… Continue

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